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Buses World News

In brief: Worldwide montly news & informations about Buses, Busmakers, Passengers' and the Transport Industry


SURVEY * USA - Thrifty travelers opt for buses, trains

New York,NY,USA -Reuters -June 29, 2007: -- More Americans will stream into subway trains and buses when vacationing in U.S. cities this summer, according to an American Public Transportation Association survey released Friday... Some 28 percent of public-transit users said they will be more likely to use buses and trains while visiting a city this year than last year, according to the survey of 33,000 adults, with saving money the primary reason...



* Switzerland - Neoman Bus Group to deliver low-floor city buses to transport authority
Switzerland -Automotive World (UK) -29 June, 2007: -- Neoman Bus Group will deliver 33 low-floor city buses to the transport authority of St Gallen in Switzerland, according to MAN... The OEM notes that the order includes three new MAN Lion's City GXL models. Roughly 20.5 metres long, they are to be delivereds...

* UK - Volvo and Wrightbus to supply 285 buses to Translink
London,UK -Automotive World -27 June, 2007: -- Volvo, in conjuction with Wrightbus, has entered into a contract with Translink for the supply of 285 buses in Northern Ireland, according to Wrightbus... The order comprises 125 Wrightbus bodied Volvo B9TL double deck vehicles, along with a combined or.....

* Canada - Yet more new buses
Ontario,CAN -Durham Transit, by David Harrison -30 June 2007: -- Durham Regional Council, in their June 20th meeting, approved the purchase of an additional 6 New Flyer buses through the Joint Transit Bus Procurement Initiative... The “Initiative”, in case you’re wondering, is a group of about six transit systems in Ontario, including DRT, that are ordering buses jointly in order to get better pricing. What’s happening here is that Transit Windsor seems to have decided not to take their portion of the joint order, and DRT is picking them up instead... This brings the outstanding order for 2007 to 21 vehicles, up from the 15 previously on order. These are the same D40LF low floor model that DRT recently received 30 of...




* India - Punjab govt to add 300 new buses in roadways fleet
CHANDIGARH,Punjab,India -The Punjab Newsline Network -28 June 2007: -- The Punjab Government would add 300 more new buses in the existing fleet of 1482 buses of PUNBUS, Punjab Roadways and PRTC in the next three months... Similarly inclusion of an equal number of new buses under Kilo Meter scheme is also in the pipe line. Transport Department would implement insurance scheme for the passengers traveling in the state owned buses shortly, said Mohan Lal Transport minister Punjab...


* Thailand - Following the yellow bus road

Bangkok,Thailand -The Bangkok Post, by SUPOJ WANCHAROEN -28 June 2007: -- ... The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) selected the colours to represent the city's long-awaited Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system... The Chong Nonsi line covers a distance of 20 kilometres, will cost 2.17 billion baht to complete and can serve 134,800 commuters a day... The City has budgeted around 500 million baht for 45 buses and is currently drawing up the terms of reference for an electronic bidding for the contract...



* UK - Arriva expands in Polish rail, Italian buses
London,UK -Reuters, by Pete Harrison -June 28, 2007: -- British bus and train operator Arriva said on Thursday it was trading in line with expectations as it enters the Polish rail market and bolsters its position in Italian buses... The moves take the number of countries in which it operates to ten as UK transport companies vie for position on mainland Europe... Arriva said its Italian business, SAB Autoservizi, had formed a new joint venture to buy 49 percent of SPT Linea, which runs 317 buses in the Lombardy region of northern Italy...



* Sweden - Scania wins 110 city bus order from Spain's EMT

Stockholm,Sweden -Thomson Financial/AFX News Limited/Forbes (USA) -28 June 2007: -- Scania AB said it has won an order for 110 city buses from Madrid-based municipal bus operator Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT)... Scania said a big reason it won the order was due to the very good fuel economy of the buses, which feature Euro 4 engines and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology... In addition Scania has delivered five ethanol buses to EMT...

* Germany - First MAN Lion’s City GXL destined for Switzerland
München,Germany -Presse Box -28 June 2007: -- Shortly after the UITP congress in Helsinki the NEOMAN Bus Group is able to announce the first customer for the new articulated bus MAN Lion’s City GXL... An overall...



* Jamaica - Deplorable bus service

Kingston,Jamaica -The Jamaica Gleaner -June 27, 2007: -- The Half-Way Tree Transportation Centre is slated to open in October of this year with state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate over 18 different route stops and an estimated 200,000 passengers on a daily basis... While we await this facility, I am imploring the Minister of Housing, Transport, Water and Works to seek concurrently, to improve our public transportation system, which includes the scheduling of bus services, the proper training of drivers and bus conductors, and a plan for proper maintenance of buses for long-term, comfortable transportation...


BUSES' PURCHASE PROSPECTS * Australia - O-Bahn faces ageing bus riddle

Adelaide,South Australia,Australia -The Advertiser Adelaide, by ANNA VLACH -June 28, 2007: -- O-Bahn faces dramatic service changes because the State Government is struggling to replace its ageing fleet of articulated buses... Transport Minister Patrick Conlon said yesterday that 54 passenger buses were nearing their use-by date... They will need to be replaced in two to four years under Passenger Transport Act legislation requiring that buses should not exceed 25 years of age...


