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In brief: Worldwide montly news & informations about Buses, Busmakers, Passengers' and the Transport Industry


DRIVERS' SHORTAGE * USA: Searching school bus drivers

* Pensilvania - Exeter Township School District is in search of bus drivers

(Photo: EXETER TOWNSHIP — Three students were hurt Tuesday morning when their van skidded out of control on an ice-covered road in Luzerne County)
Exeter,Berks,PENN,USA -The Southern Berks News, By Emily Thiel -28 Oct 2014: -- The Exeter Township School District is in search of bus drivers to transport students to and from the schools, according to district transportation supervisor, Rick Wegman... Wegman presented a transportation report to the Board of School Directors during their Tuesday, Oct. 21 voting meeting... With a lack of personnel and lack of drivers, Wegman himself “has been driving a lot” ...



* England - Devolution means councils climbing back on the buses

Birmingham,West Midlands,EN,UK -The Information Daily, by SA Mathieson -October 28, 2014: ... Seven local authorities in the north east voting to change local bus regulations. The authorities in question have since April made up the North East Combined Authority. They voted to shift bus services in and around Newcastle-upon-Tyne to a quality contract scheme, effectively reversing the deregulation Margaret Thatcher’s government imposed on bus services across the country in 1986... Nexus, the local passenger transport executive which runs the area’s metro, is set to take over the setting of fares, routes and frequencies, as is the case in London. The plans would allow integrated ticketing, like London’s Oyster card system... But, bus operators including Stagecoach are furious, and plan to continue to fight the plans. It is obvious why: in the capital, bus operators are almost literally invisible, their corporate colours banished in favour of London bus red, their room to innovate removed. Transport for London sells the tickets, sets the routes and makes the rules. Unlike underground trains it doesn’t actually own or operate the buses; this is left to 22 operators (with a number having common parent companies, including Arriva and Abellio). But the companies basically do what they are told, and are paid centrally... For some companies working with government and doing business in devolved city regions will mean big challenges some new some old...


PASSENGERS INDUSTRY NEWS * Australia: Riders' obesity

* NSW - Bus loads to increase as passengers fatten

(Photo: Michelle Smith - Fatter passengers means bigger strain on our buses, like these in Brisbane) 
Sydney,NSW,Australia -The Sydney Morning Herald -October 28, 2014: -- Buses around the nation are struggling to operate within maximum load laws due to Australia's growing obesity problem... Authorities are looking at increasing the mass limit of a two-axle bus from 16 to 18 tonnes, according to the National Transport Commission's annual report... The report highlights that when the laws were designed in 1989, the average adult's weight was taken as 65kg... In fact they were slightly heavier, according to the ABS, with the average man 77.4kg and the average woman 62.6kg... Something's got to give, argue bus operators, and the NTC has recommended that the National Vehicle Regulator develop a notice to allow an 18-tonne nationwide limit... But buses are not just straining under fatter passengers... Wheelchair access lifts, fuel-efficient engines, rollover protection devices and air-conditioning units are also adding weight to each bus... The notice to increase the limit by two tonnes is expected to be progressed over the next year, the NTC said...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * Saudi Arabia: MAN's

* Saudi Arabia - SAMCO Automotive Manufacturing Company awarded for best MAN assembly process

Jeddah,S.A. -ZAWYA -26 Oct 2014: -- SAMCO Displays its Technical Expertise and Innovative Manufacturing capabilities at MAN xKD Customer Days Competition... MAN Truck and Bus, the international leader in truck manufacturing with its assemblies all over the world today announced that SAMCO (Saudi Automotive Manufacturing Company), its truck assembly partner in Saudi Arabia won the first place in a global best practice competition for securing quality and increasing efficiency of its assembly plant... The SAMCO Jeddah Assembly plant, which opened at the start of 2009, has been an important pillar of MAN's Middle East growth strategy in one of the fastest growing regions for MAN across the globe. The plant has a production capacity of 3.000 units per year...



