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In brief: Worldwide montly news & informations about Buses, Busmakers, Passengers' and the Transport Industry



* North England - Volunteer Dales bus service is lifeline for district

(Photo: Ian Woolley, 76, a volunteer driver for the Little White Bus parked up outside Hawes in Upper Wensleydale) 
Yorkshire,EN,USA -The Yorkshire Post -17 November 2014: -- Rural residents may
increasingly have to rely on themselves to run bus services as austerity-hit councils trim transport budgets further, a situation which exacerbates fears that
an erosion of key services is causing an exodus of young families from the most remote communities... The frequency of bus services has already been affected by
 subsidy cuts, with North Yorkshire County Council alone having reduced what it pays to companies to run bus services in the county from £4.4m to £2.4m per year...To find innovative new ways to deliver services with less money, a Rural Exodus summit will be held by Richmondshire District Council and The Yorkshire Post at Tennants Auction Centre in Leyburn on Wednesday, bringing together key decision makers... And community-run bus services can be part of those innovative solutions, said Richmondshire District Council leader Councillor John Blackie, secured a £25,000 subsidy in May 2011 to set up Little
White Bus, a not-for-profit, community-run bus service which operates out of the Upper Wensleydale Community Office in Hawes... 



* China Dynamics enters investment framework agreement with a Chongqing-based bus manufacturer

(Photo: A Hancock Egyptian public bus) 
Hong Kong,China -ACN Newswire -Nov 18, 2014: -- China Dynamics Limited, a company proactively expanding its business into the new energy industry, announced that Chongqing Sinocop New Energy Vehicle Technology Company Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary of the Group, entered into the Investment Framework Agreement to acquire 70% equity interest in Chongqing Suitong Industrial Company Limited... Chongqing Suitong is principally engaged in manufacturing buses, and marketing and selling the components of vehicles. Obtaining relevant confirmation from PRC government authorities on 6 August 2014, Chongqing Suitong was allowed to apply for a production license of specialized vehicles covering minivans, garbage lorries, etc. It is also qualified to extend the specialized vehicles production license to include new energy buses... China Dynamics is a provider of new energy vehicles technology integrated solutions. It owns a leading proprietary core technology for lithium polymer solid batteries and permanent magnet synchronous motor with an integrated controller system. In February 2014, the Group has secured a tender from the Hong Kong Productivity Council for the design, fabrication and supply of permanent magnet synchronised motor systems and battery-powered systems for the first-ever locally branded electric buses in Hong Kong...



* India - Low capacity utilisation hurting domestic tyre makers: ATMA

Mumbai,India -My Digital FC, by Michael Gonsalves -Nov 17 2014: -- The tyre industry in India has raised its concern over indiscriminate tyre imports, saying huge lower capacity utilisation is hurting domestic tyre manufacturers... Raghupati Singhania, chairman at Automotive Tyre Manufacturers’ Association (ATMA), and chairman and managing director at JK Tyre and Industries said:   New capacities, particularly in truck and bus radials (TBR) have been created by Indian tyre manufacturers at an outlay of over Rs 15,000 crore in the last couple of years... He said the imports were not only threatening to make new investments in capacities idle but also loss of employment... ATMA, comprises top 10 tyre companies, and accounts for more than 90 per cent of tyre production in the country...


SCHOOL BUS * USA: Aging bus tires

FOX19 Investigates: Aging school bus tires (VIDEO) - Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Cincinnati,OH,USA -FOX19, by Hagit Limor -Nov 14, 2014: -- School buses are responsible for transporting thousands of children to and from school in southwestern Ohio each day, and now safety advocates are expressing concern about aging school bus tires... Tires are imprinted with a tire identification or serial number on the sidewall. The identification numbers are batch codes that identify the week and year the tire was produced. The code is in an oval to the far right of the letters DOT (Department of Transportation). The first two digits indicate the week, the second two identify the year... After examining buses from several Cincinnati-area public school districts, while the vast majority of tires were less than five years old, some were more than 10 years old. The oldest tire found was a 1998 tire located on the rear axle of a suburban Cincinnati district school bus...



