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* S.K. - Seoul to get double-decker buses to ease overcrowding

(Photo from Getty Images: An old Routemaster double-decker bus in London) 
 Seoul,South Korea -The W.S.J., by Kwanwoo Jun -June 19, 2014: -- The streets of Seoul will likely resemble those of London or Hong Kong next year... South Korea’s transport ministry is planning to introduce double-decker buses in 2015 to alleviate overcrowding for commuters traveling between Seoul and its surrounding suburban areas... The transport ministry confirmed on Wednesday it will introduce a fleet of 20 double-decker buses for commuters making the journey between the capital Seoul and its surrounding Gyeonggi Province and nearby Incheon city in 2015 as a pilot project... Overcrowded commuter buses have become a major safety concern as they travel on high-speed expressways with some passengers standing all the way, the ministry said... The ministry last week announced a plan to add 222 buses—all single-decker— in July to the existing fleet of 1,629 commuter vehicles. The buses carry a total of 110,000 people on weekdays between Seoul and suburban areas...



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