BUSMAKERS NEWS * China: Zenix Auto & Yutong Bus

* China - Zenix Auto is developing aluminum wheel for Yutong's new energy bus

(Photo: Chinese Aluminum body city bus)
Zhangzhou,China -PRNewswire (USA) -Oct 22, 2014: -- China Zenix Auto International Limited, the largest commercial vehicle wheel manufacturer in China in both the aftermarket and OEM market by sales volume, announced today that it is developing a new model of aluminum wheel designed for the Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.'s ("Yutong") new energy bus... Zenix Auto constructed one of the first aluminum wheel production plants in China for commercial vehicles and began offering aluminum wheels at the end of 2013. As an industry leader in research and development, Zenix owns a total of 85 patents in China. Zenix Auto's aluminum wheels are expected to replace imported aluminum wheels and be an alternative to current steel wheel models. Current production capacity for aluminum wheels is 500,000 units... Yutong Bus Co., Ltd is the largest and the most technologically advanced manufacturer of large- and medium-sized buses in the world...



BUS MARKET * China: Industry Report

* New York - China Bus Industry Report, 2014-2017

(Photo: Street and buses congestion in China) 
Albany, NY -MarketResearchReports/ReleaseWire -15 Oct 2014:  -- Biz include new market research report "China Bus Industry Report, 2014-2017" to its huge collection of research reports... According to China Bus Industry Report, 2014-2017 released by, it is predicted that by 2017 the total sales volume of buses in China will exceed 690,000 units, and that in the upcoming several years, the sales volume of buses in China will present an AAGR of 9% or so... In 2013, large, medium-sized and light buses sold in China totaled 477,000 units, up 12.1% from 2012. In terms of sales volume, Brilliance Jinbei Automobile sold 104,000 buses in 2013, holding 21.8% of the national total and ranking the first, followed by Kinglong Motor Group, JMC, Yutong Bus and Nanjing Automobile. In Q1 2014, the sales volume of buses in China amounted to 112,978 units, rising 13.6%compared with the same period of 2013... In point of products, the large busessold in China totaled 79,067 units in 2013, a year-on-year increase of 5.2%. However, the steady demand from long-distance passenger transportation market and rapid growth in demand from new energy bus market contributed largely to the continued growth of large bus market in 2013. In Q1 2014, the demand from long-distance passenger transportation marketshrank, with the sales volume of large buses dropping 5.0% year-on-year...

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ELECTRIC BUSES * UK & Spain: Solaris' ones

* England - Electric bus operational trials start ahead of London and Glasgow demonstrations

(Photo: The project will demonstrate electric buses in operation on the streets of European cities) 
London,EN,UK -Transportctra, by Lee Baker -16 Oct 2014: -- A European Union-wide project to demonstrate electric buses in operation has launched, with plans to bring trials to the streets of London and Glasgow... The Zero Emission Urban bus System demonstration (ZeEUS) will test 35 plug-in hybrid, full electric and battery trolley buses built by six European manufacturers in seven cities, starting with Barcelona...  The local operator Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona will test four full electric buses, including one of Europe's first 100% full electric buses, the i2e, which has a range of 200-250km. The bus uses sodium-nickel batteries and ultra-capacitors which will be charged overnight... The 18m bus, meanwhile, produced by Polish company Solaris, will be charged along the route itself. The charging system supplies an electric charge of 400 kW CC to the bus through a rectractable pantograph on the roof...


ELECTRIC BUSES * India: BMTC proposals

* Bangalore - BMTC banks on Tata Motors to add hybrid buses to its fleet

(Photo: BMTC operated this electric bus, made by a Chinese company, ByD, on trial basis, but found its cost prohibitive) 
Bangalore,India -The Bangalore Mirror, by Suchith Kidiyoor -Oct 17, 2014: -- You could seriously plan to leave your private vehicles in your garages and take to commuting around the city in an air-conditioned public transport vehicle - a hybrid one, and at no higher fare than the already running premium air-conditioned buses of Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation... BMTC is planning to pick up hybrid vehicles and is looking at Tata Motors... BMTC plans to procure 30 hybrid buses for its fleet, and selected Tata Motors' proposals as they offered two different designs for BMTC - one in which the buses would run using a combination of diesel and electric propulsion, and the other using either diesel or electric motors to power the buses... The buses running on diesel-cum-electric motors are priced at Rs 2.3 crore each, while the ones powered by either diesel or electric motors cost Rs 1.5 crore each. The latter provides the driver an option to use one or the other, which means if the bus is running out on diesel while on the go, he can switch to the electric motor for power...

* What is a Hybrid bus?