* European bus manufacturers and leading Mayors step up for

(Photo: Credo E-Bone concept bus utilizes fuel cell technology, li-ion batteries and lightweight composites) 
Brussels,Belgium -Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, by Zeynep Musoglu -12 Nov 2014: -- European bus manufacturers and city representatives announce the commercialisation of fuel cell electric buses for urban transport in Brussels ... On the occasion of the FCH JU Stakeholder Forum, representatives of five major European bus manufacturers (Daimler Buses (EvoBus), MAN, Solaris, Van Hool and VDL Bus and Coach) have signed a joint Letter of Understanding at the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking's (FCH JU) Stakeholders Forum in Brussels. The Letter underlines the commitment of bus manufacturers towards the commercialisation and market introduction of fuel cell electric buses in urban public transport. Fuel cell buses run on hydrogen and constitute a zero emissions transport alternative...

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BUSMAKERS NEWS * India: Daimler's

* Chennai - Daimler to launch bus series in India next year

(Photo: 'BharatBenz' brand, Mercedes-Benz launched its City Bus) 
Mumbai,India -The Business Standard, by Swaraj Baggonkar -November 12, 2014: -- Entering its next phase of expansion Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV) will launch its bus range in the domestic market to compete against strong incumbents like Tata Motors and Ashok Leyland... The Chennai-based company, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Germany's Daimler AG, will launch its city buses under its home grown brand BharatBenz starting next year... The new buses, which are slated to be made locally at the company's new Oragadam plant in Chennai, will compliment its parent's luxury intercity bus line sold under the Mercedes-Benz brand... A new Rs 425 crore bus plant built within the premises of the truck making plant will commence operations in the second quarter of next year. Buses will be offered in the 9 tonne and above categories having front and rear engine configurations. The plant has an installed capacity of 1,500 units per annum in the first phase and can be expanded to 4,000 units per annum...



Self-driving buses could really reinvent transportation systems

(Photo: London Bus Lightspeed)
London,EN,UK -Clean Technica, by Cynthia Shahan -November 9, 2014: -- Congested cities, troubling unemployment due to the absence of transit, and environmental issues from automobile pollution all point towards the need for much greater development of mass transportation. Even as transit ridership is growing to all time highs, the USA is short on extensively developed systems that reach the many who could benefit from affordable transit... Lindsey and Townsend continue that rather than cars, self-driving buses might be on an avenue of increasing change. They may change perceptions. “Now what if those buses—like the private automobile “platoons” envisioned by the auto industry—could travel safely only feet apart at top speeds?” ... Quartz points out a study and recent estimate for Princeton University indicating that with autonomous buses “the bus lanes of the Lincoln Tunnel, connecting New York City to New Jersey, could accommodate over 200,000 passengers per hour, more than five times today’s throughput” ...



BUSMAKERS NEWS WORLDWIDE * UK / Brazil * USA * North Ireland / UK

* North Ireland - Wrightbus wins London bus contract

(Photo: Wrightbus will supply the buses to the Transport for London by the second quarter of 2016) 
County Antrim,N.I.,UK -BBC News -6 November 2014: -- A County Antrim coachbuilder has won a contract to supply Transport for London (TfL) with 200 new Routemaster buses... Wrightbus said the new order would secure employment in its Ballymena and Antrim plants... The Ballymena-based coachbuilder was originally awarded a contract in 2010 to create a new hybrid bus for London... Leon Daniels of TfL said the New Routemaster vehicles would enhance air quality and reduce vehicle noise... Mark Nodder of Wrights Group, said: "Once again we are delighted to have confirmation of a substantial order from London, which is a massive endorsement of the success of the New Routemaster and the company's position as leading designers and manufacturers of eye-catching and environmentally responsible vehicles" ...

