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ELECTRIC BUS PROJECT * Australia / Malaysia: Bustech's E-Bus project

* Queensland - Bustech secures Malaysian electric bus project

(Photo from Wikipedia: 2000 Bustech bodied Mercedes-Benz O405NH of Busabout) 
Burleigh,QLD,Australia -Manufacturers' Monthly, by Matt McDonald -4 December, 2014: -- Queensland bus manufacturer, Bustech has been chosen as the lead design and manufacturing partner for a $170 million electric bus project... Announcing the project today, Bustech CEO, Michael McGee, said the project would position Bustech as an innovative regional leader in the use of renewable energy for buses... Bustech, part of Transit Australia Group, has partnered with the Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) (a Malaysian government body), Swinburne University of Technology and AutoCRC and a private Malaysian company to develop and test the E-Bus project in Malaysia... Swinburne University is providing the electric bus technology to the project and will work closely with Bustech throughout the trials of the prototype vehicle... On the Gold Coast to inspect the Bustech facility, Malaysian Automotive Institute CEO, M Madani Sahari, said if successful, the electric bus could be exported to other countries... The first bus is planned to roll off the production line in July 2015, with trials to begin in September...

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AUTOMATED BUSES * Europe: They 're the real future

Wrong With Driverless Cars

(Video from Rivium/2getthere, by Sustainable Mobility Solutions: Unmanned buses are tested in Italy)
-Business Insider by JOSHUA BARRIE -Dec. 1, 2014: -- Sorry, Google. Some public transport experts think that driverless buses — not robotic cars — are the real future... The advantages of unmanned buses over the car equivalents is discussed based on a letter from Luca Guala, of transport thinktank Mobility Thinklab... In his note, Guala concedes that driverless vehicles have a "bright future" but are not as practical as driverless buses, which are particularly beneficial on highly-congested roads... Driverless buses, Guala argues, are more efficient because they can carry more people than cars and eventually may be cheaper than the regular bus system because you don't have to pay a driver. The driverless buses are kind of like an updated tram system, such as London's TramLink, but it doesn't need tracks. And since everything is automated, it also means fewer delays... Another advantage of driverless buses over cars is that they follow set routes, so they are much easier to implement and run. The routes can be changed if needed...  Navigation is less of an issue when compared to cars because buses use travel specific lines — they aren't roaming all over the place. Alongside legal technicalities, this has traditionally been the biggest challenge to overcome if automated technology becomes synonymous on roads...

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BUSMAKERS NEWS * Germany: Mercedes Benz's

* Germany - Mercedes-Benz CapaCity L high-capacity articulated bus can transport 191 passengers

(Photo: At 21 metres in length, it is around three metres longer than conventional articulated buses)
Stuttgart,Germany -Autocar Professional News -Dec 2, 2014: -- It is an imposing 21 metres long, around three metres longer than conventional articulated buses, and provides space for up to 191 passengers as standard. It consumes well below 0.5 l/100 km per passenger and has only minimal emissions. Mercedes-Benz’s latest CapaCity L high-capacity articulated bus makes an important contribution towards counteracting the transport problems in inner cities... With the CapaCity L, transport operators can carry far more passengers with the same number of buses... Whether new shopping centres, residential areas or industrial estates, they can all be served quickly and cost-effectively with the CapaCity L without the need for high investment – all the high-capacity bus needs is a road. The CapaCity L is therefore ideally suitable for BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) systems...

* India / Germany - Daimler readies phase-II for India. To launch sin to the bus segment

Mumbai,India -Business Standard, by Swaraj Baggonkar -December 4, 2014: ... Daimler will unveil a new heavy duty truck next year and also announce its entry into the bus segment... The company, which sells its products under the Bharat Benz brand, will cater to the city bus segment while its elder sibling Mercedes-Benz will continue in the luxury inter-city segment. A new Rs 425 crore bus plant, built within the premises of the truck making plant, will commence operations in the second quarter of next year... Buses will be offered in the nine tonne and above categories having front and rear engine configurations. The plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 units per annum in the first phase and can be expanded to 4,000 units per annum... The company says it has doubled its volumes in the past two years and aims to double it again next year. In the medium term, it targets to triple its market share to 20 per cent. It wants to fully utilise its initial installed capacity of 36,000 in two years...

