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How safe are bargain buses? * USA

* Massachusetts - The latest Megabus accident did not result in any fatalities, though most of the passengers' luggage was lost

-- Famous for its cheap prices and double decker look, a Megabus bound for Minneapolis caught on fire outside of Chicago on Sunday. Although no one was injured, the accident gave riders a shock and stoked existing concerns about the safety of bargain buses... The incident took place near the Illinois-Wisconsin border on Route 41 Sunday afternoon, according to fire officials. The driver and roughly 40 passengers were all able to exit the vehicle before firefighters arrived, but most of their luggage was lost. The cause of the fire remains unknown, and the vehicle sustained severe damage... Megabus spokesman Sean Hughes, the director of corporate affairs for the line's parent company, Coach USA North America, said the company will fully cooperate with the investigation... Megabus isn't the only discount bus company that has faced scrutiny for safety concerns. After a string of accidents in 2012, the Department of Transportation shut down 26 bus companies, not including Megabus, that provided services down the East Coast. A year-long investigation found that many bus drivers were driving without a license and were working long, strenuous hours. Many failed to pass the drug-alcohol test... In general, studies have found that riding in buses is many times safer than traveling by car... 
(Photo: Megabus Catches Fire on Suburban Chicago)  --  Boston, MASS, USA - Yahoo/The Christian Science Monitor, by Cathaleen Chen - February 22, 2016

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