* UK - Iveco Bus, the CNH Industrial brand dedicated to collective passenger transport, arrives in Brazil

(Photo: The Indcar mago 2 bus from IVECO) 
Basildon,UK -PR Newswire -November 06, 2014: -- CNH Industrial N.V. has officially launched its Iveco Bus brand in Brazil. The brand made its Brazilian debut yesterday at FetransRio 2014, one of the country's largest trade fairs dedicated to the public transport sector...  The Iveco Bus stand at the fair presented its main solutions for the public transport market in Brazil, including models mounted on the 170S28U chassis, this one is specifically designed for the Brazilian market in response to demand in the 17 tonne vehicle segment, one of the fastest growing in the country due to the renewal of public transit fleets in large cities. The chassis is manufactured on a dedicated product development platform established for the bus and coach segment at the Iveco industrial complex in Sete Lagoas (MG)... Also present on the stand is the CityClass in a minibus, charter version, which caters to the 7 – 8 tonne vehicle range. Brazil's government chose the CityClass for its "Path to School" programme, which provides children, especially those living in rural areas, with access to transport links to their educational institutions...

* Missouri / USA - IC Bus showcases purpose-built propane School Bus at NAPT Summit

(Photo: The IC Bus CE Hybrid) 
Kansas City,MO,USA -School Transportation News -8 NOV 2014: -- IC Bus, LLC was in attendance this weekend at the National Association for Pupil Transportation (NAPT) 40th Annual Conference and Trade Show. The company showcased its latest product innovation, the IC Bus™ CE Series school bus powered by the Power Solutions International (PSI) 8.8-liter LP propane engine... Purpose-built for the school bus industry, the CE Series with PSI propane engine is designed to provide diesel-like performance with higher torque at lower engine speeds. It will be available for order for the 2015-2016 school year... The PSI 8.8-liter engine is engineered to deliver the highest torque at the lowest speed. With a rating of 565 lb-ft at 1500 rpm, the high-torque, low-speed design greatly benefits stop-and-start applications to allow immediate acceleration after stops and greater hill climbing capability. This not only improves startability and gradability, but also eliminates excessive noise, heat and vibration associated with constant engine revving. Minimal revving reduces engine wear, oil usage and maintenance, while increasing durability and efficiency...



* Washington - Fool-proof way to catch, identify and ticket drivers who don’t stop for school buses?

Puyallup,WASH,USA -Q13FOX, by James Lynch -Nov 6, 2014: -- It can be one of the most dangerous times in a young student’s day; getting on or getting off their school bus... Especially when drivers refuse to stop even though lights are flashing, the stop sign is out and the arm is extended... Now for the first time in Washington comes, what the developers call, a fool-proof, turnkey system to catch, identify and ticket drivers who don’t stop for school buses... Pierce County’s Bethel School District is the first in the state to deploy the new system... There is a camera mounted on the bus to record the alleged law breaking driver and a law officer will view the video and determine is a citation is warranted... 500 cameras currently in use around the country have already captured 25,000 violations...



* Sydney 'ghost buses' taking less than one passenger per day

  (Video by Media and Transport Channel: Buses running around empty with no passengers) 
Sydney,NSW,Australia -9NEWS -November 4, 2014: -- They are Sydney's ghost buses, the services that can pick up on average less than one passenger a day... On the 341 service at Kingsford it's eerily quiet. It runs twice a day but is rarely flagged down... The 341 picked up only 233 people last year. On average that's less than one person a day... The situation was even more dire on the number 31, the Camden to Cobbitty service, with only 69 passengers flagging it down during 2013... You're guaranteed a seat if you're in the Blue Mountains - the 694 at Springwood carried only 131 passengers last year... It's in stark contrast to the busiest service in the state, route 400 which stops at Sydney Airport. It transported more than 4.6 million passengers in 2013... But these other services continue to operate, with rows and rows of empty seats... These buses are driving around Sydney without a passenger in sight and they are being funded by the taxpayer...



* Washington - With transit money approved, Seattle pledges to spend new dollars well

(Photo by Steve Ringman/The Seattle Times - A passenger heads to a Metro bus on Third Avenue in Seattle. A total of 49 routes are supposed to gain service, not just the all-day routes, but full peak-only routes that need a couple more daily runs) 
Seattle,WASH,USA -The Seattle Times, by Mike Lindblom -November 5, 2014: -- What’s next for Seattle transit, now that voters have agreed to tax themselves for a 15 percent bus-service increase by late next year... Elected leaders promised Wednesday to make good use of the $45 million per year that Seattle voters approved to put more buses on the city’s busy streets... The Seattle City Council will enjoy wide discretion to satisfy public demand for more King County Metro Transit service — far beyond just rescuing those routes that are so crowded drivers pass up waiting customers... If the council chooses, Seattle could even pay Metro enough to ensure a bus every 15 minutes on several crosstown routes... 

