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* Florida - Palm Beach County buses get green lights in order to run on time

(Photo: West Palm Beach intermodal transfer facility bus transfer) 
Palm Beach,FL,USA -The Sun Sentinel, by Angel Streeter -August 9, 2014: -- People who rely on public transportation to get to work and school need buses that run on time... To make sure that happens, Palm Beach County will soon try out a system that keeps traffic signals green for buses long enough for them to get through an intersection, allowing bus drivers to shave a few minutes off their routes. Officials are estimating that the time it takes to drive an entire route can be reduced by 5 to 10 percent... Along those routes, traffic signals will pick up that a bus is coming their way and either turn green more quickly if the light is red or stay on green longer if the light is green... But this won't happen with all buses. The system will only be used if buses are running late... But some bus riders who regularly use Palm Tran, the county's bus system, are skeptical. Sommer Pytel thinks the quick fix at intersections skirts the real problems with the bus system: It doesn't have enough buses that run more often...

* Massachusetts - School children on MBTA Buses is a bad move

(Photo: Man shot and killed on MBTA bus 2/13)
Boston,MASS,USA -The Blackstonian, by Jamarhl Crawford -August 8, 2014: -- The plan to transport children in 6th, 7th and  8th grades to Boston Public Schools is not a good one. Sure, the BPS already has had students who arrive to school via the MBTA and that is not a great idea either... We’ve all seen it, the unruly teenagers who invade the MBTA in youthful stampedes at the end of school... Another disturbing trend I have noticed is with the young ladies. As their bodies are changing and we have all noticed that children are developing faster these days, perhaps it is modern fashion or lack of proper adult supervision, but there are far too many young ladies who are attempting to emulate the wonderful examples of Beyonce and Rihanna... With sex trafficking what it is, public transportation is a perfect place for an adult predator to meet an innocent young girl, perhaps even follow her home and learn her routine. Perverts on the T are so prevalent that a law was recently passed to penalize “Up Skirt” photos...

* Florida - Lafayette working to cut bus wait times

(Photo by PATRICK DENNIS - Capital Area Transit System buses line the terminal at Florida and 22nd streets) 
Lafayette,FL,USA -AP/The Miami Herald -9 Aug 2014: -- Bus riders may soon be able to use their phones to find out when a bus will arrive at their stop... The Lafayette Transit System is working on a smartphone app that would allow riders to check the status of a bus, one of several changes underway or planned for the city-owned bus service... Mitchell said city-parish staff is working in-house on the smartphone app, which would tie into a GPS tracking system already in place for city buses... The free service is part of a proposal that would add up to five buses to ferry students between the campus and the parking lot at Cajun Field. The city buses would supplement the university's fleet of 11 buses and three shuttles...



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