* UK - Bus traffic drives Stagecoach beyond expectations

Increasing numbers of people are using public transport for environmental reasons

London,England,UK -City Wire, by Douglas Bence -27 June 2007: -- ... says bus and rail group Stagecoach which believes that buses particularly have a key role in tackling congestion and climate change... Chief executive Brian Souter, thinks for journeys of up to 300 miles, rail is also taking away business from airlines, noticeably for people living in the Liverpool and Manchester areas... Passenger volumes on Stagecoach buses grew for the fifth successive year, boosted 6.6% like-for-like by concessionary travel schemes in Scotland, England and Wales. Full fare passenger volume growth was around 2.4%...


* Cuba - To assemble chinese buses

Cuba will assemble the first 200 Chinese YUTONG buses imported from the Asian nation

Ciudad Habana,Cuba -Prensa Latina/Cuba Headlines -28 June 2007: -- As part of the Cuban-Chinese collaboration starting in the second semester of 2007, and these buses will be destined to Havana's inter-municipal transportation... The work will be done at "Evelio Prieto" assembly plant in Guanajay, Havana, where officials said this is the first lot to be assembled in Cuba, as part of a plan reducing freight costs and to use highly qualified Cuban labor...


* UK - Buses forced off road in tree row

A fleet of double decker buses introduced last month have been taken off the roads because of tree damage

Wiltshire,UK -The Wiltshire Times, by Helen Thomas -28 June 2007: -- ... Swindon-based Stagecoach invested £500,000 into the route 49 service, from Trowbridge to Swindon, but has now replaced the double deckers with single decker buses because overhanging trees have smashed windows... Passenger Janet Jeffery, from Paxcroft Mead, said she was very disappointed to see the single decker buses back just a month after the new fleet was introduced...


* China - More buses join discount on transfers

Shanghai,China -The Shanghai Daily news, by Dong Zhen -28 June 2007: -- From today, bus riders using transport cards will get a fare discount of 0.5 yuan (6 US cents) on their second trip if they transfer to another downtown bus within 90 minutes of the first ride... Almost all the transit buses within the Inner Ring Road will provide the fare discounts, on 409 of the 415 bus routes, said Shanghai Urban Transport Management Bureau...


Taxis Vs. Buses * UK - Drivers accused of stoning buses

Johannesburg police are to intensify patrols along Louis Botha Avenue to monitor reports of buses being stoned by taxi drivers

Johannesburg,South Africa -Independent Online (Cape Town,SA) -June 27 2007: -- ... Superintendent Eugene Opperman said on Wednesday: "We are intensifying our patrols and looking at the situation"... He confirmed there had been some stoning incidents, but police were unable to confirm individual reports of commuters being pulled off buses... According to a spokesperson for bus company Putco, the incidents appeared to be linked to a grievance by taxi operators that bus companies were operating without permits along the busy route which serves the greater Alexandra area...


Magically * UK - Expanding Buses

Amazing… It seems Transport for London have developed magic buses. How?

London,UK -Stephen 's World, by Stephen Kapp -27 June 2007: -- Well I’ve noticed that some of the double decker buses have magically gained an extra seat and space for 7 more standing passengers. This magical change seems to have only started to happen after they killed off the last of the Route Master buses... Take this example, a bus built by Wright Coachworks, before last summer it took 63 seated and 20 standing, yet today it hold 64 seating and 27 standing. Oddly it has done this without changing anything inside. Seriously the seating plan is exactly the same, the amount of space for standing is exactly the same. In fact the same bus company has more than one of this bus, yet some have 64 seats and 27 stand and the others have 63 seating and 20 standing. Internally they are all exactly the same, in fact I noticed two that where built at the same time and yet they have different capacity with exactly the same internals…


* Israel - The privatization that could

Despite a firm grounding in fact and economics, people resist manfully when presented with a story about a privatization that worked.

Tel Aviv,Israel -The Haaretz, by Avi Bar-Eli -26 June 2007: -- It's as though the words "successful privatization" is some sort of oxymoron, a contradiction in terms... Yet the (partial) privatization of Israel's public transportation system is a roaring success, judging by figures from several sources, and a range of opinions too. Take the "Forum of Private Bus Companies" - there is such a thing. True, it has an agenda, but it claims that the price of tickets on the privatized lines has dropped by 25% to 50%... It claims that the frequency of buses has increased from 11% to 107%. It claims that the number of passengers it transports has risen by 5% to 109% (depending on the line, of course). It claims that the taxpayer has saved NIS 96 million in subsidies, or 15%... A pair of researchers from the Adva Institute attacked the privatization with a slew of slogans, including "Cheap is not everything" and "the findings ignore the conclusions of the Transport Ministry"... Pinpoint problems have been reported but the big picture is what it is...


Investors Stay on Board * UK - While "Go-Ahead" motors on

Birmingham,UK -Times Online, by Nick Hasell -June 27, 2007: -- Britain’s one-time “motor city” is proving something of a magnet for Go-Ahead. Fresh from boosting its bus services in Birmingham, this month the Department of Transport awarded the transport operator the right to run local trains into and out of its railway stations... With the car industry in decline, the local council is doing more to encourage public transport use. The result: more passengers... That trend is evident across Go-Ahead’s operations, with the company reporting yesterday a “robust” performance in buses and higher passenger numbers on its rail franchises...