* Massachusetts - New hybrid MBTA buses promise fuel efficiency, live surveillance

(Photo: MBTA officials aid the new hybrid diesel-electric buses will also include a "Live Look In" surveillance system)
Boston,MASS,USA -Metro -November 5, 2014: -- Transit officials yesterday rolled out the first in a line of 60 new hybrid diesel-electric buses that MBTA officials say line up with its environmental focus and need to replace the outdated fleet, but the vehicles also come with some other extra features - like a few more sets of eyes... The forty-foot buses will feature on-board video recording and surveillance systems including “Live Look In,” which will allow Transit Police to remotely access and monitor bus activity... MBTA General Manager Beverly Scott said the fully-accessible buses will have improved customer information systems, better lighting and greater reliability... The remaining 59 buses are expected to be delivered by the end of March... Passenger Amenities include a seating capacity of 37, with two wheelchair locations, an easy to operate exterior bicycle rack capable of storing two bikes, high visibility LED destination signs, automated “next stop” voice announcements, and an automatic passenger counter system...

* California - Muni wants to speed 19th Avenue buses

(Photo by Dustin Allen) 
San Francisco,CAL,USA -SF Bay, by Jerold Chinn -November 5, 2014: -- The 28-19th Avenue bus and its limited service are two busy Muni routes in San Francisco... Both routes carry a total of about 15,000 riders daily, which include San Francisco State University students, tourists heading to the Golden Gate Bridge, residents making a connections... Thousands of riders depend on the 28-19th Avenue bus, which is why the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency is looking to make service improvements along the 19th Avenue... The bus can often been seen packed to the brim with riders or passing up riders because it just cannot fit anymore riders as it did to Muni rider Dustin Allen last month: "Still no 28, but now 4 right after another coming... A completely packed 28 came and didn't even stop at the bus stop" ... Eight bus stops will be relocated to the far side so that the buses can make use of the planned transit signal priority that will program traffic lights to hold green lights for approaching buses... The proposed changes would reduce travel time on the 28 local service by 20 percent (four minutes of travel time in each direction)...




Army Welfare Trust starts bus service

Mirpur,Bangladesh -Protom Alo -Nov 06, 2014: -- The Army Welfare Trust has started up a new bus service in the city, from Mirpur to Gulshan-Natun Bazar. The service, under Trust Transport Service, has started initially with five buses... Trust already runs a taxicab service and the bus service was introduced last week... Mohammed Akhter Ali is the Trust transport timekeeper at Mirpur 10 who keeps a record of the schedules. He tells that there are still not so many passengers on these buses as the people are not aware of the route. And as there are not many buses, they leave after every 20 minutes. Within the next month 30 buses of this service will be running... Dhaka Metropolitan Regional Transport Committee (Metro RTC) sources say that Trust Transport Services has the permission for 70 air-conditioned (AC) or non-AC buses for Mirpur, Mirpur DOHS and Mirpur Cantonment...



BUSMAKERS NEWS * USA: Thomas Built ones

* North Caroline - Why Thomas Built Buses selected High Point for a 236-job expansion

(Pictured here is a row of C2 school buses manufactured by High Point-based Thomas Built Buses. The company plans to increase production of the school bus by 25 percent) 
High Point,NC,USA -Triad Business Journal, by Katie Arcieri -Nov 4, 2014: -- When Kelley Platt became president and CEO of High Point-based Thomas Built Buses in early 2010, school districts across the country were cutting back on transportation services... But last month, Thomas Built Buses — one of the nation's leading school bus manufacturers — announced that it had selected High Point for a 236-job, $11.8 million expansion that will up production of the company's Saf-T-Liner C2 school bus by 25 percent. The reason? Growing demand from communities that want to update school bus fleets as they recover from the recession... Thomas Built is a subsidiary of Daimler Trucks North America LLC, Platt said the company decided to stay where it had existing operations and a work force. Founded in High Point in 1916, Thomas Built is High Point's largest manufacturing employer and its fifth-largest employer overall, with about 1,400 workers. About 500 of the area employees are stationed at the company's 275,000-square-foot C2 plant...