Bangalore,India -Bangalore Mirror - Oct 17, 2014: -- A hybrid bus combines conventional internal combustion engine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. The internal combustion engines are the ones that use petrol or diesel to power the vehicle. The electric propulsion system powers electric cars like Reva, and are becoming increasingly popular due to its non-polluting nature. 
* Diesel-electric hybrid: The propulsion uses diesel and electric motors together to power the vehicle. This ensures lesser consumption of diesel. 
 * Diesel/electric hybrid: This propulsion uses either diesel or electric at any given time of driving. It helps keeping the other as back-up. Many such buses have been introduced by manufacturers in the US, UK, New Zealand and Japan, some claiming a cut in carbon dioxide emissions up to 31% and fuel savings of 40%.

* Chennai - Ashok Leyland to start manufacturing electric, hybrid buses in India

(Photo: Ashkok Leyland's Optare electric bus) 
Chennai,India -BS - October 15, 2014: -- Commercial vehicle manufacturer Ashok Leyland is planning to start manufacturing and marketing its electric and hybrid buses in India from next year. Vinod Dasari, managing director of Ashok Leyland, said that Optare, the company's arm in UK, has been leading the electric and hybrid vehicle manufacturers there and its intention is to bring the Optare products to India... The electric and hybrid bus cost a lot of money and they do not make economic sense by themselves unless the State comes forward to support, he said thanking UK government for its support. The company sells around 100 units in UK a year. The company will be launching the Solo bus from Optare, through Ashok Leyland, in India in the Bus Expo in New Delhi in January 22, next year... The company would have to make investments in electric battery handling capabilities, not manufacturing capabilities. The bus itself will not require substantial investments other than the tooling to make it...

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BUSMAKERS NEWS * Sweden: Volvo's * Germany: MAN's * UK: Optare's & * Finnland

* VOLVO Buses launches the all new plug-in electric hybrid bus

Gothenburg,Sweden -Busworld -24 Sept 2014: -- The plug-in hybrid drive reduces diesel fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by up to 75%, compared to a conventional diesel bus. Total energy consumption is reduced by 60%...  The Volvo Electric Hybrid Driveline is an extension of the well-proven driveline used in the Volvo 7900 Hybrid. The difference lies in a more powerful electric motor, increased energy storage and equipment for overhead conductive opportunity charging. The bus is equipped with a 150 kW electric motor that delivers maximum torque of 1200 N•m (85 lb-ft) and is powered by a 19 kWh Li-ion battery pack as well as a 240 hp/918 N°m Volvo D5K 240, 4-cylinder, in-line Euro 6 diesel engine with common rail injection... Three Volvo Electric Hybrids have run in a field test in Gothenburg over the past year, a test that has verified the reduction in energy consumption and emissions. As of this autumn and for two years ahead, eight Volvo Electric Hybrids will be put into regular operation in central Stockholm... 

* Germany - MAN CNG Buses for Paris/France and Sofia/Bugary

Munich,Germany -Busworld -26 Sept 2014: -- MAN has secured major orders for natural gas powered buses from France and Bulgaria. Paris-based RATP has purchased 103 MAN Lion’s City buses, half of which are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Bulgaria’s city of Sofia has acquired 126 Lion’s City buses, all CNG-powered. The buses for Sofia use 310 HP, 6-cylinder natural gas, Euro 6 engines... The MAN buses operate with exceptionally low fuel consumption and low emissions, the company claims. The natural gas drive is an alternative to the conventional diesel drive and significantly undershoots the current stringent emission standard without the need for any additional filter technology or operating media. The buses are also fitted with a four-step six-speed automatic gearbox with built-in retarder...

* UK - Optare to launch single-decker version of the MetroDecker bus

Sherburn,Elmet,North Yorkshire,UK -Busworld -29 Sept 2014: -- Optare is to develop a single-deck variant of its MetroDecker. The as yet unnamed model will be an addition to its UK range and will be available alongside the tempo full-length single-decker... The single-decker will be a derivative of the existing model and give a full low floor area. As with the development of a full-electric MetroDecker, still on target for early next year, an electric single-decker is a possibility. For the Australian market the new bus will be available at 12m, and 12.6m. The new single-decker is expected to be unveiled during 2016 and will share the MetroDecker’s driveline of a 5.1-litre Mercedes-Benz OM934 engine coupled to a six-speed ZF EcoLife gearbox... 

