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* California - Burlingame-based electric bus company looks to transform transit

--- A recent addition to Burlingame’s business landscape is attempting to do for commuter buses what Tesla Motors has done for passenger cars... Backed by some of the same investors who funded Tesla, and employing former Tesla personnel as well, Proterra, Inc. builds futuristic-looking, battery-powered electric buses that offer enough driving range to rival the fossil fuel-powered vehicles they’re designed to replace... The bus bodies are made from advanced composite materials, with their lower and upper halves each coming out of molds and being fused together like a clamshell... And going full-electric eliminates about 2,000 pounds of conventional bus drivetrain, adding that the engine and gearbox in a Proterra bus typically weigh less than 300 pounds... The combination of large batteries and low curb weights allow the buses to run longer. The extended range models are charged overnight, and store enough energy to run all day without recharging... Meanwhile, the fast-charging models make use of overhead chargers installed at bus stops along their routes. During the few minutes it takes customers to board or exit a coach, the charger aligns itself with the vehicle’s charging port, providing enough energy to keep the bus running for two or three hours... In February, the San Francisco Examiner reported that Muni’s new electric buses appear to struggle up San Francisco’s hills, though transit officials said they are satisfied with the new buses’ performance... 
(Photo courtesy Proterra Inc. - Proterra, a new electric bus company, could change the landscape of public transportation in the Peninsula)  --  San Francisco, CAL, USA - San Francisco Examiner, by Brendan P. Bartholomew - April 17, 2016

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