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BUSMAKERS NEWS * United Arab Emirates: Abu Dhabi / Egypt

* Abu Dhabi - Bus maker profits from Cairo’s traffic problems

(Photo by DELORES JOHNSON / The National - Vinojin Aruldas, 26, checks out the new ticket vending machine at the bus terminal in Abu Dhabi) 
Cairo,Egypt -The National, by Shereen El Gazzar -December 1, 2014: -- Cairo’s notorious traffic congestion is proving profitable for one Abu Dhabi-based bus maker... Hafilat Industries has won a US$40 million order to supply 300 buses to Cairo’s public transport authority. Meanwhile, another 300 buses will be supplied by the Egyptian distributor GB Auto... Traffic congestion in Cairo has become a serious problem for municipal planners and is hurting both the economy and quality of life for the city’s 20 million inhabitants... Wasted time spent stuck in traffic, unnecessary fuel consumption and reduced air quality have all been cited as factors that are bad for business in the sprawling city... The 600 buses will cover about 44.5 per cent of the transport authority’s needs... Egypt’s dwindling currency reserves and large fiscal deficit have necessitated large inflows of funds from Arabian Gulf donors. Direct aid to Egypt from the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia totalled $10.6 billion last year...



* Karnakata - 300 new buses to NEKRTC

(Photo: The Hindu KSRTC buses parked in the Kempegowda Bus Station) 
 Bangalore,Karnakata,India -The Hindu, by KUMAR BURADIKATTI -1 Dec 2014: -- Minister for Transport Mr. R. Ramalinga Reddy announced that his Department had decided to add 300 more buses to North Eastern Karnataka Road Transport Corporation (NEKRTC)... He was addressing a public meeting here on Monday after inaugurating a new bus-stop built at the cost of Rs. 6.37 crore...


PASSENGERS' SURVEY * Canada - Unsatisfieds

* Quebec - STM users unhappy with service on 105 bus on Sherbrooke

(Photo by Allen McInnis / The Gazette - STM buses Montreal. Commuters line up in Montreal on Monday) 
Montreal,QBC,Canada -The Montreal Gazette, by Jason Magder -December 1, 2014: -- After increasing bus service in October, the 105 Sherbrooke bus is still too crowded during morning rush hours, according to Notre-Dame-de-Grâce city councillor Peter McQueen... The Projet Montréal councillor said he handed out flyers door to door and at the Vendôme métro station, asking people to fill out an online survey. Among the more than 600 people who responded, 84 per cent of them said they were unsatisfied with the service, with the biggest complaint being that buses routinely pass them without opening their doors to let passengers in, because they are too crowded... According to figures provided by the STM, the line had an average of 366 trips on weekdays in September 2013. This past September, it was down to 337...


RULES & REGULATIONS * Vietnam: Safety roads

* Vietnam - Limits sleeper bus routes following tragedies

(Photo: Ha An - The roof of the bus involved in an accident in Lao Cai Province on September 1 that killed 12 people. Photo: Ha AnThe roof of the bus involved in an accident in Lao Cai Province on September 1 that killed 12 people) 
Hanoi,Vietnam -Thanh Nien News -December 02, 2014: -- The Transport Ministry has issued a circular that bans the operation of passenger sleeper buses on narrow mountainous roads starting in July of 2015... According to the document, transport companies are not allowed to run sleeper buses on roads classified as 5th and 6th grades for safety reasons... These roads have a single lane that is 3.5 meters wide with designed for speeds of no more than 30 kph (18.6 mph) in 5th grade and 20 kph in 6th grade... The circular also requires transport companies to employ sleeper bus drivers with at least three years experience in driving large passenger buses (30 seats and over)... According to the National Traffic Safety Committee, 90 percent of bus accidents last year involved sleeper buses... Traffic accidents have killed more than 6,800 Vietnamese so far this year, or 25 people every day...