BRT * Japan: Daimler's Meeting about

* Daimler demonstrates its expertise with Bus Rapid Transit in Japan
(Photograph: The picture shows a traffic situation in Istanbul) 
Tokyo,Japan -Autocar Professional News -Nov 03, 2014: -- In everyday life traffic, the Bus Rapid Transit concept impresses municipalities and passengers as a reliable, environmental-friendly and rapid means of transportation... Daimler says its sustainable transportation concepts are meeting with a great response all over the world. On October 30, a forum organized by Mercedes-Benz and FUSO provided information about the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system to almost 100 customers as well as Japanese politicians, administrative officials, and media representatives... Daimler Buses installed a BRT system in Adelaide, Australia, as early as the 1980s. It has since then gathered extensive experience and gained a vast amount of know-how. Today more than 30 cities all over the world rely on the expertise of Daimler’s BRT specialists — cities as diverse as Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, and Strasbourg... Around 180 BRT systems are in operation worldwide. The fleets encompass a total of 40,000 buses that transport 30 million passengers every day... Municipalities are impressed by the fact that BRT systems generate lower construction and maintenance costs than other means of transportation with a comparable passenger capacity. In addition, express bus lanes can be set up more quickly than tram or subway lines. The barrier-free stops that are typical of BRT systems make it easier for people whose mobility is impaired to enter the buses. Lastly, the advance ticket sale feature reduces waiting times, thus making the system even more appealing for operators and passengers...



* Montana - East Helena Public Schools gets funds for clean diesel buses

(Photo: E. Helena, school bus) 
East Helena,MON,USA-The Independent Record, by ALEXANDER DEEDY -November 03, 2014: -- East Helena Public Schools has received grant funding from the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to help fund the replacement of two school buses with clean diesel buses, DEQ announced last week... The school district will replace buses that were manufactured in 1998 and 2001, Superintendent Ron Whitmoyer said... The East Helena district is one of five in the state that received funding to replace a total of 10 buses, DEQ stated. The organization received applications for 13 replacements. The grant money was provided to the DEQ by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to reduce diesel emissions...



* England - 7 Reasons to ride London's double-decker buses

London,EN,UK -CN Traveler, by Janssen Bradshaw -November 03, 2014: -- London's iconic red double-decker buses are actually one of the most convenient, inexpensive, and fun ways to get around the city. Here are seven reasons why you need to add a bus ride to your next London itinerary... 

* It’s a cheap way to get around.
 * You get a much better sense of the city.
 * The views are great
 * It’s the simplest way to get around with a stroller.
 * The routes are really direct.
 * Google Maps makes it simple.
 * They usually aren’t too crowded. 

Far fewer tourists ride the bus and since there are so many buses (most run every 3-10 minutes) with so many seats, they generally don’t get too crowded. No matter the time of day, you’re very likely to get a seat... 

* England - Cambridge Park and Ride declared 'utter shambles' as passengers are left waiting 45 minutes to pay

(Photo by Digsby: The queues at Newmarket Road park and ride)
Cambridge,EN,UK -The Cambridge News -November 03, 2014: -- Fuming customers have hit out at the “horrendous” queues plaguing Cambridge’s park and ride sites following a controversial move to bring in parking charges... The News has been inundated with a flurry of complaints from frustrated users furious at having to wait for as long as 45 minutes just to pay for their parking... In the meantime, buses are setting off with just handfuls of passengers... The county council has now been forced to install more machines and increase help at the sites in a bid to curb the chaos...



