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* California -  Proterra Electric Buses reached two million miles of revenue service

 (Video by pnwelevator - Feb 24, 2016 - From King County Metro in Seattle, which presents ride from passenger perspective) 

-- Proterra boasted an achivement of 2 million miles (3.2 million km) of revenue service logged – all covered by its pure electric buses. Equivalent to a bus traveling coast to coast 855 times, from San Diego, California to Jacksonville, Florida... According to Proterra there is 63 buses on the roads today, while the total sales reported is at “more than 122 vehicles to 15 different transit agencies“... “This year, Proterra will nearly double its production capacity as an increasing number of transit agencies see zero-emission buses as a credible and proven alternative to diesel, CNG and hybrid buses. With 30 percent fewer parts than alternative technologies, the Proterra Catalyst dramatically reduces maintenance and operating costs and is more cost-effective over the 12-year life of each bus, saving customers around $450,000 over the vehicle’s lifetime. The Proterra Catalyst is also the most efficient 40’ transit vehicle, with the longest range per kWh of energy storage and the lowest fuel cost per mile, at 22 MPGe and 1.7 kWh/mile...” Ryan Popple, CEO of Proterra said... Small transit operator Clemson Area Transit (CATBUS) in Seneca, South Carolina in 2014 became the first transit system in North America to completely electrify its entire fleet using Proterra buses... Other important customer for Proterra is Foothill Transit in Pomona, Calif... It's amazing how much buses have changed over the years here in the Seattle Area from the Bredas... However this technology isn't perfect yet, we almost ran out of battery after the video ended and had to skip Bellevue College, OOPS!!!...
Burlingame, CAL, USA -  Inside EV, by Mark Kane - 23 March 2016



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