TRANSPORT PUBLIC SERVICE * UK: Kids' - Roof top white buses

* England - Kids not catching buses are missing out – they’re a ticket to the real world

(Photograph: StudioCanal/Rex - Reg Varney in On The Buses: ‘The life-enhancing kind [of bus], often the smaller ones, where the driver is helpful, friendly and involved, helping people on and off’)
London,EN,UK -The Guardian, by David Boyle -1 December 2014: ... The Millennium Cohort Study, tracking 13,000 British children born between 2000 and 2002, are striking: apparently, nearly half of 11-year-olds had never been on a bus. One in six also spends more than three hours a day in front of a screen, and the combination of the two – this bus-less, virtual world – was what concerned the Daily Mail... There are actually two kinds of bus. There’s the life-enhancing kind, often the smaller ones, where the driver is helpful, friendly and involved, helping people on and off. I encountered a driver in Sussex last week who stopped the bus and phoned a colleague coming towards him just to help an older lady who had strayed too far the wrong way... The other kind is not life-enhancing, because the drivers are tightly controlled and their managers don’t allow them to do anything like that, so they are effectively mechanical adjuncts to their buses. I wouldn’t wish those on 11-year-olds... (There is also a third kind. The peculiar Boris exhibition buses in central London where there is an under-employed conductor staring out of the window wondering what to do – but that is by the way.)... But the whole implication of the Daily Mail’s report is that children have disappeared into a virtual world, and are losing their grip on reality... Well, I’m not convinced about this, as there is very little evidence one way or another... After all, the acid test of authenticity is whether it is possible to tell the truth to a future president travelling on an omnibus...

* England - Here’s why London’s famous red Bbses have white roofs

(Photographer: Getty Images - London buses seen from atop of St. Paul's Cathedral in the City of London) 
London,EN,UK -Bloomberg News, by Alex Morales -Dec 2, 2014: ... Take Transport for London, which manages subways, buses and roads. Climate-proofing is built into its work, according to Helen Woolston, sustainability coordinator at TfL... One example: a program to install white panels atop the capital’s trademark red buses to reflect the rays of the summer sun and keep the vehicles cooler. After 10 years, 98.5 percent of the fleet of 8,700 has white roofs...

* England - 540 more buses in London by 2021 under £500m plan

(Photo - “Network’s backbone”: London buses. They now carry 2.4 billion people a year) 
London,EN,UK -London Evening Star, by MATTHEW BEARD -3 December 2014: -- An extra 540 buses will be on the streets of London by the end of the decade as part of a £500 million investment plan announced today to cope with soaring demand... Services will be boosted to carry an extra 2.9 million passengers a week on the fleet of 7,500 vehicles... Buses already carry 2.4 billion passengers a year, but many routes are overcrowded at peak times... There will be more frequent services and some single-deckers will be switched to double... New bus lanes, longer hours for bus lanes, and priority turns will be added under a £200 million “bus priority scheme”. The spending proposals are included in Transport for London’s business plan, covering spending until 2021, which is subject to approval by the board tomorrow...

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* Florida - JTA overhauls bus system

(Photo: David Williams, First Coast News)
Jacksonville,FLA,USA -First Coast News, by David Williams and Roger Weeder -December 3, 2014: -- The Jacksonville Transportation Authority is rolling out changes to its bus and shuttle system... More buses running taking more people to where they need to go. That's the goal driving an overhaul of the Jacksonville Transportation Agency's bus and shuttle system... JTA calls it "Route Optimization"...  Launching Dec. 1, it's a complete overhaul of bus and shuttle service -- the first of its kind in 30 years... 

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TECHNO-NEWS * UK: Supercapacitors

* England - IDTechEx: Jostling for leadership 

(Photo: Highest energy and power density ultracapacitors) 
Cambridge,EN,UK -BUSINESS WIRE -December 01, 2014: -- Supercapacitor market leader Maxwell Technologies has faltered temporarily due to phasing of demand for supercapacitors on Chinese hybrid buses. One of the most formidable innovators it now sells large stacks for grid management and for energy harvesting in large construction vehicles. The recent IDTechEx Supercapacitors event in Santa Clara California taught us more... Many car manufacturers are now assessing supercapacitors for their next hybrids, following the practice of Chinese bus manufacturers, MAN buses in Germany, the Toyota Formula One racer, the Yaris concept car and other hybrid electric vehicles in adopting supercapacitors in place of lithium-ion batteries. Add the trend to an increasing minority of stop-start and energy harvesting alternator systems on conventional cars adopting supercapacitors so they operate at low temperature and with the toughest duty cycles. Professor Burke felt that there will one day be another jump in adoption of supercapacitors in electric vehicles but, for him, “It has been a long wait”... Compared to a thin film lithium battery, its energy per volume is an order of magnitude lower, but its power is over 10,000 times higher...