SAFETY * UK - Defects detected in school buses

Parents have praised the checks on school buses

London,UK -BBC News -26 June 2007: -- Safety checks carried out on buses carrying children discovered some had mechanical defects so bad that they were immediately put off the road... Central Scotland Police and the Vehicle and Operators Services Agency (Vosa) checked dozens of buses at Blair Drummond Safari Park near Stirling... The five-day operation was carried out last week in a bid to make school buses safer... A total of 48 prohibitions were issued to bus drivers...


BUSMAKERS ' NEWS * USA - ISE Diesel Hybrid-Electric Drive Systems to Power Optima Opus Buses

For Town of Avon and Other Transits

San Diego,CAL,USA -Marketwire - June 26, 2007: -- ISE Corporation recently received orders for its ThunderVolt® diesel hybrid-electric drive systems for additional 30-foot Optima Opus buses. These are part of a contract awarded to Optima Bus LLC in 2006 by the town of Avon,CO. The original award included a base order of up to five hybrid Opus buses with an option of an additional 10 buses... In addition three were ordered by Lake Erie Transit Authority, Monroe, MI, and two more by Hampton Roads Transit, Hampton Roads, VA... Utilizing road-proven ISE-Siemens ThunderVolt® hybrid technology built around Siemens ELFA™ motors, generators and inverters, the sleek-looking Opus ISE series hybrid uses a conventional diesel engine only to generate electricity...


SAFETY * Taiwan - Starts sweeping inspection of all tour buses

Taipei,Taiwan -The China Post -June 26, 2007: -- Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin yesterday ordered a sweeping safety inspection of all passenger buses operating in the city while the central government is considering additional safety measures following the deaths of eight people and the injuring of 25 in Sunday's bus plunge in suburban Taipei... Yin Cheng-peng, director of the MOTC's department of railways and highways, explained that under the regulations governing road traffic safety, all seats on coaches have had to be equipped with seat belts since Feb. 1... However, Yin said, the law only demands the installation of seat belts, but does not stipulate that passengers must use them... The ministry will now more stringently enforce the new rules to help reduce casualties in case of accidents... (Photo: Rescueing Bus after accident in ravie)


Cutting cost of hybrids * USA - IIT design could save CTA millions

Local engineering students and their research professors are hoping to fuel interest in accelerating the Chicago Transit Authority's commitment to operating cleaner-running hybrid buses

Chicago,Ill,USA -The Chicago Tribune, by Jon Hilkevitch -June 25, 2007: -- ... The team at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago has developed several types of hybrid electric conversion kits for diesel buses and other heavy-duty vehicles. Billed as a revolutionary conversion technology, the kits contain battery packs that help to as much as double fuel efficiency compared with strictly diesel-powered engines, and they cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least half, the researchers say... The high capital cost of acquiring alternative-energy vehicles has been a major obstacle to expanding fuel-conserving technology across the CTA's fleet of about 2,100 buses... The IIT researchers say their conversion kits can knock $80,000 to $100,000 off the $180,000 cost that the CTA is now paying to go hybrid on each bus...


Children's Health * USA - New Study Supports Stopping And Restarting School Buses To Cut Emissions

New evidence suggests that anti-idling advocates are on the right track in an ongoing debate over exhaust emissions from school buses

USA -Science Daily, by American Chemical Society -June 25, 2007: -- The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency's John S. Kinsey and colleagues note that regulatory agencies and school districts have issued guidance or regulations limiting the idling of school buses while students are getting on and off... Those actions resulted from studies of children's exposure to airborne diesel pollutants during loading and unloading buses... However, questions still arise on whether restarting school buses might result in higher emissions of diesel pollutants than occur during continuous idling. The new study measured diesel emissions from a limited number of school buses under both scenarios. It concluded that restarting buses would result in fewer emissions, so long as buses depart quickly after restart without any extended period of idling...


SAFETY * UK - Police get on the buses

Deal to help train officers in hostage negotation

Northampton,UK -The Northampton Chronicle -25 June 2007: -- Stagecoach East has agreed to sell one of its buses to Northamptonshire Police in a unique deal to help train police officers in essential hostage negotiation skills... The bus, which cost Northamptonshire Police a nominal fee of only £1, has been provided by Stagecoach East after the success of a similar project last year in which three old buses were used for practising hostage scenarios and firearms-related skills... The keys were handed over at Wootton Hall just before officers were put through their paces in a training exercise...


Buses in Slow Lane * Australia - How a few cars do that

Councils are often outspoken critics of public transport, especially in the city, but State Transit has hit back, saying they could improve things by reducing on-street parking

Brisbane,Queensland,Australia -The Brisbane Times, by Jordan Baker -June 26, 2007: -- Removing on-street parking along Elizabeth Street in the city alone would make life easier for about 4600 passengers every day, said the chief executive of State Transit, John Lee... He called on the City of Sydney and other councils, such as Mosman Council, to consider the effect of parking on congestion and delays to bus services... On-street parking on either side of Elizabeth Street, for example, only fits about 20 cars paying $4.40 an hour. The stretch becomes a bus lane for about three hours in morning and evening peaks... (Photo by Brendan Esposito - Bus blockers … parked cars on Elizabeth Street)


