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* England - London unveils first electric double-decker bus

-- Bus set to start running on capital's roads in a month's time... Transport for London has unveiled the world's first fully electric double-decker bus, just a month before it is due to hit the capital's roads... The new bus, which was built by Chinese manufacturers BYD and comes with a £350,000 price tag, was debuted this week at an event next to City Hall... The bus is set to begin running on route 98 between Willesden and Holborn in mid-April, while TfL has said another four will soon be in operation as part of a pilot project... Daniels added that the principle driver behind using electric buses in London is to improve air quality... 
(Photo from TfL: London double-decker electric bus unveiled)  --  London, EN, UK - Business Green, by Jocelyn Timperley - 17 March 2016

** England - London buses to be fitted with speed-limiting technology

-- All buses in London will be fitted with speed-limiting technology from 2017, says Transport for London (TfL). TfL says it wants to reduce the number of people killed on the road and the technology, which prevents acceleration above speed limits, could help... The move follows the conclusion of trials on two bus routes with a range of road conditions and speed limits... Buses with the technology stayed within the speed limit 97 to 99% of the time, said the organisation... The incidents of excess speeds were seen on downhill sections of road, it added, but such events were "rare"... Leon Daniels, managing director of surface transport at TfL, said, he would now work with manufacturers so all buses coming off the production line could be fitted with the technology from next year... 
(Image AP: New Routemaster) - London, EN, UK - BBC News - 18 March 2016

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