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In brief: Worldwide montly news & informations about Buses, Busmakers, Passengers' and the Transport Industry


BUS FIRES * Australia: ... Because new regulations

* Queensland - The school bus that burst into flames, it could happen again because of new regulations to cut emissions

(Photo: The bus exploded into flames on a Queensland highway moments after 61 students and three teachers escaped) 
Brisbane,QLD,Australia -AUSTRALIAN ASSOCIATED PRESS/Daily Mail, by SALLY LEE -24 July 2014: -- Paul West, of West National Coaches, says there had been a rise in the number of bus fires in not only Australia but also around the world. He believes such incidents could be the ramifications of a new environmental rule which forced engine manufacturers to reduce emissions... "Because of the change, there is an enormous amount of pressure put on diesel", Mr West told The Queensland Times. "Aviation fuel normally can't burn, but under pressures it burns beyond belief" ... Michael Apps, executive director of Bus Industry Confederation, agreed with Mr West's comments. He says there's no doubt that newer low emission vehicles operate on higher temperatures. Consequently this increases the risk of the vehicle to catch fire after there has been leaking fluid such as coolant, he said...



* India - CTU buses to be modernised

(Photo: A Chandigarh bus
Chandigarh,Haryana,India -The Hindustan Times, by Vinod Kumar -July 24, 2014: -- Commuters of Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) buses will soon have the facility to know the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of buses to their destination at the bus queue shelters... Chandigarh, along with three other cities of Bhopal, Jaipur and Mira-Bhayandar, has been selected for a pilot project by the World Bank where the city bus services will be modernised. For the execution of the project, the World Bank has sanctioned around Rs. 15 crore... Transport director TPS Phoolka told HT that electronic displays with intelligent transport system (ITS) would be installed at a total of around 250 bus queue shelters spread across the city, which would run the ETAs of all buses touching the bus shelters...



* New Jersey - LBI shuttle buses are free ride growing in appeal. 2013 Pilot Program expanded this summer

(Photo by Ryan Morrill) 
Long Beach Island,Ocean County,NJ,USA -The Sand Paper, by Juliet Kaszas-Hoch -Jul 23, 2014: -- As the summer moves on, word of Long Beach Island’s free shuttle bus service continues to spread. “The numbers are strong, and getting stronger,” Long Beach Township Commissioner, Joseph Lattanzi saidof those filling seats on the colorful buses, which travel the entire length of the Island from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. each day... Last summer, the township ran a pilot shuttle program using three donated school buses. Six new shuttles comprise the current transportation program, for which potential passengers need only wait along the road and signal one of the buses to stop. Depending on the day and time, the wait could be anywhere from five to 20 minutes... Lattanzi said, feedback has been positive. He believes the service will continue to enhance the summer experience on LBI, begetting fewer cars on the roads and helping make local businesses more accessible...



* Pennsylvania - Haverford school buses going green

Haverford,Delaware County,PENN,USA -Delaware County News, by Lois Pugilonesi -23 July 2014: ... The school district’s fleet of 70 buses traveled over 716,000 miles and transported a total 4,664 students this past year, according to the annual state of the fleet report Director of Transportation George Ramplin, presented at a recent school board meeting... Buses burned nearly 700,000 gallons of biodiesel fuel, which reduced particulate matter emissions by about 521 pounds, with reductions in carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide and sulfur oxide as well... The majority of school buses in the nation run on diesel, with biodiesel the most widely used alternative fuel. However Ramplin, asked the school board to consider “opening the conversation” to alternatives like electric, Compressed Natural Gas (CN G) and propane powered buses... Due to cost factors and infrastructure needs, Ramplin advised officials to consider incorporating propane buses into the fleet... Ramplin said the district has funds to purchase two propane buses in 2015-16, thanks to a grant shared with Radnor School district, which plans to buy three propane buses...

* Georgia - Cobb School Buses reduce pollution

(Patch File Photo: Cobb County's fleet of school buses is becoming more environmentally friendly through modernizing and retrofitting vehicles) 
Cobb,GA,USA -AC Worth Patch, by Justin Ove -July 23, 2014: --The Cobb County School District's Transportation Department has earned an award for reducing the amount of pollution its school buses generate... The district won the Georgia Diesel Emissions Reduction (GaDER) Gold Award, presented by the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD), during the Georgia Association for Pupil Transportation’s (GAPT) trade show and conference on Jekyll Island in June... Diesel vehicle using organizations that reduce their emissions by 26 to 74 percent are eligible for the Gold Award, said the school district in a press release... For school systems, reducing their diesel emissions is done by replacing old school buses, equipping school buses with modern diesel particulate filters, or adding vehicles to the fleet which run on alternate fuels...



