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NEW BUSES FLEET * California: 96 modern buses for

* California - To give Sacramento Regional Transit a cleaner look

-- As part of an effort to spruce up its service, accessibility and image, Sacramento Regional Transit today will begin rolling out the first of 96 modern buses with sleeker exterior lines, more interior space for people using wheelchairs and form-fitting seats that will be easier for the agency to keep clean... The goal, officials say, is to give transit a clean and fresh feel, and make buses more accessible, in hopes of attracting new riders. RT has taken criticism lately from downtown business leaders and some commuters for a lack of cleanliness at stations, a sense of lack of safety on light rail and for not doing enough to increase ridership... 
(Photo: Sacramento Regional Transit is rolling out new buses with improved accessibility. RT operations chief Mark Lonergan shows one of the buses at the agency’s maintenance facility in north Sacramento. April 3, 2015)  -- Sacramento, CAL, USA - Sacramento Bee, by TONY BIZJAK - 5 April 2015



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