* New Hampshire - Portsmouth school bus driver says sick out was a protest

(Photo from 13News Now) 
Porsmouth,NH -13News Now -4 Nov 2014: -- Portsmouth Public Schools experienced delays after 38 bus drivers called out Monday morning... On an average day, only 10 to 15 drivers are absent, officials said... Some buses ran over 45 minutes behind schedule Monday morning... Parents question whether the drivers called in sick. A Portsmouth school bus driver confirms that nearly 40 drivers called in sick to protest for higher pay... Earlier this year, LaToria Smith organized a protest to get school bus drivers better pay and proper equipment for buses. She thinks many drivers called in sick Monday because they are all still frustrated with the job and the administration hasn't done a good job listening to their concerns...



* Indiana - Additional school buses failed inspection

(Photo by John P. Cleary/The Herald Bulletin - Anderson Community Schools bus. Twenty-nine of Webber Transportation Services' 30 buses flunked a spot inspection by Indiana State Police last month) 
Anderson,IND,USA -The Herald Bulletin, by Stu Hirsch -November 3, 2014: -- The decision by Indiana State Police to take Webber Transportation Services buses out-of-service last month because of safety violations wasn't the first time company equipment was sidelined... The district created contingency plans for how to respond if several school buses were suddenly pulled off the road... The district implemented such a plan Oct. 22, when state police shut down 29 of 30 Webber buses after a spot investigation revealed recordkeeping discrepancies and serious safety violations... Monday's hearing was the start of a formal process to terminate the company's contract with Anderson Community Schools... School officials expected the company to take responsibility for the apparent problems with its operation, but that didn't occur...



* New York - The Commute: Just another day riding the buses

NY,USA -Sheepshead Bites, by Allan Rosen -Nov 3rd, 2014: -- Last week, a one-and-a-quarter-mile afternoon trip took my friend one hour and 20 minutes using two buses. He waited 28 minutes for the B68 and another 30 minutes for the B82 in Coney Island. Three B68s came at once, and he just missed the B82. BusTime obviously is not being used to regulate the buses. What the MTA is doing, however, to help buses adhere to their schedule is putting pressure on bus drivers not to be late... Years ago, it was a priority for buses to service all customers. Drivers always asked passengers to move to the rear and sometimes refused to move the bus if passengers did not comply. Those days are long gone with the uptick in bus driver assaults... So today, bus operators seem to pick and choose whom they will pick up... Enough doom and gloom. This piece has been filled with a lot of complaining but I believe in being fair. Every bus trip is not a nightmare. Sometimes the system works well... But the SBS will not solve most of the problems with local bus travel today, as the MTA is trying to convince us...

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* England - Technology used to help older people navigate

(Picture: The Community Mini-bus service in New Alresford, Hampshire, UK, exists to take the elderly and the disabled shopping...) 
London,EN,UK -The Financial Times, by Jane Wild -November 3, 2014: -- “There is a steep slope to the pavement ahead, it would be easier to cross here,” said the bollard. Talking bollards that can detect your presence by sensing a signal from your phone are being developed to help older people get around... As with the bollards, much of the work done by the transport industry to serve the growing numbers of older people aims to help them get around comfortably. Bus passengers are offered a variety of cards that can be shown to a driver when boarding, keeping their request private. ‘Please speak slowly – I am hard of hearing’ one reads. Users can write in their destination so drivers can alert them to their stop... The scheme was brought in by FirstGroup in a partnership with the charity Age UK but proved so popular it was introduced across the industry... Bus and train manufacturers are also adapting. “We look at access issues in a very serious way, and it’s what has helped us triple the size of our business,” said Bill Simpson, group corporate affairs director at Alexander Dennis. The company, one of Britain’s biggest bus and coach manufacturers, designs the low floors on its buses with the elderly in mind. Two doors allow faster entry, while for those who are unsteady on their feet it has fixed extra handles to seats. Hooks on seat backs are designed for carrier bags full of shopping... Jonathan Bray, director of the Passenger Transport Executive, which represents transport authorities around the country, says this is an issue for the whole transport industry. “Often [older people] want to be seen just like everybody else and just want a decent service” ...



* England - LNG: Fuel of the future?