* Michigan - Silver Line buses, Grand Rapids' newest, high-tech transportation fleet

(Photo by Emily Rose Bennett | Grand Rapids' bus service, The Rapid, will be offering a Silver Line route beginning in August) 
Grand Rapids,MICH,USA, by Andrew Krietz -July 23, 2014: -- Come August, city streets will sport buses noticeably different than those on The Rapid's core routes... Green and silver buses, splashed with varying hues of both colors, will go into operation Aug. 25 when The Rapid establishes its new Silver Line route. The fleet clearly is distinct from the bus system's standard vehicles as it serves a separate — yet complementary — purpose: moving people across the metropolitan area, officials say... The Silver Line fleet is an operation of 10 hybrid electric buses designed for the route it serves in addition to 34 stations, said Peter Varga, CEO of The Rapid. Branding initiatives — including colors, logos and station design — launched from the beginning to qualify as a bus rapid transit (BRT) system needing grant funding from federal sources... What transpired was these special buses designed to cut 40 percent off the typical commute time along a 9.6-mile route from downtown Grand Rapids south to Wyoming and Kentwood, Varga said...

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DANGEROUS BUSES * Lebanon: From terrorism to tourism:

* ISIL starts bus tour of 'caliphate'

(Photo; AP image)
Beirut,Lebanon -First Post -23 July 2014: -- Known for kidnapping, public stonings, lashings and executions, the Islamic State (IS) is now expanding into tourism, taking jihadists on honeymoon and civilians to visit other parts of its "caliphate"... Running twice-weekly tours from Syria's Raqa to Iraq's Anbar, IS' buses fly the group's black flag and play jihadist songs throughout the journey... One of the first clients was Chechen jihadist Abu Abdel Rahman al-Shishani, aged 26, who took his new Syrian wife on honeymoon, according to activist Hadi Salameh... But the two weren't able to sit together, because "women sit in the back, and men at the front... Abu Ibrahim al-Raqawi, another activist living in Raqa city, said the bus company is "popular" among those with relatives in Iraq... "Many people living in this area (northern Syria through western Iraq) have tribal ties stretching across the border. So they use these buses to visit their families"...  Speaking to AFP via the Internet, Abu Ibrahim also said others take the bus "to do business, while some just want to take a break from the shelling in Syria"...




* Alberta - Big bus purchases on the horizon

(Photo: A NYC Transit paratransit bus)
Lethbridge,Alberta,CAN -The Lethbridge Herald, by Nick Kuhl -July 22, 2014: -- Lethbridge Transit could be getting 25 replacement city buses and 36 new Access-A-Ride buses in the next 10 years, if funding by the province’s GreenTRIP grant program is approved... In order for an application to be considered at the Alberta level, the municipality has to support it – which city council did unanimously Monday afternoon... The capital cost of the replacement buses would be $22.9 million. The province would cover 66.66 per cent of the funding, with the city providing the additional 33.33 per cent through the Federal Gas Tax Fund, said transit manager Audra McKinley... She said the province has made a significant contribution to improving transit and no additional operating budget would be required for the replacements...



* China - Buses with grass keep passengers cool 

(Photo: Bus line 931 in Urumqi, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, shows up on July 16, 2014 with green grass paved on the floor) 
Urumqui,Chian -cctvnews, by GI Korea -21 July 2014: -- A bus with artificial grass is on the road in Urumqi in China to keep passengers cool as temps hit 30° C ...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * Sweden: Volvo's

* Sweden - ABB and VOLVO a global partnership for electric and hybrid bus fast-charging

(Photo: A Volvo electric-hybrid bus) 
Zurich,Switzerland -TWST -July 21, 2014: -- ABB, the leading power and automation group, announced today a partnership with Volvo Buses, one of the world's leading bus manufacturers, to co-develop and commercialize electric and hybrid buses with open standards-based direct current (DC) fast charging systems... Global agreement combines Volvo electric and electric hybrid buses with ABB fast-charging solutions, paving the way for rapid deployment of urban e-mobility... The cooperation creates a city-wide standardized charging system for electric and electric hybrid buses that can charge buses quickly through an automatic roof-top connection system at bus stops or through cabled charging systems overnight...