* Finland - Linkker starts EV bus production based on Visedo drive

Busworld -27 Sept 2014: -- Finnish electric bus manufacturer Linkker Oy announced that the manufacturing on their Visedo electric drive train based bus will begin... The first test buses are expected to be on the road already by the end of this year... Even as a company Linkker is quite new the bus concept has been already proven in real operation. The basic design is based on the eBus project governed by VTT (Technical research Center of Finland) and has been already in use since 2012 in the concept bus built by Metropolia University. The eBus also took part on test organized by major bus operator where it was found to be extremely efficient by consuming below 0,7 kWh/km energy - where other buses could achieve at minimum 15% higher consumption figures. One of the reasons besides the efficient drive train for the low consumption figures is the light aluminium frame developed by another Finnish bus manufacturer Kabus OyThe 12m bus itself is even 3 tons lighter than a standard bus...

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TECHNO BUSES * EUROPE: Driveless buses

* Italy - Sardinia Island, trial two electric buses

-Busworld -16 Aug 2014: -- Europe’s first driverless bus trial has started on the Italian island of Sardinia. Co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme, the demonstrations are led by the City Mobil 2 project (CM2), which is testing automated vehicles (AVs) in real-life urban environments... The two driverless electric buses, which can take up to 12 passengers each, have been provided by Robosoft and are being piloted on a busy pedestrianized seafront promenade in Oristano. The buses are guided by a differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and have three levels of safety: two laser scanners on the front that detect obstacles within 30m (98ft); ultrasound detectors on the front and the sides that recognise obstacles, even if they are not in the vehicle’s direct trajectory; and a mechanical device that forces a stop in an emergency. Italian law requires that a human ‘supervisor’ is present on board and is capable of taking command of the vehicle if required. Despite the automation, a driver/supervisor provided by the region’s public transport operator travels on the vehicle and has a console with which they can override the autonomous systems and take control of the vehicle. The operator also provides assistance and information to the passengers, as well as collecting travel data, which will be used for further statistical analysis... 

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BUSMAKERS NEWS * UK: Bus sales to Belgium

* UK - CNH Industrial brand continues record intercity bus delivery to De Lijn

(Photo: Iveco Crossway Euro6) 
Basildon,United Kingdom -PRNewswire -Oct. 6, 2014: -- Iveco Bus, CNH Industrial, is expanding its presence in Belgium at a rapid pace, its latest development being in the field of collective passenger transport. To date, close to 50 Iveco Bus vehicles have been delivered to the Belgian Flemish transport operator De Lijn since the brand won a record tender in 2013. De Lijn currently has a running fleet of more than 2,300 buses, transporting an estimated 500 million passengers each year across more than 225 million kilometres... The terms of the tender define the total supply of 160 Crossway LE (Low Entry) intercity buses for circulation throughout the interurban network of Flanders. Completed buses have been shipped to De Lijn depots in the Antwerp area. The remaining vehicles are expected to arrive by the end of 2014. All 160 units are manufactured at the Iveco Bus production facility in Vysoke Myto, Czech Republic...




* City of Buenos Aires - International exhibition of equipment and technology in trucking and passenger buses

City of Buenos Aires, ARG - Press Information EXPOTRADE -6 Oct 2014: -- Transport Expo is a space to strengthen and generate business, focussed on the sector's new developments and the latest informations for the professionals of the Freight, and Trucking Industry. .. It will take place from 14 to 20 hs. on site "La Rural Fairgrounds", Buenos Aires, Argentina; from 15 October to 18 October 2014... Entry is free, and organizers "EXPOTRADE" they advertised as "for professionals only" ... To contact EXPOTRADE: Phone: 54 (11) 4779-5300 - email: - Web:  - Twitter: http //




* Georgia - Custom-made corrections buses roll off Blue Bird line in Fort Valley

  (Video by The Telegraph Mid GA -2 Oct 2014: State and local officials take a tour of the facility in recognition of the completed order of five buses for the Georgia Department of Corrections)

Fort Valley,GA,USA -The Telegraph, by LINDA S. MORRIS -2 Oct 2014: -- A number of state and Middle Georgia officials gathered Thursday at the Blue Bird plant to help celebrate the company’s recent completion of five custom-made buses for the Georgia Department of Corrections... This is the second order of corrections transport buses the state has placed with Blue Bird, said company CEO and President Phil Horlock...