New Buses

*Dubai/United Arab Emirates - Boost Public Transport

The first of Dubai’s newly built public buses reported for duty today with more accessible doorways, wider aisles and larger capacity

Dubai,Dubai,United Arab Emirates -XPRESS, by Derek Baldwin -June 28, 2007: -- The first new stretch bus measuring 18 meters long can carry up to 120 passengers, twice that of the traditional 12 metre bus, said Abdulla Yousef Al Ali, director of Public Buses Department... “We are receiving three to four new buses every day,” he said, toward an eventual complement of 1,200 public RTA buses by 2008 to cut down on growing traffic gridlock in the city... Yeo told reporters that the Mercedes bus model was tested in a heat tunnel in Germany for temperatures up to 50 C. A humidifier was put inside the bus model to simulate passengers and then the air conditioning was turned on... The test brought the temperature down to 24 C, a comfortable traveling zone for passengers... In each bus, Yeo said Mercedes has also installed air conditioner fan units over each access door to create a “cold-air curtain” to prevent heat from the outside from invading the bus on each stop... In addition to new buses, the RTA has pledged to have 1,500 air conditioned bus stops by 2009...

* Jamaica - JUTC acquires new high end buses
Jamaica -Radio Jamaica - Jun 27, 2007: -- Members of the commuting public should now have access to additional transportation following Wednesday morning's handing over of new buses to the Jamaica Urban Transit Company Limited (JUTC)... The cash strapped bus company was expected to receive 50 new buses to boost the fleet and improve the service to commuters...



Womens' Bus Co * Malaysia - City Hall blamed for below par transport

Kota Kinabalu,Sabah,Malaysia -The Daily Express -25 June 2007: -- City Hall was taken to task by Commercial Vehicle Licensing Board (CVLB) Chairman Datuk Bung Moktar Radin for failing to ensure that public transportation infrastructure in the city is adequate... He said the City Bus service to begin Monday and operated by Mustika Enterprise Sdn Bhd, is an opportunity for women to prove their competitiveness in the public transportation business... Some 80 per cent of the company's shareholders are women...



* India - Volvo will hike capacity and increase domestic sourcing

Bangalore,Karnataka,India, by Arjun -24 June 2007: -- Volvo India will double its manufacturing capacity in its factory at Hoskote near Bangalore to meet the growing demand in the domestic and export market. The bus and truck manufacturing capacity will be hiked to 2,500 units next year from 1,600 now, without the need for any additional investment. Volvo India will also source more components from the domestic market. Component sourcing from India for its global production centres had increased to 90 million this year from 75 million...


Violence * USA - T riders driven to

‘It’s hard to even express how on edge you are’

Boston,Mass,USA -The Boston Herald, by Marie Szaniszlo -June 23, 2007: -- MBTA workers are being pummeled, spit on and even beaten unconscious at a soaring rate, making the basic job of working for public transit an increasingly risky one... The number of MBTA employees assaulted over the past three years has risen 48 percent, from 119 in 2004 to 176 last year, according to agency statistics... “It’s incredible that people trying to serve the public should be threatened with violence,” said state Sen. Mark C. Montigny (D-New Bedford), a member of the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Transportation. “It’s pretty sad when your life’s in jeopardy for trying to collect a fare”... Because T employees are prohibited from speaking to the media without permission, most of those interviewed declined to give their names. But some of their stories of violence are harrowing... (Photo: One driver says he has been kicked and spat on - Violence towards MBTA workers is increasing in Boston at an alarming rate)


Traveling By Bus In The * USA: A primer

USA -Barb Howe/Lucky White Girl -June 23, 2007: -- Not that I mean to sound conceited about it or anything (because there is a certain category of folks to whom such a claim would sound admirable) but I have done a significant amount of bus travel in my life. I've been on rickety old former school buses in Guatemala re-incarnated into gentle metal mammoths belching diesel fumes into the air as they careen along green mountainsides loaded down with people, tourists, chickens, bags of maiz and sometimes goats and pigs. I've been on luxurious double-decker Pullman buses in South America with reclining plush seats, air conditioning and Jackie Chan movies. And I've been in dingy Greyhound buses with malfunctioning toilets easing in and out of dirty downtowns in cities across the US. No matter where you are, buses in some form or another, are the ultimate in proletariat transportation! They are, arguably, the best way to really see a country and its people (the only near comparisons I can think of being trains and bicycles, but that's another post)... Buses in the US are not as colorful nor as convenient as they are in other countries. There's no doorman or small boy riding shotgun and yelling out the name of the destination in a voice that echoes through the misty morning of a third world bus depot where women in huipils cook fresh arepas or tortillas and serve strong lukewarm coffee for hungry travelers in hole-in-the-wall restaurants. But you WILL share your ride with grandmothers and young people, hippies and recovering drug addicts. And maybe if you're very lucky, there will be some long-haired romantic on board who will break out the guitar and sing you some beautiful old love songs along the way...


First day of shuttles * USA - Green Line runs smoothly in Newton

Boston,Mass,USA -The Boston Globe, by April Yee & Javier C. Hernandez & Andrew Ryan- June 25, 2007: -- Shuttles hummed from station to station every 4 to 5 minutes on the D Branch of the MBTA’s Green Line this morning, with seven buses waiting for riders at Reservoir Station in Newton. A bevy of transit officials in orange vests helped passengers navigate the detours. And delays for commuters were only about 15 to 20 minutes, the exact window that the MBTA had predicted when it announced the repair work... The feared summer slog on the Green Line didn’t materialize today, this first commute since the start of what will be more than two months of work on the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority's popular trolley route that runs between Newton and Boston...