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BUSMAKERS NEWS * China: Zhengzhou Yutong Bus'

* Zhengzhou - Bus maker gains foothold in Venezuela

(Photo by WANG CHUN/CHINA DAILY: Coach buses manufactured by China's Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co are loaded onto a cargo carrier bound for Venezuela, in Lianyungang Port, Juangsu province, on Tuesday)
Port Lianyungang,Juangsu,China -China Daily/ECNS, by Qin Dexing -21 July 2014: -- Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co, China's largest bus manufacturer by production capacity, is pursuing a stronger foothold in Venezuela by assisting the country to build a new plant and more after-sales service stations, as Chinese automakers focus on this new and lucrative market in Latin America... The plant in the western state of Yaracuy has an expected assembly capacity of 3,500 buses a year by 2017. It will produce three models of buses for urban, suburban and rural use, including 25- to 54-seat diesel and gas buses... As part of a bilateral agreement signed in September when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro visited China, more than 2,000 Yutong buses will be shipped to Venezuela within this year...



* Guangzhou - Crowded buses are adding undercover cops to halt a string of arson attacks

Guangzhou,China -QZ, by Cathy Sizhao Yi -July 18, 2014: -- A string of deadly arson attacks on Chinese buses have killed eight people and injured more than a hundred since February, including an explosion on a bus in Guangzhou that killed two people earlier this week. Many of the incidents are caused by disgruntled individuals, and in some cases they’re reminiscent of mass shootings in the United States. The Guangzhou attack, for example, was carried out by a man who was irate over a string of gambling losses... The attacks expose a significant vulnerability for security officials: buses are the main form of transportation in most Chinese cities, where they are far more widely used than subways or cars. To stem the violence, the country’s ministry of public security has announced that all buses will carry at least one police officer, either plainclothes or in uniform, along with additional security personnel patrolling bus stations... Aside from the huge logistical challenge in providing a policeman for every single bus and station... The new bus security proposal also includes encouraging citizens to help the police identify suspicious items, installing fire blankets on board, and tightening controls on flammable and explosive materials...



* Georgia - Wheels on the bus ... go round and round

(Photo from Cherokee Tribune: Inspector Cecil Lee checks a bus for the Cherokee County School District. The first day of school is Aug. 4 and buses are being checked for service and safety. Officers with the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Motor Carrier Compliance division visited the Cherokee County School District bus garages in Holly Springs and Woodstock last week to conduct their annual inspection of the school district’s transportation fleet) 
Cherokee,GA,USA -The Cherokee Tribune -July 19, 2014: -- As the Cherokee County School District gears up for the first day of classes on Aug. 4, the school bus fleet is being readied to serve up to 26,000 students each day... Officers with the Georgia Department of Public Safety’s Motor Carrier Compliance division visited the Cherokee County School District bus garages in Holly Springs and Woodstock last week to conduct their annual inspection of the school district’s transportation fleet... More than 400 regular route, special education services and substitute buses were checked in preparation for the 2014-15 school year...



* Tennessee - Differences between school bus regulations and Church buses

(Photo: Several of those involved in last night's fatal bus accident are back in Brazil,IND, this evening) Knoxville,TENN,USA -2WTWO -18 July 2014: -- The accident, involving a church bus of the Berea Christian Church in Brazil, happened Thursday evening in Knoxville, Tennessee... The bus hit two cars and killed a Knoxville woman... The vehicle was driven by the church's associate minister... He told police brake failure may have caused the accident... Unlike school buses, church buses are not required for inspection by the Indiana State Police... Instead, church buses receive an inspection from a qualified inspector once a year...



* Ontario - TTC buses to replace streetcars on Broadview Ave. from July 20 to August 30

(Photo: Toronto's streetcars) 
Toronto,ONT,CAN -Toronto Transit Commission -July 17, 2014: -- The Toronto Transit Commission will be conducting streetcar track and overhead wire work on Broadview Ave., between Broadview Station and Queen St.E. from July 20 to August 30. As a result, buses will replace streetcars on Broadview Ave. between Queen St.E. and Danforth Ave... The TTC is committed to minimizing disruption to the community and is therefore taking advantage of the six-week period without streetcar operations to carry out the work. The overhead wire upgrade is necessary for the future operation of the TTC’s new accessible streetcars...