BUSMAKERS NEWS * Germany / India: Daimler's

* Daimler India looks to replicate trucks business success in buses

(Photo: Daimler's bus plant in Oragadam, near Chennaiis expected to roll out buses in 9 tonne, 16 tonne and above 16 tonne categories in both front and rear engine configurations) 
Hannover,Germany -PTI -28 Sep, 2014: -- Global commercial vehicle major Daimler is looking to replicate the success of its trucks business in India in the bus segment as well with its new bus plant in the country slated to be operational by second half of next year... Daimler's bus plant located in Oragadam, near Chennai is coming up at an investment of Rs 424 crore. It is expected to roll out buses in 9 tonne, 16 tonne and above 16 tonne categories in both front and rear engine configurations... Daimler will also export buses manufactured in India to other countries... The German commercial vehicle maker said it has sold over 15,000 trucks in India since September 2012. Daimler India exports India-made FUSO trucks in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Zimbabwe, Brunei, Zambia, Kenya and Tanzania...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * Germany: Mercedes Benz's

* "Green Bus Award 2014" for the best-selling Citaro urban bus

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz Citaro bus, presented, from left to right, Sascha Böhnke, Omnibusrevue; Hartmut Schick, Head of Daimler Buses; Till Oberwörder; Head of Marketing, Sales and Aftersales Daimler Buses)
Stuttgart/Hannover,Germany -Daimler (PR) -September 25, 2014: -- The Mercedes-Benz Citaro Euro VI received the "Green Bus Award 2014" at the IAA - the world's leading exhibition for commercial vehicles. The prize has been awarded annually since 2011 to a touring coach and an urban bus in alternation by the specialist publications "Omnibusrevue" and "Busfahrer". This year the trophy has been awarded for the third time in four years to a vehicle from Stuttgart-based Daimler AG. The award goes to the urban bus displaying the lowest fuel consumption on the demanding, a continuous succession of bus stops and traffic lights impose the highest demands on the driver and the deployed technology. The Citaro Euro VI is more than a match for these conditions, however, as maximum possible overall economy was a specified requirement in the vehicle's development process.



* California - Long Beach Transit restarts RFP Process for electric bus procurement

(Photo: Long Beach Transit Gillig BRT Plus bus)
Long Beach,CAL,USA -Long Beach Post, by BRIAN ADDISON -September 23 2014: -- After a tumultuous attempt at procuring a mini-fleet of electric, zero-emission buses, zero-emission buses (ZEBs), which ultimately resulted in failure, Long Beach Transit (LBT) has restarted the Request for Proposal (RFP) process to build 10 ZEBs... The LBT board unanimously agreed yesterday that Kenneth McDonald, LBT’s President and CEO, will solicit the proposals beginning today. The bid will be paid for partially through the Department of Transportation's Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction (TIGGER) grant, which was awarded to LBT nearly three years ago... According to McDonald, the FTA has not altered the grant that it awarded to LBT; questions were previously raised as to whether LBT would still receive the funds due to deadlines related to the grant... RFP responses will be due back at the beginning of the year...


BUSES SALES * UK/Germany: Iveco Buses' - France/Bulgaria: MAN's

* Essex - CNH Industrial brand Iveco Bus to supply Deutsche Bahn with up to 710 buses

Video by Kanal von bgmwindgasse -12/5/2014: -- The Crossway series from Iveco Bus. The first vehicle of its kind makes its debut at the IAA Motor Show in Hanover, Germany. 
Basildon,Essex,UK -PRNewswire/MarketWatch -Sept. 24, 2014: -- CNH Industrial's leading European bus brand, Iveco Bus, has signed a framework agreement with Germany's largest bus transport company, DB Fuhrpark Service GmbH, for the supply of suburban buses. Under this agreement, DB Regio has commissioned 400 Crossway and Crossway LE (Low Entry) buses, which will be delivered in 2015 and 2016. In addition to this, there is the option for a further supply of 310 vehicles to be delivered in 2017 and 2018... The vehicles will be designed according to EBSF (European Bus System of the Future) standards and are fully compliant with guidelines outlined by the VDV (Association of German Transport Companies)... These vehicles demonstrate the brand's innovative strengths in terms of sustainable mobility, technological excellence, reducing total cost of ownership, and high added value for the customer in terms of quality, comfort, design and profitability... Determining factors in favour of this most recent order included the advantageous total cost of ownership (TCO) and reliability of the Crossway vehicles which are already a part of the current DB fleet... The entire Crossway range benefits from fuel efficient engines with HI-SCR. This after treatment system functions without the use of EGR (exhaust gas recirculation), carries a significant advantage in weight reduction and compactness for easy maintenance... As a result, customers, drivers and passengers will benefit from the new model's improved visibility, lower internal noise levels, storage space and a more comfortable environment...