TECHNO-BUSES * Israel: Superbus Valley's

*  Israel - Superbus Vallys selects IVU Traffic Technologies' IT support platform for buses

(Picture: Superbus Vallys Ltd - The fleet of Superbus Vallys Ltd will in future be planned and controlled with the IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies AG) 
Ha’Amakim,Kiryat Tiv'on,Zevulun RC,Israel -Fleet Management -28 November 2014: -- Israeli bus company Superbus Vallys has selected IVU.suite from IVU Traffic Technologies for its new Ha’Amakim concession... The IVU.suite provides IT support for all the tasks involved in the operation of the fleet of nearly 300 buses from timetable planning through scheduling and operational control to ticketing, passenger information and settlement... In addition to the IVU.suite, the twelve-year contract also covers the delivery of on-board computers for ticket sales by the driver... The IVU system now supports all the most important international standards for electronic ticketing. Already in December 2014, the first 100 new buses will be going into service. The vehicles are being supplied by the Chinese manufacturer Golden Dragon Bus, which has prepared them especially to accommodate the IVU solution. By March 2015, the entire fleet will be on the roads in Ha'Amakim...



ORIGINAL BUSES * China: A "family-bus" ... !!!


(Photo, from an unknown font)
Look this' family practical and economical way to move from... That yes, all together, and a little uncomfortable... See the baby seat ... !!!..  Franchises are sold for this transport system...


SAFETY STREETS * Australia - Diversions in place for all bus services

* Canberra - Diversions in place for all bus services that use Constitution Avenue in the City from Monday 1 December

(Photo: ACT City Bus Station)
Canberra,ACT,Australia -Action/ACT/PR -26 Nov 2014: (P.N.: If you had've a fun night and do not want to take the risk of returning to your home "happy" or "drunky" ... here the solution that "aussies" found for) ... The Nightrider bus!!! ... ACTION will be running its Nightrider bus service again this year... If you're planning a night out in the City this festive season, there's no need to take the car or wait for a taxi, let the Nightrider take you home. This year, Nightrider is bigger and better with ten different service options across Canberra dropping you to the bus stop closest to your home. Where: Departs Platform 7, City Bus Station - When: 5/6, 12/13, 19/20 December and New Year's Eve 2014 - Cost: $5 (cash only)


INFRASTRUCTURES * USA: Tired of waiting for a late bus? ... NOW NEW: Traffic signal optimization !

* D.C. - Buses will get priority with technology that holds lights at green

(Photo: DC buses. The D.C. Department of Transportation is in search, to install transit signal priority equipment at 103 signalized intersections) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Washington Business Journal, by Michael Neibauer -Nov 25, 2014: --The District is planning a major initiative to improve timeliness — one that could prove so effective, buses end up running early... The D.C. Department of Transportation is in search of a contractor to install transit signal priority (TSP) equipment at 103 signalized intersections... TSP systems, according to reams of federal research, can significantly improve bus travel times... As a bus approaches a TSP intersection, it sends a cellular signal to the traffic controller box, which automatically (without any human intervention) reviews the current traffic conditions and tweaks the signal timing. It can extend a green light by five to 10 seconds, said Wasim Raja, a DDOT traffic signal engineer, or sometimes bring the green up early...  The Washington region was awarded a $58.8 million TIGER grant in 2010, from which the TSP system will be financed... That same grant is partly responsible for Alexandria's new dedicated Route 1 bus lane, D.C. traffic signal optimization, the Takoma-Langley Transit Center, replacement PRTC buses, and TSP systems on University Boulevard and Route 1 in Maryland, Van Dorn Street and Leesburg Pike...



BUSMAKERS NEWS WORLDWIDE * India - * Germany - * Canada/Scotland (UK) - * Russia

* India - VE Commercial Vehicles launches Eicher Skyline Pro Series buses

(Photo: Buses are available in school, staff and tourist variants with seating capacity ranging from 36 to 60)
Gurgaon,Haryana,India -Business Standard -24 Nov 2014: -- VE Commercial Vehicles (VECV), a 50:50 joint venture between Sweden’s Volvo Group and Eicher Motors has launched Eicher Pro series of light duty for school and staff category... According to VECV, new buses will meet the demands of the emerging premium market segment by providing enhanced passenger safety, fuel efficiency and comfort with superior aesthetics. Eicher Skyline Pro buses are available in school, staff and tourist variants with seating capacity ranging from 36 to 60 per the segment requirement... The company is currently in discussion with various state governments and city authorities to provide these buses for public transportation. Under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission, (JNNURM) the Government has sanctioned purchase of buses for various mission. The company is set to add one big order of 560 buses from Bihar and another order of 65 buses from Indore. It has supplied more than 3000 buses to the various state transport undertakings. In Maharashtra, there are 38 buses while it has supplied highest in Gujarat of 1101 units...