* California - Google placates the public with their own luxury buses

Mountain View,CAL,USA -Valley Wag, by Kevin Montgomery -18 July 2014: -- Google's glistening fleet of employee coaches will soon be tainted by the presence of Everyman. In an effort to get ahead of concerns that the search giant is growing too quickly for Mountain View, Google is funding a free shuttle network to appease their detractors... The network, which will operate around Mountain View and be available for anyone to use, aims to assuage fears that Google's corporate expansions will create traffic gridlock. According to the Silicon Valley Business Journal, the program hopes to reduce the number of crosstown trips residents make in private vehicles...

* North Caroline - Gastonia buses: Lifeline or sinking ship?

Gastonia,NC,USA -Gaston Gazette, by Michael Barrett -July 19, 2014: -- Allen Petty makes a mental note every time he drives past a Gastonia bus stop where no one is waiting... The local resident does the same thing when he spots a city bus that appears to have few or no passengers. Petty maintains he see both scenarios quite often... He believes Gastonia Transit is inflating its figures on ridership and ticket revenue, possibly to get more money from the state and federal government... Like many critics of the transit system, he doesn’t think the buses should be scrapped. He simply believes Gastonia could do it more efficiently than relying on 35-foot buses that run six citywide routes on five to six days of the week...




* Belgium - Industry-First Modular Braking System Platform by WABCO

(Photo: Wabco introduces modular OptiDrive AMTs for CVs. AMT systems free drivers from frequent gear shifts, reducing their stress and fatigue while allowing them to concentrate on traffic conditions) 
Brussells,Belgium -MarketWatch -Jul 17, 2014: -- WABCO Holdings Inc., a global technology leader and tier-one supplier to the commercial vehicle industry, has launched its industry-first modular braking system platform (mBSP)... WABCO's latest innovative braking architecture now enables its customers to interchangeably equip their diverse global truck and bus platforms with anti-lock braking (ABS) or electronic braking (EBS) systems based on regional market or regulatory requirements worldwide... WABCO mBSP reduces the number of ABS components by 50 percent to the same amount of components as in EBS. By leveraging the advantages of WABCO's unique mBSP system, vehicle manufacturers can significantly reduce system development, installation and software testing time, accelerate homologation for their diverse brands and vehicle portfolios globally, and bring new trucks and buses to market faster...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * Sweden: Scania's

* Sweden - Scania to deliver first Euro 6 buses to Indonesia's PT Transjakarta

(Photo: First articulated buses in Indonesia from Scania) Södertälje,Sweden -NGV Global News -July 16, 2014: -- Scania will deliver its very first articulated Euro 6 gas-fuelled buses to Indonesia. The 20 units will be delivered to the newly-established city-owned PT Transjakarta for operations on the TransJakarta Bus Rapid Transport system, considered as the world’s longest... The public company has placed an initial order for 20 units. Although Indonesian regulations only require the Euro 2 emission standard, Scania will supply buses for the Euro 6 standard, a major leap in cleaner technology. Biogas/natural gas powered Scania buses have 9-litre engines capable of developing maximum power of 340 hp and maximum torque of 1600 Nm.... The 18-metre articulated gas bus is configured for 140 passengers, of which 44 are seated. The bus will be built with three double doors, three on each side...


BUS SALES * USA: Blue Bird's

* Virginia - City getting 78 new school buses

Richmond,VA,USA -The Richmnd Times Dispatch, by ZACHARY REID -17 July 2014: -- Richmond Public Schools is going to replace more than a third of its school buses, beginning the modernization of a fleet that in recent years has grown old, unreliable and expensive to maintain... The School Board this week approved a seven-year, $7 million plan to buy 60 regular education and 18 special education buses from Blue Bird... The new 77-seat regular education buses cost $82,425 each. The 53-seat special education buses cost $89,517 each... The buses are equipped with four camera slots. Three will be used to record the driver and students. A fourth, on the exterior arm, will be vacant for the time being, but school officials are negotiating with a company that specializes in recording the license plates of cars who ignore the blinking stop signs already attached to the busses...



