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GREEN BUSES * UK: Stagecoach´s

* England - More than half of Stagecoach UK bus fleet now runing on greener fuel

London,EN,UK -Stagecoach PR -5 Jun 2014: -- Around 4,500 vehicles across UK now using 30% biofuel blend... Use of biofuel has helped save 67,700 tonnes of CO2e in the past year... Further savings predicted as company continues to roll out carbon saving fuel mix... Transport operator Stagecoach has revealed that more than half of its UK bus fleet now operates using a greener, carbon-saving fuel blend... Stagecoach has significantly increased the number of its buses running on a greener blend of 30% biofuel and 70% diesel, compared to a standard fuel mix with 5% bio content... Now, the company operates more than 4,500 vehicles using the greener blend of 30% biofuel across Scotland and England. In addition, Stagecoach has around 70 buses which run on 100% biofuel... Results show that the greener fuel has helped Stagecoach to save more than 67,700 tonnes of CO2e in the past year – the equivalent of the emissions produced by powering 27,000 homes for a year...



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