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* Maharashtra / India - School buses may not ply on high tide, heavy rain days to avoid pothole hazards

(Photo: A model school bus. The Indian government adopted this model as the official state policy) Mumbai,Maharashtra,India -TNN, by Sujit Mahamulkar & Yogita Rao -Jul 27, 2014: -- Parents of city students may have to make alternate arrangements to ferry their children to schools on heavy rain days coupled with high tide. For, school bus owners could refuse to ply kids on potholed roads on such days... They say water-logging on these roads is not just risky for ferrying kids, but also adds to owner's misery due to regular vehicular breakdowns. Bus owners have now decided to take no chances with students as the BMC has done little to patch up cratered roads... School Bus Owners' Association (SBOA) president Anil Garg said, "Drivers are unable to see huge potholes due to water-logging in some areas. There have been instances of buses getting stuck in these potholes with children on board. Usually the BMC does something to patch these craters, but this year, these have been left as they are" ...  He added that three buses were stuck in drains at Powai, Kurla and Dharavi in the rains last year...



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