* Germany - "Ride and Drive": the new test drive programme from Daimler Buses 

(Photo: Setra ComfortClass 500) 
Mannheim/Neu-Ulm –Media Daimler -Nov 24, 2014: -- Daimler Buses are stepping up its test drive programme for European customers: The provision of the first new vehicles now establishes an additional range of test-drive vehicles for Daimler Buses on site at the respective brands' locations in Mannheim and Neu-Ulm...  The following new Mercedes-Benz buses will be available for test drives at the ONC new bus centre in Mann­heim from mid-November 2014 to the end of March 2015: Citaro G with horizontal OM 936h engine, new on-board electronics and new articulation control system (ATC), Travego Safety Coach with Active Brake Assist 3 (ABA3) and "anticipatory" cruise control system Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC), and a Tourismo with Lane Assistant (SPA) and Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)... In Neu-Ulm, four world premieres from Setra are available for test drives: the new LE business low-entry inter-urban vehicle, the new mid-decker ComfortClass 500 MD, Setra's longest touring coach at present, in the guise of the S 519 HD, and the S 511 HD, which continues Setra's 60-year club coach tradition in a new generation...

* Canada - Scottish bus maker to establish Ontario plant as part of Metrolinx deal

(Photo: An Alexander Dennis 253 double-decker bus)
Toronto,Ontario,CAN -Canadian Manufacturing (CAN) -November 24, 2014: -- Metrolinx has signed a deal with Alexander Dennis Ltd. (ADL) to buy 253 double-decker buses that will see the Scotland-based bus maker establish a local chassis assembly facility near Toronto... According to Metrolinx, Ontario’s Crown transportation agency for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), it has reached an agreement with the company that will see the fully accessible, low floor, double-decker buses delivered to its GO Transit arm over five years beginning in 2016... Construction of the chassis facility is expected to begin in mid-2015 and the first order of buses is expected by 2016... 

* Russia - GAZ Group delivers 30 articulated LIAZ Euro-5 buses to Nizhny Novgorod

(Photo from Wikipedia: A GAZ articulated bus, model LiAZ-6213, in Moscow) 
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia -Busworld (Belgium) -23 Nov 2014: -- The GAZ Group Bus Division recently delivered to the Nizhny Novgorod administration 30 low-floor articulated buses of the type LIAZ-621322, fitted with a Euro 5 driveline. All vehicles are adapted to passengers with limited mobility. Total cost of the buses is more than 300 million rubles... The new buses are equipped with a MAN diesel Euro 5 engine producing 290 hp, a six-speed ZF automatic gearbox and ZF axles, and a kneeling system in the air suspension, a mechanical ramp, communication buttons with the driver, a fire extinguishing system, air conditioning and ten CCTV cameras... The bus is designed to transport 146 people. There are 34 seats and an extra seat for people with limited mobility... The bus LiAZ-621322 is the first domestic low-floor articulated bus... 

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* South Carolina - Old school buses

Charleston,SC,USA -WCSC/Live 5 News, by Raphael James -Nov 24, 2014: -- Funding delays mean South Carolina is lagging in efforts to replace aging school buses in a timely manner... With a fleet of buses that are among the oldest in the country, that means some buses taking children to school today may have been ridden by those students' parents or grandparents... State School Superintendent, Mick Zais, testified to the state senate that, "South Carolina maintains the only state run school bus fleet in America. It's also the oldest" fleet in America... The General Assembly provides and maintains buses for every school district in the state. Those buses, aren't always brand spanking new. In fact most of them are not. State law says the bus fleet is to be replaced every 15 years. But Zais says, more than 60% of our buses are over 15 years old... Almost 100 of them are more than 26 years old... He says to replace the more than 3,000 buses statewide that are older than 15 years old would cost the state $273 million. For the past two years he's asked the General Assembly for $34 million and received less than that for buses each time...