Rule Changes * Canada - Bus riders face on

Vancouver,BC,Canada -GVRD/CKNW(AM980) -Jun, 25 2007: -- Today is the day all Translink buses, Coast Mountain, West Vancouver and all community shuttles become fare paid zones... Anyone entering beyond the fare box or the red line just behind the operator's compartment must have a valid proof of payment, a transfer or pre-paid pass, and show it when asked... This is also the official first day of the three door boarding pilot project on the 99B-Line. Customers with valid proof of payment will be able to board via the centre and rear doors on all articulated buses at all stops along the route. Customers paying cash or with a ticket that requires validation will only be able to board via the front doors... Passengers should also note that where a conventional bus is in service, they must board via the front doors only...


"GREEN NEWS" * China - Bus fumes in the black books

One of the city's worst pollution blights is being tackled head-on - and much cleaner air is on the horizon

Shanghai,China -The Shanghai Daily, by Zhang Jun -23 June 2007: -- More than a third of local buses will be upgraded this year to lessen the emission of overwhelming black fumes, city official told... Several government departments, including the city's transport and environmental authorities, will work together to supervise the upgrade... Su Guodong, director of the pollution control department of the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, said the city government will support the technical upgrade of about 7,000 buses - the total number used for public transport within the Inner Ring Road - by year's end...


New buses * USA - To replace Main Line trolleys

Goshen,CAL,USA -The Goshen Chronicle -June 22, 2007: -- Two new Main Line buses that will replace the old familiar red trolley buses were delivered to Orange County this week... County Executive Edward A. Diana said the new buses will provide a smoother, more comfortable ride for passengers than the trolley-style buses, which have wooden seats... The Main Line bus service is a contracted service of the New York State Department of Transportation and Orange County. The Main Line is operated by Coach USA/Shortline... The new buses were manufactured this spring at Gillig’s headquarters in Hayward, California...


Passengers' Complains * Australia - Seats on State Transit's new buses prove a pain for

The newest fleet of government buses has failed the comfort test, despite bureaucrats insisting the seats are no different from the old ones

Brisbane,Queensland,Australia -The Brisbane Times, by Eamonn Duff -June 24, 2007: -- ... State Transit's Volvo buses are now in service as part of the fleets of Sydney Buses, Western Sydney Buses and Newcastle Buses. They feature modern extras such as improved wheelchair access, interior lighting and air-conditioning... However, Rail, Tram and Bus Union divisional secretary Raul Baonza confirmed drivers had been inundated with complaints from passengers who have described the new seats as "too squeezed" and uncomfortable on the back...



STRIKE ? * Nigeria - A day of rage and rape !!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007. It was the first day of the nationwide strike

Apapa,Lagos,Nigeria -The Daily Sun, by Hola Oshunkeye -June 23, 2007: -- Called by the Nigerian Labour Congress, NLC, and Trade Union Congress, TUC, to protest the unilateral hike in fuel price and 100 percent leap in Value Added Tax, VAT, imposed by the expired Olusegun Obasanjo Administration at the twilight of its life... But the crisis crescendoed at about 7.35 a.m. when a molue bus descending the Western (Funsho Williams) Avenue-Jibowu overhead bridge joining Ikorodu Road was halted by the rampaging hoodlums who chased away the driver, conductor and passengers... Quite unfortunately, two ladies who were not quick in disembarking and they got ‘arrested’ and trapped inside the bus, and before you could scream ‘Yar’Adua’, the sons of the devil had torn the ladies cloths... “They raped the ladies inside the bus in broad daylight,” an eyewitness told Spectacular Encounters categorically shortly after the dust settled. A female resident in Jibowu, who identified herself simply as Basirat, was close to tears as she corroborated the eyewitness account. In addition to the horrifying rape, the lady worried about a bigger problem. “Most of the boys that perpetrate this kind of evil are usually drug users and sex perverts,” she said. “And chances are that they might have been infected with HIV. You can imagine the fate that awaits those they raped. It is like an instalmental death sentence. They should rot in jail. Happily, the police arrested some of them. They should face the full wrath of the law”...


* India - Heavy rain in Andhra Pradesh leaves 28 persons dead

The rainfall was so heavy, around 20 cm in many places, that it exceeded the cumulative total for the monsoon so far - Avanigadda in Krishna district recorded 32 cm followed by 26 cm in Karlapalem of Guntur district

Chennai,India -The Hindu -23 June 2007: -- ... High drama was witnessed in Kurnool district when an Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus carrying a large number of passengers was trapped in the middle of a swollen stream, Kannur Vagu, on the Nandyal-Kurnool National Highway... They were rescued in an elaborate operation and brought ashore using a heavy duty crane that pulled the bus out of the swiftly flowing waters. Passengers of three other RTC buses managed to reach the banks before water in the stream swelled. Similar incidents were reported from Karampudi in Guntur district and Thamballapalli in Chittoor district... (Picture - FLOOD FURY: Swirling waters engulf an Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus following flash floods on the Nandyal-Kurnool National Highway on Friday. All its passengers were, however, rescued)


