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* Oregon - e-Bus Rolls into PDX

(Photo: A prototype of the BYD electric bus) 
Astoria,ORE,USA -Portland Radio Project/The Daily Astorian, by REBECCA WEBB -June 22, 2014: -- If you catch the bus over the next couple of weeks, you might get to ride on an experimental electric bus - an e-bus... For the first time, TriMet is test-driving an all-electric bus in the Portland area. And if it happens to stop at your stop, you'll get a free ride - since the e-bus is not yet equipped with a fare box... The electric buses, made by Chinese-owned Build Your Dreams (BYD) Motors, are also being tested in other U.S. cities (such as Manhattan, where the Metropolitan Transportation Authority rolled out a similar e-bus, last year) along with Canada, Europe and South and Central America. With a range of over 155 miles on a single charge, BYD e-buses meet an estimated 80 percent of urban transit needs, and are widely used in Shenzhen and other Chinese cities... BYD's e-buses use iron-phosphate powered batteries which the company claims are non-toxic and environmentally friendly...



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