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"NEW ENERGY" SUBSIDY PROGRAM * China: Bus makers possibly violated rules

* Beijing - The government is probing electric car/bus makers who participated in a program designed to upgrade the auto industry

-- A government campaign designed to modernize China's auto industry and clear smoggy air by encouraging sales of "new energy" autos, trucks and buses may have backfired... Central government investigators have been fanning out across the country to determine whether auto companies and local governments abused the subsidy programs, which since 2009 have doled out hundreds of billions of yuan in subsidies to companies that build electric cars and other alternative-energy vehicles... Companies such as the nation's eighth-largest electric minibus maker by production, Suzhou GMC Bus, are among scores of industry players getting close scrutiny. Officials working for the provinces of Hebei, Jilin and elsewhere are also under the microscope for their implementation of subsidy policies... Some practices violated government rules...
Beijing, China – CAIXIN, by An Zhimin and Bao Zhiming - 15 March 2016

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