* England - London buses will be unable to break speed limit in drive to improve road safety

(Picture by Glenn Copus - Safety drive: some London buses will take part in a trial which will see their speed limited) 
London,EN,UK -The London Evening Star, by M. Beard -18 July 2014: -- Some of London buses will be unable to break the speed limit in a bid to improve road safety in a trial to start next year... Cruise control technology linked to a digital speed map of all of London’s roads will be used to stop drivers going too fast in the project by Transport for London... The Intelligent Speed Adaptation, or ISA, will be used on buses for the first time on UK streets and it is hoped that due to their size the buses will also be able to prevent other vehicles from breaking the speed limit... A small number of buses will take in the trial as TfL looks to reduce the number of fatalities on London’s roads, around half of which involve vehicles breaking the speed limit... Earlier this month the City of London introduced a blanket 20mph limit with a pledge by its police to make it the first London borough where it is rigorously enforced... To further enhance bus safety, TfL is already running a trial with vehicles fitted with collision detection software - sensors that alert the driver when a cyclist or pedestrian gets dangerously close...



BUSMAKERS NEWS * India: Scania's

* Chennai - Scania makes fully built buses for India

(Photo: Global debut Anders Grundstromer, MD, Scania India -far left-, handing over the first Metrolink bus to A Afzal, MD, and Mohammed A Sadiq, Director, Parveen Travels, in Chennai on Wednesday) 
Chennai,India -The Hindu Business Line -16 July 2014: -- The potential market for luxury buses in India has prompted Scania Commercial India to get into fully built buses for the domestic market, according to Anders Grundstromer, Managing Director, Scania Commercial... Addressing a press conference to announce the delivery of a Scania Metrolink to a Chennai-based transport services provider, Parveen Travels, Grundstromer said “this is the first Metrolink to be fully built by Scania globally” ... The Metrolink range has also been specifically developed for India...



* Kansas - Proterra EV buses 2nd. generation

(Photo: A Proterra bus second generation) 
Kansas,KS,USA -GreenCarCongress -15 July 2014: -- Proterra Inc. announced the first sale of its second-generation battery-electric bus to Foothill Transit of West Covina, Calif. Foothill Transit became Proterra’s first customer and the first agency in the US to operate EV buses in revenue service in 2010... Based on the sustainability, fuel savings and proven performance of those buses, Foothill Transit has agreed to purchase two more buses from Proterra, moving the agency closer to its goal of expanding electric bus service into other lines... The 40-foot bus features a 220 kW peak permanent magnet drive motor and a Proterra 2-speed auto-shift EV transmission, powered by and advanced LTO fast-charge energy storage system...

* South Caroline - Seneca electric bus fleet finally preparing for rollout

(Picture by NATHAN GRAY) 
Seneca,Oconne,SC,USA -The Independent Anderson, by Ray Chandler -18 July 2014: -- The first planned rollout of Seneca’s all-electric bus fleet at the first of the year turned into a case of “now you see’em, now you don’t” ...



* England - Bus and coach makers overtake truck manufacturers in green challenge 

London,EN,UK -Transport Engineer, by Laura Cork -15 July 2014: -- The UK's road transport sector is making inroads to a greener future, driven by consistently applied carbon reduction policy – but truck makers need to do more to catch up with bus and coach manufacturers... That's one of the key findings of a report, published today (15 July 2014) by the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP)... It found that while policy changes have helped car manufacturers and produced a healthy bus and coach sector – nine manufacturers produced 3,685 units last year – the truck sector has been neglected... Andy Eastlake, managing director at LowCVP, welcomed the report, saying the emphasis of policy makers on environmental achievements has been successful... However, he cautioned: "We urgently need to repeat the success seen in our passenger car and bus sectors in all aspects of road transport such as the truck and commercial vehicle industries" ...



* South Wales / UK - Ahmadi Muslims launch campaign for tolerance on Newport buses

Argus,SW,UK -Ahmadiyya Times -July 13, 2014: -- A bus advertisement campaign to promote community cohesion in Newport, South Wales and the South West of England was officially launched in the city on Saturday... The Mayor of Newport, Cllr Matthew Evans, joined the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association (AMYA) Newport to launch the campaign at The Holiday Inn at The Coldra... The AMYA campaign aims to tackle Islamophobia and promote loyalty, freedom, equality and peace... 