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BRT PROJECTS * USA: Connecticut - Michigan - Massachusetts - Virginia

* Connecticut - CTfastrak, bus-only corridor, to open in March

(Photo from WTNH, by George DeYounge) 
Newington,CONN,USA -AP/WTNH -November 25, 2014: -- The state Department of Transportation says the $567 million bus-only corridor between Hartford and New Britain will begin operating in late March... The CTfastrak project includes 11 stations in New Britain, Newington, West Hartford and Hartford, with buses running every three-to-six minutes during peak commuting hours... The 9.4-mile corridor also will be used by buses that will exit the system to bring passengers to destinations such as Westfarms Mall, Manchester Community College, UConn Health Center and Central Connecticut State University... Officials say Hartford Express buses also will run from Bristol, Cheshire, Southington and Waterbury, entering the bus-only corridor once they reach New Britain...

* Michigan - Local officials talking options for Ypsilanti express bus to downtown Ann Arbor

(Photo by Ryan Stanton | The Ann Arbor News - An AAATA bus picks up passengers in downtown Ann Arbor at the end of the work day on Friday before heading to Ypsilanti via Washtenaw Avenue) 
Ipsilante,MICH,USA -M Live, by Ryan Stanton -October 27, 2014-- Talks of launching an express bus service from the Ypsilanti area straight into downtown Ann Arbor -- without stops in between -- are picking up... The Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority has approached the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority to see if there's a way to get the service going to make it easier for more people from the Ypsilanti area to commute to work in Ann Arbor without a car... The AAATA's five-year plan, funded by a new 0.7-mill tax approved by voters in May, anticipates express bus service from the Ypsilanti area starting in August 2017... 

* Massachusetts - Freeport meeting airs possibility of weekend METRO buses

(Photo: Express Bus to Freeport and Yarmouth in the Works. Portland Metro's Denise Beck discusses possible Freeport-express route stops with a Metro rider) 
Freeport,MASS,USA -The Forecaster, by Kate Gardner -November 24, 2014: -- The proposed METRO express bus service from Portland to Yarmouth and FreeportThe Greater Portland Transit District began its community outreach on Nov. 17 with an information gathering session in Portland... The express bus service would begin in Portland and make stops in Falmouth, Yarmouth, and Freeport. The original plan, presented at a Freeport meeting in June, was for a commuter-centric, rush-hour service with morning and evening buses that would also serve Cumberland... METRO General Manager, Greg Jordan said, METRO will now look at the feedback to determine possible bus routes. He said more meetings will be held with the public in the spring, when the designs are ready to be reviewed before being finalized...

* Virginia - Better Buses: For much less money, the county can still get much-improved mobility

(Photo: Its streetcar plan defeated, Arlington looks to better buses) 
Arlington,VA,USA -City Lab, by ERIC JAFFE -Nov 24, 2014: -- Last week, Arlington County, Virginia, abruptly canceled a proposed five-mile streetcar line on Columbia Pike that was years in the making. Project supporters didn't react well to the news. But the streetcar cancellation doesn't have to harm Arlington mobility. The opposition wasn't against public transportation at large, but rather the unfortunate tendency of recent high-cost U.S.A. streetcar systems to operate alongside cars in mixed traffic—a practice many transit experts discourage. To that end, board member Libby Garvey tells, she's very eager to improve local transit and hopes the county wastes no time advancing plans for a low-cost, bus-rapid transit-style alternative... The figures present a compelling case that BRT-style service could be nearly as effective as a streetcar in terms of mobility, at a fraction of the cost... The upsides to an enhanced bus could be even greater—on both service and economics alike—if Arlington were able to operate the system as true BRT, in a dedicated transit lane. But the county's maintenance agreement on Columbia Pike precludes such an arrangement, requiring four mixed traffic lanes (via Blue Virginia)Arlington could always request a change to that contract, but the negative impact on car congestion may be too great, and since the streetcar would also have shared a lane with cars, this particular design element is a wash for the sake of comparison...

* USA - Another BRT projects & funds for 

Washington,DC,USA -The Washington Business Journal, by Michael Neibauer -Nov 25, 2014: ... The Washington region was awarded a $58.8 million TIGER grant in 2010, from which the TSP system will be financed... That same grant is partly responsible for Alexandria's new dedicated Route 1 bus lane, D.C. traffic signal optimization, the Takoma-Langley Transit Center, replacement PRTC buses, and TSP systems on University Boulevard and Route 1 in Maryland, Van Dorn Street and Leesburg Pike...