"GREEN" NEWS * Canada - Hydrogen powers 2 buses

TransLink’s first buses that run partly on hydrogen are now carrying passengers on regular routes in and Port Coquitlam

Coquitlam,B.C., Canada -The Coquitlam Tri City News/Black Press -Jun 22 2007: -- Two buses that were part of an alternative fuel test project over the past two years are now on the road, powered by a blend of 20% hydrogen and 80% compressed natural gas (CNG)... As a result of the switch, TransLink says the engine produces 40% less oxide of nitrogen than straight CNG, 20% fewer hydrocarbons and 11% less greenhouse gas... (TRANSLINK PHOTO: Two hydrogen-powered buses are now carrying passengers on routes in Coquitlam and Port Coquitlam)


Early birds * UK - Could catch free buses

A proposal to bring forward free concessionary bus travel to 9am is being considered by Peterborough City Council

Peterborough,UK -The Peterborough Evening Times, by Jonny Muir -22 June 2007: -- ... At present, the scheme begins at 9.30am, meaning pensioners have to pay the full fare before that time... However, a report presented to the council's environment and community safety scrutiny panel revealed that "the greatest number of complaints is the time restriction"... (Picture: A bus in Peterborough city centre)


Give way to buses * New Zealand - Proposal supported by RLTC

The Regional Land Transport Committee (RLTC) has agreed to support, in principle, a change to the road rules that would require motorists to give way to buses, especially when leaving bus stops.

Canterbury,NZ -22 June 2007: -- The passenger transport industry representative on the committee, Paul McNoe says in a number of other countries in the world, including Australia and the United Kingdom, buses are given priority after indicating when leaving a bus stop or changing lanes... Mr McNoe, who put the proposal forward at this week’s RLTC meeting, says that introducing a road rule to give priority to buses would support the wider Metro passenger transport strategy for improving bus travel times and encouraging the use of public transport. "An efficient bus system that is well patronised can reduce on-road congestion and improve the environment..."


Marketing * UK - Firm conducts buses campaign

A £350,000 advertising aiming to get more Peterborough people on the buses

Peterborough,England,UK -The Peterborough Evening Telegraph -21 June 2007: -- A £350,000 advertising campaign is aiming to get more Peterborough people on the buses... Stagecoach, which runs bus services in the city, has hired the ad agency to create a TV advert campaign to encourage Peterborough residents to get on the bus... Stagecoach group chief executive Brian Souter, said: “This is a completely fresh way to market public transport and a first for the UK. We believe that with increasing congestion and more environmental awareness, there is huge potential to get even more people on the nation’s buses.”


Privatisation Prospects * India - Govt seeks private hands to improve bus service

Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh,India -The Lucknow Newsline -June 21, 2007: -- After facing a deficit of Rs 763 crore last year, the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) is now all set to go to private hands... The state government is getting an extensive study of the corporation done to explore ways of increasing its efficiency and improving passenger facilities by involving investment and expertise of the private sector...


Comparisons * Turkey - Public transport in

Bus travel works well enough in Europe but is sort of dull compared to that in Turkey. I shall enlarge on that generalization

Istanbul,Turkey -Today's Zaman, by JOHN LAUGHLAND FETHİYE -22 June 2007: -- Travel in Europe is expensive, in Turkey it is cheap... In Holland, Germany and Turkey, too, travel is efficient. Trains in Europe run on time within 5 percent of their targets with a standard deviation of about 5, quite acceptable I think. In Turkey trains achieve the same target but with standard deviation of 20, just a little less than acceptable. There is no reason to doubt that the statistics for buses are very similar... I very much doubt that you would ever find a 20 kilogram fish lying on the threshold of a bus in Europe, lying so that passengers must step over it to board or depart the bus. I’ll wager that there has never been a calf on the back seat of a Dutch or German bus. How about a Dutch passenger loading his two bags of cement into the boot of the bus and asking if the driver would mind leaving his route by a mile or two so that he might drop off the load at his home?... Try suggesting to a German bus company that they introduce free soft drinks and biscuits for their customers. Oh, and unlimited cologne!... I’ve an idea that might happen in England, but they do it more subtly. Next time British Rail asks you to change trains unexpectedly, cast an eye in the direction of the engine and driver; if you see a huddle and money changing hands, you will know why: You’ve been flogged!...


SAFETY * Philippines - To Deploy "Secret Marshals" In Public Buses

Manila,Philippines -AHN, by Komfie Manalo -June 21, 2007: -- In an effort boost the government's capability in battling terror threats as well as the rising incidence of bus robberies in the country, the Philippine National Police, the country's main police force, announced Wednesday it will start redeploying plainclothes officers in passenger buses...



* USA - Chicago police will soon monitor "bus cams"
Chicago,Ill,USA -The Chicago Tribune, by Jon Van -21 June 2007: -- Chicago police in patrol cars soon will be able to peer inside nearby city buses by electronically tapping into onboard video cameras, the Chicago Transit Authority's vice president for technology said Wednesday... Live views from inside buses eventually will be available to the city's public safety dispatchers, said John Flynn, who described transit information technology upgrades at the NXTcomm trade show at McCormick Place...