Paris,France -HCB (UK) -2 Nov 2014: -- There are plenty of reasons to think that LNG has a great future as a transport fuel. But just how great? And how reliable are those forecasts? Cedigaz has crunched the numbers ... “LNG as a fuel will capture a significant market share in the transport sector by 2035,” Cedigaz says. “The greatest potential is seen in road transport.” The use of LNG in land transport will be largely limited to heavy goods vehicles and bus fleets, Cedigaz says. In such applications, it sees that LNG demand will essentially be driven by the price differential between diesel and LNG and that environmental legislation is unlikely to play a major role...  In its base scenario, Cedigaz sees worldwide demand for LNG as a road fuel reaching 45 mta by 2025 and 96 mta by 2035, with China representing around half of this volume... At the end of 2013, China had at least 100,000 LNG-fuelled vehicles and 1,100 refuelling stations in place and thus has a head start over the rest of the world. However, gas price reform may slow further growth. There is potential for LNG to carve out a significant market share in the USa, Europe and the rest of Asia, Cedigaz says...



*  Maine - Farmington, Madison switch seven school buses to propane

(Photo by David Leaming - RSU 9 bus driver Nancy Richardson wears protective gear while filling one of four new buses with propane on Wednesday, Oct. 29, 2014) 
Farmington,MAI,USA -The Central Maine, by K. Schroeder -2 Nov  2014: -- A half dozen buses in central Maine are now running on liquid propane — a cheaper, quieter and comparatively greener fuel source that’s rare but catching on... Madison and Farmington based school districts received grants this school year to switch a total of seven buses to take propane. A Madison business, Bob’s Cash Fuel, received a town grant to help build a fueling station to cater to buses and anyone else who adopts the fuel... In Farmington, David Leavitt, director of support services for Regional School Unit 9, said replacing four of their buses with ones that use propane was part of the school district’s efforts to adopt “greener” fuel sources like wood pellet boilers and ground source heating and cooling... The greener fuel is about $1 cheaper a gallon than diesel, runs cleaner and is catching on in Maine and other states...



BUSMAKER INSOLVENT * Germany's Göppel bus

* Germany - Göppel bus again insolvent

Nobitz,Ehrenhain,Germany -Eurobus -3 Nov 2014: -- The traditional German bus manufacturer Göppel bus in Nobitz, Ehrenhain has fallen into bankruptcy again by the current crisis in Russia. The operation was set...  In March 2013, due to the difficult economic situation in 2012 has come into trouble company was taken over by the Russian industrial holding Kirovsky Zavod based in St. Petersburg... Göppel bus was a manufacturer of city buses and passenger trailers for public transport. Every year around 100 units were produced consisting of city buses in vehicle lengths from 10.5 to 18.75 meters and Göppel trailer factory in Ehrenhain with 127 employees at both locations... Accordingly, it made ​​the amended law impossible in Russia, to drive busses from German production in Russia. In addition, the financial situation has so negatively impacted by the collapse in ruble and the Russian extremely high interest costs that the company may be provided by the shareholders do not have liquid funds more available. The management had thus again make application for insolvency...


BUSES SALES * Europe / Germany: Mercedes' Citaro

* France - Mercedes Citaro articulated bus entered to Paris

(Photo Gilbert: Mercedes Citaro articulated ride on the lines of the RATP in Paris) Paris,France -Autocar and Bus -31 Oct 2014: -- RATP users will be transported shortly by Mercedes Citaro articulated buses...  To date, the manufacturer has delivered 228 Citaro Euro 5 and 34 meet the new emission standards in the colors of the RATP Group. The new Citaro articulated 18.10 m, tested by our colleague, has a capacity of 32 seats + driver and 119 standing. Four double doors opening to facilitate the type of underground ascents and descents. It is powered by the Mercedes engine OM 470 10.6 developing the 394 hp, coupled with ZF Ecolife automatic transmission 6-speed...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * Europe / Belgium's: Van Hool - Germany's the Sprinter Van - Holland's VDL Bus & Coach - Italy's Solaris