* South Korea - Intercity buses adopt ‘no standing’ rule

(Photo by Park Hae-mook/The Korea Herald: Passengers board an intercity bus in Goyang, Gyeonggi Province, Wednesday) 
Seoul,SK -The Korea Herald -16 July 2014: -- The newly imposed “no standing” policy on intercity bus services in the Seoul metropolitan area touched off complaints Wednesday from busy commuters, but stopped short of triggering chaos... On its first day of implementation, authorities operated over 100 additional buses to make up for the decreased passenger capacity. Despite the effort, a slew of commuters complained of long wait times on their way to work... Korea’s traffic law states that all passengers aboard vehicles on freeways must be seated... Due to the large number of commuters in Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi Province, however, intercity buses in these areas that take freeways customarily allowed passengers to stand. This sparked safety concerns...


PASSENGERS' TRANSPORT INDUSTRY * USA: California - Indiana - New York

* California - San Francisco boldly stands up to tech buses with $3.55 fee

San Francisco,CAL,USA -The Valley Wag, by Kevin Montgomery -15 July 2014: -- San Francisco's plan to legalize the armada of tech buses has sailed past its last regulatory hurdle. The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency voted today to approve increased fees charged to tech companies for using city bus stops, as part of its controversial shuttle pilot program... According to KQED News, SFMTA raised the per-stop fee charged to shuttle operators from $1 up to $3.55. The fee was increased for two reasons. Residents demanded fewer city stops be included in the pilot program, which means there would be less revenue coming in, and the projected administrative costs were higher than anticipated... Those critics are proceeding with a lawsuit, challenging the luxury shuttle program on environmental grounds. But it's unlikely that the suit will prevent the pilot from going forward: Google buses are slated to begin rolling legally through San Francisco on August 1st...

* Indiana - New buses provide transportation to suburban jobs

Indianapolis,IND,USA -The Indianapolis Recorder -July 15, 2014: -- Building on the success of the Plainfield Connector, which started in 2013 and provides more than 1,400 one-way trips a month connecting people to jobs in industrial parks, the Central Indiana Regional Transportation Authority (CIRTA) will launch two new commuter bus services later this year... Plainfield, Whitestown job growth spurs two new commuter bus services... Service to start before distribution facilities' busy holiday season...

* New York - How Chinatown Buses survived competition, regulation, and the occasional gang war

(Photo: A discount bus on August 20, 2013 in New York City) 
NY,USA -Business Week/Bloomberg, by Patrick Clark -July 17, 2014: -- Next month, New York City will start fining the intercity carriers known colloquially as Chinatown buses for operating without permits or making stops outside of sanctioned areas... The Chinatown bus phenomenon began in the late 1990s, to serve either immigrant restaurant workers holding down jobs in multiple cities or immigrant New Yorkers with children at elite schools in Boston. In any case the bus lines quickly expanded their reach, catering to students and other frugal travelers who didn’t mind obscure pickup spots or drivers who didn’t speak much English if it meant a cheaper fare... At first the competition came from other Chinatown companies... Then there was corporate competition. By 2008, BoltBus, owned by Greyhound and operated in partnership with Peter Pan, and Megabus, owned by the British company Stagecoach... Last year, Greyhound and Peter Pan teamed up to launch another bus service—called Yo!— between New York and Boston... Last came the regulators. New York City’s recent law is the latest attempt at a crackdown. It may hit some operators, but if history is any guide, the Chinatown buses will persevere...

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* Gujarat - Electric bus pilot project to be launched in

(Photo: Pilot project to run 'electric-buses' for public transport between state capital Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad) 
Gandhinagar,Gujarat,India -Press Trust of India -Jul 14, 2014: -- As part of efforts to ensure a cleaner and greener environment, the Gujarat government will soon introduce a pilot project to run 'electric-buses' for public transport between state capital Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad... Moving ahead, the state-run Gujarat Power Corporation Limited (GPCL) has invited expression of interest from the potential companies interested in the project which has been flashed on its official website... The state government is claiming to launch the project by end of the year, though the time is not yet set for the opening phase. The 'green-project' of the state government will also involve deploying, commissioning, supervision and monitoring the electric vehicles transport system based on solar powered energy for six months from the date of commissioning...


BUSES INSPECTIONS * USA - 16% of buses out of service

* Indiana - Troopers require another 30% of vehicles repaired 

(Photo: Kokomo's school buses fleet)
Birmingham,ALA,USA -The Kokome Tribune, by Lauren Fitch -July 13, 2014: -- School corporations across the state are making sure their buses are ready to transport students this coming school year following annual inspections by Indiana State Police. Most of the initial inspections were performed in April and May... Buses can be approved; ordered repair for minor issues not critical to safety, in which case schools must schedule a re-inspection within 30 days; or moved out of service if a critical issue is found. Buses that are moved out of service must be re-inspected before they can transport children...