* France - MAN CNG Buses for Paris and Sofia

Paris,France -NGV Global -September 26, 2014: -- MAN Lions City has secured major orders for natural gas powered buses from France and Bulgaria. Paris-based Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens (RATP) has purchased 103 MAN Lion’s City buses, half of which are powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), and Bulgaria’s city of Sofia has acquired 126 Lion’s City buses, all CNG-powered. The buses for Sofia use 310 HP, 6-cylinder natural gas, Euro 6 engines... The volume of the order is around EUR 30 million (USD 38 million). The units are expected to be delivered in 2015. The units have particularly high seating and standing capacities of around 100 persons... MAN has received an order from the City of Sofia for 126 Lion’s City G CNG type articulated buses intended for public transport. The 18-metre long Lion’s City G CNG seats up to 150 passengers comfortably. The first 20 buses have already been handed over... Using concentrated biogas (biomethane) or e-gas, MAN CNG buses can be operated as CO2-neutral, offering emission levels comparable to that of fully electric vehicles... Due to the very smooth fuel combustion, CNG buses are especially quiet when under way...




* DC - Federal subsidies have inspired some silly transit projects

(Photo: A streetcar named desire) 
Washington,DC,USA -The Economist -Aug 9th 2014: -- Late and over budget, streetcars are finally rumbling to life in Washington, DC. The long-awaited service, which has cost at least $135m to build, spans 2.4 miles along H Street in the city’s north-east. But it is not taking passengers yet. Operators are still learning how to drive the electric trains, which may come into service by the end of the year. In the meantime, locals can hop on the bus: plenty of them already ply this route, and often at a faster clip... Commuters have long preferred cars and buses...



* Dublin Bus facing 'significant challenges'

(Ultan Courtney told the transport committee that capital investment was a priority) 
Dublin,Ireland -RTE News -23 September 2014: -- Dublin Bus has implemented costs savings totalling more than €60m a year, but significant challenges still remain for the company, according to Chairman-Designate Ultan Courtney... He said while the company was now heading for a more stable financial position, the careful and prudent management of the limited financial resources available remain a top priority for management... Mr Courtney said the company will be focusing on the ageing of the bus fleet, the nature and size of the Government subvention, giving customers value for money, and securing value for money from suppliers... Mr Courtney said Dublin Bus had had a very difficult few years, and that management had worked hard to make the most of the revenues available to it...



* Northern Ireland: Bus safety fears as one in four found 'unroadworthy' 

Belfast,NI,UK -The Belfast Telegraph, by JOANNE SWEENEY –24 Sept 2014: -- One in four buses in Northern Ireland are unroadworthy or in breach of licensing regulations, teachers have been told, just a day after 45 pupils narrowly escaped death in a terrifying road crash... Teachers have been urged to stop children going on school trips if buses do not provide a seat and belt for every child, a special event at Stormont heard yesterday... The timely message that there is a significant number of defective buses being used to transport schoolchildren came just hours after a bus carrying 45 secondary schoolchildren was in collision with a car on the main Drumquin to Omagh road in Co Tyrone...

* Nottingham has third-highest levels of bus usage in the country

(Photo: Nottingham City Transport said new buses is among the reasons for increased passenger numbers) Nottingham,East Midlands,UK -The Nottingham Post, by Alexander Britton -September 25, 2014: -- Nottingham has the third highest levels of bus usage in the country, new figures have revealed. And the city’s 157 bus journeys per person each year puts it at nearly three times the national average of 51 bus journeys a year, according to the Department for Transport. London topped the table of passenger journeys per head of population with Brighton coming second. The figures also showed the number of bus journeys in the city increased by 100,000 to 48.8 million in 2013/14. The figures for Nottinghamshire showed a drop from 33.6 million to 33 million...

