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* USA - School buses with GPS system & new Zonar Card program

* Florida - Bay County school buses get high tech

(Photo by Heather Leiphart | News Herald - Adam Wolvier installs a new security camera into one of about 150 Bay County school buses last week) 
Panama City,Bay County,FL,USA -WHJG 7 news, by Cameron Taylor -Aug 14, 2013: -- Bay County parents and students will see some high tech upgrades to their school buses when they head back to school next week. Some of the new upgrades include a GPS system that will track your child... The new technology is designed to keep your child safe when they ride the bus... Children in Pre-K through 5th grade who ride the bus will be given color coded "Zonar cards" ... They'll have your child's information on them plus what bus they're supposed to take... When your child takes the bus this year, all they have to do is scan the Zonar card and from there the district will know when and where your child got on and off the bus... District transportation officials say the new Zonar card program will start at two elementary schools...



Anonymous one card system software said...

safety is the most important thing specially when riding a bus..we need to make sure that everything is going well when travelling specially to your kids..

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