* Michigan Flyer invests $3.8M in new buses for AirRide airport shuttle service

(Photo Courtesy of Michigan Flyer: One of the new buses for the AirRide shuttle service) 
Ann Arbor,MICH,USA -M Live,  by Ryan Stanton -November 24, 2014: -- New eco-friendly buses are being put into service for the AirRide shuttle service from Ann Arbor to Detroit Metro Airport... Michigan Flyer has announced it's putting a brand-new fleet of seven luxury motorcoaches on the road this month, representing a $3.8 million investment by parent company Indian Trails... The company reports the new 2015 buses offer deluxe, ergonomic seating with leather headrests and ample leg room, individual climate controls, reading lamps and cup holders, tinted panoramic side windows, outlets at each seat for charging mobile devices, free WiFi, on-board lavatories, and enclosed overhead parcel racks... Safety features include an electronic stability system that enables drivers to avoid danger on slippery roads, an engine fire-detection and suppression system, two GPS systems, and a tire pressure monitoring system... All the buses are equipped with three-point retractable seat belts for passengers, ADA-compliant wheelchair lifts, and a large under-floor luggage compartment... 

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* Texas - Holiday travelers take to planes, trains, autos and buses

(Photo: Travelers board Monday's 10 a.m. bus to Dallas at the Greyhound station in downtown Riverside)
Dallas,TXS,USA -The Press Enterprise, by PETER FISCHETTI -Nov. 24, 2014: -- “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” is a 1987 comedy and also the three preferred ways to travel over a holiday... But what about the lowly bus... Greyhound Lines, Inc., by far the largest bus company in the U.S.A., expects more than 650,000 customers over Thanksgiving. That sounds like a lot until you consider the Automobile Club of Southern California estimates 41.2 million will be driving and another 3.5 million will take to the skies. The rest will take the train... Still, the bus is a good option for some. In the U.S.A. an estimated 46 million people are taking off on Thanksgiving trips this year... At the Greyhound station in Riverside on Monday, travelers waited for buses to take them to Las Vegas, Mexico, Texas and Georgia in time for the holidays... With gas prices down about 49 cents from last Thanksgiving, travel should the highest since 2007, an increase of 4.2 percent over last year, the Automobile Club predicted...



* Iowa - City leaders celebrate bus shelter renovation, talk upcoming bus app

(Photo by Cliff Jette/The Gazette-KCRG TV9 - On Monday, city leaders celebrated the fully finished depot project, a $10.5-million endeavor) 
Cedar Rapids,IOW,USA -The Gazette, by Rick Smith -Nov 24, 2014: -- Last December city bus patrons returned to what had been the city’s flood-damaged, abandoned Ground Transportation Center bus depot, no longer having to endure the modular-home shelter that had served as a temporary depot since the 2008 flood... On Monday, city leaders celebrated the fully finished depot project, a $10.5-million endeavor that no longer requires buses to back out into traffic and no longer requires pedestrians on First Street SE and Fourth Avenue SE to dodge buses and to cross the street to get where they are going... The GTC reopened in December of 2013 while finish touches on the remodeling continued...


PUBLIC TRANSPORT SERVICE * India: Special section for female in buses

* Andhra Pradesh - Wire mesh between men, women in city buses

(Photo by A RADHAKRISHNA - The mesh and sliding door which separates ‘men’ and ‘women’ sections in Ordinary city buses of the RTC in Hyderabad) 
Hyderabad,Andhra Pradesh,India -New India Express -24th November 2014: -- Second-year engineering student Mounika heaved a sigh of relief after boarding an RTC bus at Rathifile bus depot here on Sunday as she found separate sections for male and female passengers in her bus... The State Road Transport Corporation has partitioned the sections in eight ordinary city buses, to start with, with mesh and a sliding door after four rows of seats for women. With this, sections allotted for both genders are visibly segregated, aiming to put an end to harassment faced by women. In September, glass panes without sliding door were tried by the corporation. Much to the chagrin of women travelling on buses, men of all ages, including drunkards, move into women’s section, sometimes fall on them and occupy seats reserved for women. Hence the experiment. Women commuters, while welcoming the steps, suggested that a helpline phone number be displayed in buses for lodging complaints in case of harassment...