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* Western Australia - Late buses upset passengers

(Picture by Ben Crabtree/The West Australian: Punctuality, passengers upset at late buses) Perth,WA,Australia -The West Australian, by KENT ACOTT -September 24, 2014: -- Improving the punctuality of Perth's buses will be a key focus for public transport authorities over the next year... The Public Transport Authority's annual survey showed passengers were generally happy with bus, train and ferry services in Perth... But it also identified that passenger satisfaction with the punctuality of buses was at an all-time low - down from 82 per cent to 76 per cent. There was concern - particularly in Midland, Canning and Fremantle-Cockburn - that too many buses were running late or not running to their timed schedules... PTA spokesman David Hynes said buses, like all road vehicles, could be delayed by congestion... He said the survey would prompt a new focus to improve bus punctuality...




* Brazil - Idea for future mobility: the good old bus

 (Video from YouTube by Effie Absher/CNN -23 Sept 2014: CNN's Shasta Darlington looks at public transportation in the Brazilian city of Curitiba) 
Curitiba,PAR,Brasil -CNN, por Meera Senthilingam -22 de septiembre 2014: -- Over 2 million people use the Rede Integrada de Transporte in Curitiba each day... Autonomous vehicles, levitating trains and supersonic tubes have all been suggested as radical ways to transport us faster as the new urban age approaches, but it seems the real secret to a faster commute has been with us all along -- the bus... Bus rapid transit (BRT) systems are paving the way for sustainable, efficient, and affordable travel and now operate in 181 cities worldwide... His design of a 'subway on wheels' transported 50,000 people daily back in the 80s and today sees over 2 million passengers step on board each day. Six circular routes radiate around the city in both directions and in dedicated lanes, enabling frequent services. Colour-coding of buses also makes it easier to know if you're on the right track... This bus-based infrastructure is significantly cheaper to build than going underground like the metro systems seen in other cities such as London and New York... Thirty-three cities in Brazil now host a BRT, as well as a further 26 across the rest of Latin America. The continent is setting the example for the field but has its own social challenges to overcome with its users... The lure is still faster travel but also convenience, with bus stops every 400 meters... The result is a high-capacity bus capable of carrying 250 passengers at once -- as many as a Boeing 787. The priority now it to get people on board... The tried and tested technology of Curitiba has proven successful and the city has long been known as a laboratory for sustainability. So as the future approaches with daydreams of jetpacks and hovercrafts, the reality for us all may be not to miss the bus...



* England - Buses as popular today as in 1980s

(Photo: STILL - The growth in passenger numbers could be down to economic factors, low fare rises or milder weather last winter)
London,EN,UK -The Telegraph, by Nick Collins -23 Sep 2014: -- Buses are more fashionable today than at any time since the mid-1980s after a surge in people returning to work boosted journey numbers by almost 100 million a year. Passengers in England made 4.7 billion trips by bus in the 12 months to March, the highest total in three decades, according to Government figures released on Tuesday... In a change from previous years the growth in bus travel was driven not by older people but by fare paying passengers, suggesting a boom in popularity among working people. Passenger numbers outside the capital increased by 1.5 per cent, the first rise since national free bus travel for older people was introduced in 2008/09, while journeys in London increased by three per cent... The number of journeys taken in the capital each year has now doubled since the mid-1980s, but this boom has so far been tempered by declining usage across the rest of the country due to rising car ownership...



* Maharashtra - Civic bodies yet to finalize tenders for 546 buses sanctioned last year

(Photo: A bus in Mumbai) 
Pune,Maharashtra,India -TNN, by Manish Umbrajkar -Sep 23, 2014: -- It has been over a year since the ministry of urban development sanctioned 546 buses for Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad, but the Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) is yet to finalize the tenders... At a high-level meeting earlier this month, the ministry had said if any city is finding it difficult to procure the vehicles, then the proposed buses would be transferred to other cities in the waiting. A total of 10,000 buses were sanctioned last year by the UPA government in the second phase of funding under JNNURM... A total of 1,991 buses were sanctioned for 12 cities in the state in the second phase. While Pune has been allotted 200 buses, 346 buses have been sanctioned for Pimpri Chinchwad. All these buses will be run by the PMPML, which has been told by the two corporations to complete the tender process. Five various types of buses are being procured by the two municipal corporations... The rise in the cost of the low-floor (900mm) standard size non-AC CNG buses has resulted in the delay for finalizing the tenders, said the state government...

