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* Washington - Economics fuel change to propane buses in Toppenish

(Photo by GORDON KING/Yakima Herald-Republic: The Toppenish School District has recently acquired two propane-powered buses and Thorington believes they will be cheaper to operate than conventional diesel-powered buses) 
Topenish,Yakima,WASH,USA -Yakima Herald-Republic, by Rafael Guerrero -June 19, 2014: -- From the exterior, the Toppenish School District’s two newest school buses look like the others in the fleet of 20. But a closer look reveals green stickers at the back and near the passenger doors. One word — propane — tells the story... Toppenish this month became one of a handful of school districts in the state to inch toward propane by adding two propane-powered school buses in an effort to fight rising diesel prices by finding a cleaner and cheaper fuel... The main objective for Toppenish is to trim fuel costs. The district has already spent more than $90,000 on diesel in the 2013-14 school year; there are no projections yet on how much the district will save, but fuel costs will go down... There are no immediate plans to purchase more propane-powered buses, but that could change if the rollout goes well. Ideally, District Transportation Director Blaine Thorington said, they could replace half of the district’s 20-bus diesel fleet...



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