ALTERNATIVE FUELS * UK: Biogas from food waste co-digestion

* England - Poo Powered bus steams into Bristol thanks to biogas from food waste co-digestion

  (Video from #BioBus, by GENeco -Nov 19, 2014: We’ve launched the first UK bus powered on gas generated from recycling food waste and treating sewage – the Bio-Bus!... Television personality Stefan Gates took the first journey on the bus, which is refuelled at GENeco’s gas to grid plant at Bristol sewage treatment works. GENeco produces enough biomethane at the plant to power almost 8,500 homes as well as providing gas for the Bio-Bus which can travel around 300km on a full tank) 
London,EN,UK -WWW, by Ben Messenger -20 November 2014: -- Poo Powered Bus Steams into Bristol thanks to Biogas from Food Waste Co-Digestion Biogas from the co-digestion of food waste and sewage at a Wessex Water facility in Bristol is being used to power the first poo powered bus in the UK... According to GENeco, a subsidiary of utility firm Wessex Water, it became the first company in the UK to start injecting gas generated from food waste and sewage into the national gas grid network and at the same time installed a gas refuelling plant for the bus... The 40-seater Bio-Bus, which runs on gas generated through the treatment of sewage and food waste that’s unfit for human consumption, is expected to help to improve urban air quality as it produces fewer emissions than traditional diesel engines... The company added that the bus can travel up to 300km on a full tank of gas generated from the organic wastes at Bristol sewage treatment works...


REPORT * Australia: Automotive and Transport Market Research

* Low Rolling resistance truck and bus radial tire market in Europe to grow at a cagr of 7.33 percent by 2019

Mount Macedon,Australia -Transport Market Research Reports, by Salil Modak -20 November 2014: -- ​Low Rolling Resistance Truck and Bus Radial Tire market in Europe 2015-2019 is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack... The use of low rolling resistance tires enhances fuel efficiency, vehicle performance, and safety, besides helping bring about a reduction in vehicular emissions... The analysts forecast the Low Rolling Resistance Truck and Bus Radial Tire market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 7.33 percent over the period 2014-2019... This report covers the present scenario and the growth prospects of the Low Rolling Resistance Truck and Bus Radial Tire market in Europe for the period 2015-2019. The market size is calculated on the basis of the revenue of tire manufacturers in Europe, generated through sales of low rolling resistance truck and bus radial tires to OEMs and the Aftermarket...

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* North England - Volunteer Dales bus service is lifeline for district

(Photo: Ian Woolley, 76, a volunteer driver for the Little White Bus parked up outside Hawes in Upper Wensleydale) 
Yorkshire,EN,USA -The Yorkshire Post -17 November 2014: -- Rural residents may
increasingly have to rely on themselves to run bus services as austerity-hit councils trim transport budgets further, a situation which exacerbates fears that
an erosion of key services is causing an exodus of young families from the most remote communities... The frequency of bus services has already been affected by
 subsidy cuts, with North Yorkshire County Council alone having reduced what it pays to companies to run bus services in the county from £4.4m to £2.4m per year...To find innovative new ways to deliver services with less money, a Rural Exodus summit will be held by Richmondshire District Council and The Yorkshire Post at Tennants Auction Centre in Leyburn on Wednesday, bringing together key decision makers... And community-run bus services can be part of those innovative solutions, said Richmondshire District Council leader Councillor John Blackie, secured a £25,000 subsidy in May 2011 to set up Little
White Bus, a not-for-profit, community-run bus service which operates out of the Upper Wensleydale Community Office in Hawes... 



* China Dynamics enters investment framework agreement with a Chongqing-based bus manufacturer

(Photo: A Hancock Egyptian public bus) 
Hong Kong,China -ACN Newswire -Nov 18, 2014: -- China Dynamics Limited, a company proactively expanding its business into the new energy industry, announced that Chongqing Sinocop New Energy Vehicle Technology Company Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, entered into the Investment Framework Agreement to acquire 70% equity interest in Chongqing Suitong Industrial Company Limited... Chongqing Suitong is principally engaged in manufacturing buses, and marketing and selling the components of vehicles. Obtaining relevant confirmation from PRC government authorities on 6 August 2014, Chongqing Suitong was allowed to apply for a production license of specialized vehicles covering minivans, garbage lorries, etc. It is also qualified to extend the specialized vehicles production license to include new energy buses... China Dynamics is a provider of new energy vehicles technology integrated solutions. It owns a leading proprietary core technology for lithium polymer solid batteries and permanent magnet synchronous motor with an integrated controller system. In February 2014, the Group has secured a tender from the Hong Kong Productivity Council for the design, fabrication and supply of permanent magnet synchronised motor systems and battery-powered systems for the first-ever locally branded electric buses in Hong Kong...