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* Idaho - Twin Falls to get more propane-powered school buses

(Photo: Buses Running on Propane)
Twin Falls,ID,USA -Magic Valley, by Julie Wootton -8 June 2914: -- School buses that run on stinky, expensive diesel fuel will be transitioned to a propane-powered fleet over the next three years, if Western State Bus Services plans are realized... The company, which serves the Twin Falls School District, plans to swap three or four buses out each year... Already, 11 of its 24 school buses are fueled by propane, meaning lower maintenance and fuel costs, said CEO Tony Barnhart... Propane has been used for more than 80 years in commercial vehicles... Other Magic Valley school districts – including Buhl, Filer and Xavier Charter School in Twin Falls – also use propane buses and contract with Western States Bus Services... The Filer and Buhl districts already have a full fleet of propane buses. At Xavier, three of four buses are propane-fueled...

* Missouri - Bigger buses won't end problems on Metro's Grand line

(Photo: A Bendy bus) 
St. Louis,MO,USA -University City/St. Louis Post Dispatch, by Tom Sullivan -8 June 2014: -- The Metro transit agency is making a big deal over the larger buses it is adding to the Grand Boulevard line, the busiest route in the system. The currents buses get so crowded at times that passengers waiting at bus stops are passed by as there isn't any more room. It isn't certain that adding buses with 14 more seats will help that much... The poor service on the Grand line and other bus routes used by those dependent on public transit demonstrates Metro's long discrimination against bus riders — of which 80 percent or more on many lines are minorities... Metro has been shortchanging bus riders over the years, it's been spending hundreds of millions of dollars on MetroLink. Just the Cross-County MetroLink Extension, from Forest Park to Shrewsbury, will cost taxpayers $1.1 billion... The problem with poor service on the Grand line and other bus routes is poor management and discriminatory practices at Metro, not a lack of funds. This will likely continue to be the case...

* California - Ballard Fuel Cell Powered Buses delivered to SunLine Transit Agency in Palm Springs

(Photo: SunLine Transit Agency Fuel Cell Bus) 
Vancouver,BC,CAN -PRNewswire -9June 2014: -- Ballard Power Systems congratulates SunLine Transit Agency of Thousand Palms, CAL as well as BAE Systems and ElDorado National on the unveiling and delivery of two new fuel cell buses, each powered by a Ballard FCvelocityœ-HD6 fuel cell module...  These new buses evolve the previously deployed American Fuel Cell Bus (AFCB) configuration, which was first introduced with SunLine Transit Agency in 2011. The AFCB configuration utilizes Ballard's FCvelocityœ-HD6 fuel cell module to provide primary power, in combination with BAE Systems' HybriDriveœ propulsion and power management systems deployed in an ElDorado National 40-foot (12-meter) Axess model, heavy duty transit bus...

* Virginia - GRTC buses traveling along Broad Street corridor are too big for lanes

(Video from Youtube, by ridegrtc, from CBS 6, Virginia This Morning Segment -August 22, 2013: Larry Hagin, Director of Planning and Scheduling at GRTC Transit System, discusses the Broad Street Rapid Transit Study)
  Richmond,VA,USA -CBS 6, by Alix Bryan and Lorenzo Hall -June 10, 2014: -- Thousands of residents and visitors travel along the stretch of Broad Street between Belvidere and 14th Street every day... GRTC buses can frequently be seen traveling for blocks and taking up two lanes. In some cases, drivers are forced to suddenly brake or veer off into another lane... GRTC CEO David Green looked at the images of buses traveling in such an unsafe manner. He said the problem is that bus lanes are too narrow. GRTC buses are 10.5 feet wide and the lanes are nine feet wide... City leaders say they want to have fewer buses travel along Broad Street, and will be relocating several stops as part of that effort... The Bus Rapid Transit Plan is scheduled for completion in 2018...

* Missouri - Majority of Rockwood buses fail inspection

Rockwood,MO,USA -News Magazine Network, by Dan Fox -9 June 2014: -- Only 20.5 percent of the school buses serving the Rockwood School District passed their first inspection by the Missouri State Highway Patrol... Dr. Terry Adams, Rockwood’s superintendent, sent a letter out to Rockwood parents regarding the issue and called the results of the inspection “unacceptable” ... Rockwood gets its buses from First Student Inc., a private company that contracts out student transportation to school districts... Bill Sloan, the director of purchasing and transportation for Rockwood, said steps are being taken to help remedy the situation. Those remediations include having First Student add 74 new buses to the pool of Rockwood used vehicles and hiring a new First Student shop manager. First Student also is putting its mechanics through the Highway Patrol’s inspection course and has started working the mechanics in morning and night shifts...



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