* DC - Longer Metro buses for 16th street and Georgia Avenue routes

(Photo: Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority`s longer metro bus)
Washington,DC,USA -WUSA9/WMATA, by Samara Martin-Ewing -July 10, 2014: -- Come August 25 there will be some relief to the Metro bus overcrowding issues on the S1, S2, S4 and 70 routes... These bus routes serve the 16th Street and Georgia Avenue corridors. Thursday Metro announced they will add longer buses to these busy commuter routes...


BUS RAPID TRANSIT * USA: Virginia's Metroway

* Virginia - A new bus experience is coming to Northern Virginia; it’s called Metroway

(Photo: Streetcar and buses in Toronto)
Arlington,VA,USA -The Washington Post, by Luz Lazo -July 8, 2014: -- The Washington region’s first bus rapid transit system is set to open next month... The service, called Metroway, will feature bus-only lanes along a five-mile stretch of roadway in Crystal City and Potomac Yard in Arlington and Alexandria. It introduces a new bus experience to the Washington region: buses will travel much of the route traffic-free, they will be frequent, and riders eventually will be able to pay their fare before boarding... The service will offer faster rides and shorter waits at the bus stop. Buses will travel most of the route in bus-only lanes. Bus rapid transit is viewed as a way to speed public transit without the huge costs involved in building rail lines...


BUSMAKERS NEWS * UK: Wright-bus'

* North Ireland - Bus maker secures £30 million contract

(Photo: The Wright Group, the design sees the return of a hop-on-hop-off platform at the back of the bus) 
Ballymena,Antrim,N.Ireland -Irish News, by Simon Cunningham -10 July 2014: -- Bus maker Wright-bus has secured a £30 million contract to supply more than 400 vehicles to authorities in Singapore... It is the company's fourth consecutive contract with SBS Transit, which will see it link up with Volvo Bus to supply 415 double-deck buses over a three-year period... It follows in the footsteps of three previous orders, which have already seen a total of 1,015 similar vehicles enter service since 2010... The parts will be made in Ballymena before being shipped to Singapore, where they are assembled by Comfort Delgro Engineering at their facility, supported by Wrightbus International technicians...



* Louisiana - School bus law could add costs, time

(Photo: Monroe City school buses) 
Monroe,LOU,USA -Daily World News -Jul. 7, 2014: -- Officials are warning that a new state law could cause a big increase in school bus costs and travel times across Louisiana... . The law, which takes effect in August, prohibits bus drivers from picking up or dropping off students in locations where they would have to cross traffic lanes... Some districts estimate it will cause their buses to drive nearly twice the distance as before the law... Rep. Rob Shadoin, a Ruston Republican, says the law was meant to address problems in urban areas such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, but is having unintended effects on school districts across the state... Union Parish transportation supervisor Lyn Kenley says the law could hurt that parish’s efforts to reduce bus travel times and could force school buses to drive nearly 1.5 million miles, twice the distance they traveled in the last school year...

* Pennsylvania - New Law extends allowable length of school buses

Harrisburg,PENN,USA -STN On Line, by Michelle Fisher -8 July 2014: -- Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett signed a law Senate, which amends Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes to permit school buses to be 45 feet in length. Sen. Elder Vogel said he introduced the legislation to give school districts and school bus contractors the option to choose the most appropriate school buses based on their needs... Current state law "arbitrarily" limits school buses to 40 feet in length, Vogel noted, even though other types of non-school buses are legal in lengths up to 45 feet. Further, Pennsylvania is only one of five states that restrict the length of a school bus to 40 feet...




* South Africa - MyCiTi buses to ease heavy transport demands

(Photo: MyCiti buses stand idle at their depo on the Foreshore) 
Midrand,SA -TNA -Jul 7 2014: -- MyCiTi N2 Express service rolled out into the Cape Flats yesterday to alleviate transport challenges for thousands of commuters... Residents of Mitchells Plain and Khayelitsha will have access to the MyCiTi service with bus stops along the major roads in these areas... The MyCiTi buses will be travelling between these areas and the Civic Centre station in Cape Town, from which passengers will be able to connect to other parts of the city, including Atlantis on the West Coast, the Waterfront or Hout Bay...