* UK - Talking Bus Stops Go Live in Scotland
Scotland,UK -axistive, by Dennis van der Heijden -Jun 21, 2007: -- Trials of a revolutionary new system providing audio information on bus schedules at the bus stops have gone live in Scotland... The three-month pilot will allow vision-impaired bus passengers to listen to information from the Intelligent Bus Information System. The units have been installed at 12 bus stops across the Strathclyde region... Bus times are up dated from the headquarters of Strathclyde Passenger Transport and sent to units using wireless technology - General Pocket Radio Service (GPRS) - and mobile phone technology from UK transport information provider Tandata. It is the first time for GPRS technology to be used in this way. Although audio information can be accessed on the next five buses, complete bus timetables are available on-screen only for sighted passengers...


New Fleets

* Pakistan - Holland-based bus company to run 125 CNG buses

Karachi,Pakistan -The News/International -22 June 2007: -- Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrat-ul-Ebad Khan termed it a good omen that a Holland-based bus company was inducting 1500 CNG buses in Karachi out of which the first batch of 125 buses will begin its operation in town from July this year... The City government, according to the agreement, will provide complete infrastructure to the company including route permit, land for CNG station, and depot while the 18-metre long buses will have a seating capacity of 140... The company will increase the number of buses every month...

* India - Haryana to start Volvo buses on Chandigarh-Amritsar-Delhi route
Mohali-Chandigarh,Punjab,India -The Punjab Newsline -21 June 2007: -- Haryana Transport Department has decided to introduce six more routes of Volvo buses to various destinations in view of the growing demand for such comfortable buses on these inter-state routes ncluding Amritsar circuit...

* India - MSRTC plans to buy five Chinese luxury buses
Mumbai,India -The Mumbai Newsline -June 21, 2007: -- With an aim to provide better quality service to its passengers, Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) has prepared a proposal to buy five Chinese-made King Long buses through Association of State Road Transport Undertaking (ASRTU), a Central Government body which brings together all state road transport undertakings... The corporation already has two King Long buses on hire, which are being operated on the Mumbai-Pune route, under the brand name of Mahabus...

* India - Soon, Volvo buses for Noida commuters
Noida,India -The Delhi Newsline (Delhi,India), by Arpit Parashar -June 21,2007: -- The Noida authority is set to launch a new fleet of air-conditioned Volvo buses on Noida-Greater Noida route... Also, the number of CNG buses plying between Noida and Greater Noida will be increased to 143, Noida authority CEO Monica Garg said here today... The routes and number of buses were finalised at a meeting between Residents’ Welfare Associations (RWAs) and the officials of the authority, and five air-conditioned buses are being launched as a pilot project...




* Norway - Scania ethanol buses to improve Oslo environment

Oslo,Norway -Business Journal (Budapest,Hungary), by -20 Jun 2007: -- The Norwegian public transport company Oslo Sporveier AS is choosing Scania as a supplier when it begins the transition to biofuel-powered city buses. .. In March 2008, 18 Scania ethanol buses go into service in Norway's capital. Scania has begun to supply such buses for testing by public transport systems in UK, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain and China...


* USA - RDA OKs $6.5M for regional buses

Gary,IN,USA -The Gary Post Tribune, by Gitte Laas -June 20, 2007: -- After years of planning, the Regional Bus Authority finally got the local money Tuesday to implement improved and more frequent bus service in Northwest Indiana. But many are still skeptical about the plan and whether long-term funding will be available... The plan calls for express routes from Munster and Crown Point to and from downtown Chicago three times during rush hour in the mornings and evenings. It also includes a centralized call center and more frequent service between Gary, Hammond and East Chicago and on Broadway between Merrillville and Gary...



* USA - IndyGo Partners With Cummins to Make Buses Cleaner

Indianapolis,IN,USA -Inside INdiana Business (press release) -21 June 2007: -- IndyGo has announced a partnership with Cummins Emission Solutions, a division of Columbus-based Cummins, Inc., to equip 48 buses with new exhaust filters. The filters are designed to reduce soot and pollutants... IndyGo says the technology, partnered with its recent switch to soy biodiesel, will help reduce certain particles and carbon monoxide by about 90 percent per vehicle...


Techno News * UK - City bus tracking system promises better service

London is getting a big city bus system

London,England,UK -The London Free Press, by NORMAN DE BONO -June 21, 2007: -- The London Transit Commission (LTC) has bought a $6.5-million technology upgrade that will include installing a GPS real-time tracking system to ensure buses run on time and adding display screens and speakers on buses and at major stops to announce bus times...


* Chile - Senate greenlights US$290mn Transantiago financing

Santiago,Chile -Business News Americas, by Eva Medalla -June 20, 2007: -- Chile's senate approved late Tuesday night a US$290mn injection into capital Santiago's problem-wrought integrated public transport system Transantiago, thereby freeing up the funds for disbursement... financing goes hand in hand with additional financing of at least US$100mn for public works in the rest of the country's regions... With the financing approved in congress and system performance indicators improving, authorities are preparing to discuss the possibility of expanding the role of capital Santiago's Metro company to handle both the subway network and buses, the transport ministry official said... Other issues on the government agenda include the creation of a local transport authority and the creation of an agency to temporarily take over operations in case a bus concessionaire fails to comply with contract rules...



