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* England - Buses in London are moving slower than chickens

-- Last week, we learned that the ten slowest roads in the UK are all in London, but apparently it's worse than we thought. TfL has released data showing the speeds of all the bus routes in London – and you probably won't be surprised to hear that our buses aren't all that speedy. In fact, some buses in London are moving slower than the average speed of a chicken. Yes, really. The No. 38 to Victoria Bus Station and the No. 19 to Finsbury Park interchange are just two of the routes that average less than 7mph, which is slower than a running chicken (which clocks up an average speed of about 9mph, FYI)... Unsurprisingly, the boroughs with the slowest buses were the City of London and the City of Westminster, with average speeds of 5.9mph. Want more useless but strangely interesting ways to quantify London's super-slow buses? You'd be quicker getting around the two slowest boroughs on an elephant at 6mph... 
(Photo: London buses queue towards Piccadilly Circus)  --  London, EN, UK - Time Out, by Isabelle Aron - February 24 2016



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