* Belgium - Record American order for bus manufacturer Van Hool

(Photo: Van Hool T916 Acron Interiors, 35 Seats De Luxe bus)
Brussels,Belgium -Busworld -22 Oct 2014: -- Van Hool, Belgian manufacturer of buses, coaches and industrial vehicles, recently secured the largest global order in the company´s 67-year history. ABC Companies (in which Van Hool holds a 38% interest), the exclusive distributor of Van Hool in the United States of America and Canada, placed an order for over 1,000 vehicles. The contract concerns several coach types and has a total value of more than 300 million euro... The order´s first lot of vehicles is already being put into production in the 4th quarter of 2014 in Koningshooikt and will be delivered to ABC as of the 1st quarter of 2015. Around 300 coaches with high added value are being built in Koningshooikt and 700 standard coaches will be assembled in Van Hool´s recently-opened plant in Skopje, Macedonia. The contract’s execution will run through 2017... Van Hool is a Belgian independent manufacturer of buses, touring coaches and industrial vehicles. The company has over 4,750 employees worldwide, the largest share of whom of course works in the production sites in Koningshooikt and Bree (Belgium) and in Skopje (Macedonia)...

* Holland - Major order for VDL Bus and Coach: 164 Citeas for Arriva Netherlands

(Photo: VDL Citea LLEs)
Valkenswaard, the Netherlands -Car Bus Magazine (Belgium) -15 Oct 2014: -- Passenger Company Arriva Netherlands has a contract with VDL Bus and Coach bv signed for the supply of 164 public transport buses for the Dutch concessions East and West Brabant. The order consists of 89 VDL Citea LLE's and 75 VDL... The Citea LLE is an innovative, lightweight bus concept, designed specifically for the demanding conditions of city and regional transport... The Citea SLF is characterized by its lightweight construction which saves fuel and reduces emissions of harmful substances. The Citeas SLF for Arriva have a length of 12 meters and are equipped with 29 + 2 + 1 seats and maximum space for standing passengers... Arriva Netherlands is part of the Arriva Group, where Deutsche Bahn owns. It's a leading operator of passenger transport, operates in 14 European countries. With more than 54,500 employees and more than 2.2 billion passengers per year Arriva is one of the largest carriers in Europe. In the Netherlands, Arriva with 5,000 employees active in bus and train services in eight provinces...

* Germany - Mercedes Benz Vans produces next generation of the Sprinter in

Stuttgart,Germany -Busworld (Belgium) -20 Oct 2014: ... As the only manufacturer in the segment of large vans that is producing vehicles in Germany, Mercedes-Benz Vans will assemble the next generation of the Sprinter at its plants in Düsseldorf and Ludwigsfelde. For this purpose, Mercedes-Benz Vans will invest a total of €450 million in the modernization of the two German plants... The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has been a success story in the van business for almost 20 years now. It is the worldwide market leader in the large van segment and is delivered to customers in about 130 countries all over the globe. This makes the Sprinter a key pillar of the worldwide growth strategy "Vans goes global", which aims to systematically internationalize the division's business operations and exploit additional sales potential in the growth markets outside Europe...

* Italy - Further InterUrbino buses in

(Photo: Solaris Urbino Hybrid 12-City bus) 
Biella,Milan,Italy -Car and Bus Magazine (Belgium) -21 Oct 2014: -- Solaris will deliver eighteen 12-metre InterUrbino buses to Italy. The buyer is an operator from Biella, a town north-west of Milan. This is another order from Italy for this very model of Solaris buses... The customer will receive all of them until the end of the year. The vehicles ordered are fitted with DAF MX-11 powered engines developing 271 kW, which meet the most restrictive Euro 6 emission standards. Up to 54 passengers are able to travel in the spacious InterUrbino and enjoy comfortable seats with reclining backrests and adjustable armrests. Air-conditioning in the whole passenger compartment ensures the pleasure of the journey even on hottest days. Moreover to increase the drivers’ comfort, their cabin is equipped with a separate cooling system. There is luggage space provided in compartments located under the floor, which have a capacity of 5.2 m3. Smaller bags fit perfectly in the luggage racks installed above the seats... For the benefit of passengers with mobility impairments, there an electric lift is installed in the vehicle next to the central doors.