Buses will get you where you want to go - eventually

Phoenix,AZ,USA -AZ -Jun 19, 2007: -- As our small contribution to the environment, my wife and I decided to leave the SUV in the underground garage and use the bus ... We have used public transportation in many cities of the world, but never before in our many years in Phoenix. We did some preliminary research by obtaining a very handy bus book with maps, schedules etc. We also discovered that a route can be planned through Internet research. This will work well if one has a firm starting time.We picked a time and walked to Scottsdale and Camelback to catch the Route 50 bus, which would take us to Central Ave. The bus was a bit early, but waited until scheduled time to depart. The bus was clean and modern and had few passengers. We remembered that we qualified for the senior rate and remembered to ask for a free transfer. The ride to Central was very pleasant...


Bus company * UK - Finally sold off

Liverpool,UK -The Liverpool Daily Post, by Liam Murphy -Jun 19 2007: -- Chester's council-owned transport company, which had been at the centre of a legal wrangle, has been sold to the country’s largest bus operator... Chester City Council and the bus company First agreed the deal for Chester Bus last week as news that the local authority’s legal battle with rival bus operator Arriva had collapsed...


* Canada - Buses are transit, too

"If there are this many of us willing to use a crowded, unreliable bus system, imagine how many would use a good one"

Ottawa,BC,Canada -The Ottawa Citizen, by Kate Heartfield -19 June 2007: -- Ottawa's main hope for efficient transit for the foreseeable future lies in buses, and too many times the bus network offers reasonable service to commuters travelling downtown while failing most other riders... It doesn't help that the mayor's transportation task force essentially wrote off buses as a viable means of transit... Let's forget the train to Alexandria and spend the money required now to provide adequate bus service for the people who are already using transit within the city. If there are this many of us willing to use a crowded, unreliable bus system, imagine how many would use a good one... (Photograph by : Chris Mikula, The Ottawa Citizen)


ANYBODY KNOW ?? * Holland - ... Why Double-Decker Buses Don’t Work In Amsterdam

The scene outside in the street just now

Amsterdam,The Netherlands Gold, by Palau-19 June 2007: -- Palau's English, a former lawyer and political activist, Martin's Dutch and in IT. Currently we live in Amsterdam with 3 cats. We don't do this for money, we do this from political commitment and the idea that even if you can't directly change something, you can still take the piss out of it. Derision is also a political weapon...


HYBRIDS * USA - Burbank to Get Hybrid Fuel Cell Buses

Buses will Run on Compressed Natural Gas

Burbank,CA,USA -June 19, 2007: -- The Burbank transit system received more than $3 million in grants to add up to eight buses to its fleet, including one hybrid fuel cell vehicle, city officials said Tuesday... The Hybrid-Electric Fuel Cell Bus can run on Compressed Natural Gas, propane and bio-diesel fuel systems... The vehicle will also feature multimedia technology -- including WiFi/Bluetooth -- and will be handicapped-accessible... The funding came from two Metropolitan Transit Authority grants and a third from the California Air Resources Board...


New Main Line Buses * USA

Orange County,CAL,USA -The Times Herald-Record (Middletown,NY) -June 20, 2007: -- The new buses, background, will provide a smoother, more comfortable ride for passengers as compared to the wooden seats of the red trolley style buses which they are replacing. Extended service is planned for the future and the new bus service starts Wed... The Main Line bus service takes its name from the former Erie Railroad "Main Line" which ran through Orange County, connecting Harriman, Monroe, Chester, Goshen, Middletown and points east and west. The Main Line Trolley buses began operating on the route between Harriman and Middletown in the mid 1990's... (Photo by DOMINICK FIORILLE: Orange County Executive Ed Diana announced Tuesday the delivery of two new buses for the Main Line bus service)


Why fine private buses... * UAE - ... ask Sharjah commuters

Commuters have slammed the Sharjah Transport decision to fine "convenient" private transport companies

Sharjah, Dubai,United Arab Emirates -Gulf News, by Mariam M. Al Serkal -20 June 2007: -- ... Sharjah Transport has warned private companies that they would be fined if they do not get a trade licence from the Economic Development Department, and if they do not get a vehicle registration plate from Sharjah. Most of the companies running these services are based in Dubai... (Photo, by Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News: Commuters get into a private bus to Sharjah at Dubai's Media City)



* Sweden - Volvo wins order for 173 buses from Norway's Veolia Transport

Stockholm,Sweden -Thomson Financial/ABCmoney (Birchington,Kent,UK) -19 Jun 2007: -- AB Volvo said it has won an order from Norwegian bus operator Veolia Transport Sor AS for 173 Volvo buses that will be deployed in traffic operations in the Stavanger area... Veolia Transport recently won the procurement process for all public transport in Sor-Rogaland, around Stavanger... The order includes the Volvo 7700, Volvo 8500 and Volvo 8700 type...

* UK - 38 Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses for British Airways
London,UK, by Muamer Hodzic -June 19, 2007: -- The vehicles are to be used to transport passengers at Terminal 5 at Heathrow, which is due to open in March 2008... The new Mercedes-Benz buses have been equipped in accordance with the specific requirements of British Airways. For example, the equipment specification includes automatic air-conditioning and three doors for passengers, one on the driver’s side and two on the opposite side, thereby guaranteeing a speedy flow of passengers... (See Picture)