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* Bogota reduces emissions and costs with electric buses

(Video from you Tube -Mar 20, 2013: Introducing the BYD Electric Bus conducted to test its viability as a feeder system Transmilenio in Bogota, Colombia) 
Bogota,COL -The Southern Pacific Review -10 Aug 2014: ... Bogotá is moving towards the final stages of its transition to a Transantiago-type system for public transport. This is where the city makes direct payments to the bus companies that provide transportation for the city instead of having private operators operate outside some overriding agency... In Bogotá today you can see many private buses that are not part of the Transmilenio system. Most of these are older vehicles that do not come anywhere close to the Euro V emission standards, which is the current emission standard there. A Volvo manager we talked to there said that most of those older buses are Euro 0 emissions standards, which has no limits at all on the particulate matter (PM) pollution... The city of Bogotá has already taken delivery of 231 hybrid diesel-electric hybrid buses from Volvo and is buying 790 more. But the city has also decided to use zero emissions all-electric vehicles and is taking delivery of 40 of those from the Chinese company BYD. The first order is for 40, 12-meter, 60-passenger vehicles. The next order will include the 18 meter, articulated buses, or those larger buses that have a flexible section in the middle...



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