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* Georgia - Blue Bird school bus maker to be sold

(Photo: A blue birg factory buses)
Fort Valley,GA,USA -The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, by Christopher Seward
-22 Sept 2014: -- Blue Bird Corp., the Fort Valley-based school bus maker, will be acquired by the Houston investment firm Hennessy Capital Acquisition Corp. in a deal valued at nearly $500 million... Hennessy said it is acquiring Blue Bird from Traxis Group for $255 million in cash and shares of Hennessy stock, and the assumption of $235 million in Blue Bird debt... The deal also will make Blue Bird, which employs more than 1,500 workers, a publicly traded company...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * UK: Alexander Dennis'

* Scotland - Bus-maker Alexander Dennis takes Australian hit from Custom Coaches

(Photo: Mercedes-Benz O500LE CNG/Custom Coaches CB60 Evo II) 
Falkirk,Scotland,UK -The Couries, by JAMES WILLIAMSON -25 September 2014: -- Falkirk bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis fell into the red last year after booking losses and impairments on the value of its administration-hit Australian business... Sydney-based Custom Coaches, which Alexander Dennis bought in a £25 million deal two years ago, was forced to call in the accountants amid difficult trading conditions down under... But Dennis hailed a “strong underlying performance”, which limited overall losses in the period to £1.2 million despite the £32.1m hit from Custom... The group posted a 12.5% increase in revenues. Sales at Dennis slipped just 2%, outperforming a sector in which new registrations fell 9%... But overall sales in the firm’s international business rose 39%, with Asia Pacific the main driver... In March the firm received £100m orders from both Stagecoach and National Express...


BUSES SALES * Canada: Blue Bird's ones / USA: Federal Grant for

* Alberta - Southland Transportation adds 101 Blue Bird Propane Vision buses to districts in 

(Photo: Vision-propane-cover2) 
Calgary,Alberta, Canada -Green Car Congress -23 September 2014: -- Southland Transportation recently added 101 Blue Bird Propane Vision buses to its propane autogas school bus fleet. Districts in Canada are specifying the technology due to the superior cold weather operation, reduced maintenance and clean emissions, the company said. Southland Transportation is a subsidiary of the largest family-owned pupil transportation provider in Canada with operations in school, motor coach and public transportation... The buses, which are fully customizable, feature 60% less carbon monoxide, 12% less carbon dioxide, 20% less nitrogen oxide and up to 25% less greenhouse gases than gasoline. Propane autogas also costs about 35 to 40% less than gasoline and 50% less than diesel, and installing a propane autogas refueling station costs less than any other transportation fuel... 

* Michigan - Stabenow, Levin: US giving Detroit $25.9 million to buy 50 buses, improve mobility for needy

  (Video from Youtube: DDOT gets $25.9 million for new buses, more drivers) 
Detroit,MICH,USA -Click on Detroit -Sep 23 2014: -- U.S. Sens. Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin say Detroit's transportation system is getting a $25.9 million federal grant to help buy 50 new buses. The Democratic lawmakers said that the grant comes from the U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Transit Administration. Levin and Stabenow say the aid is part of the Ladders of Opportunity Initiative Grant program and seeks to help disadvantaged and low-income people, veterans, seniors and young people gain mobility and job opportunities...




* Québec - TM4, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, makes a significant breakthrough in China

(Photo: Electric Buses, TM4) 
Montreal,QBC,CAN -Newswire -Sept. 17, 2014: -- TM4, a subsidiary of Hydro-Québec, is pleased to announce that the joint venture it set up with its partner Prestolite Electric Beijing (PEBL) has made a significant breakthrough in China. Over the past few weeks, the company has received orders from major Chinese bus manufacturers for more than 350 SUMO electric motor systems... After two years of cooperation and exceptional performance and reliability test results, the joint venture created by TM4 and PEBL, Prestolite Electric Propulsion Systems (PEPS), received a firm order for 250 SUMO HD electric motor systems to power 12- and 18-metre buses for Foton, the largest manufacturer of buses in Beijing, China's capital...