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BUSES 11m. length * India: Instead to the existing 12 m

* Maharashtra - BEST mantra for buses: Keep it short and sweet

-- From electric trams to air-conditioned buses, BEST has come a long way since its inception in 1905. But eroding patronage, crawling traffic on Mumbai's roads and increasing number of buses getting rear-ended has resulted in the transport undertaking deciding to shorten the length of buses... BEST buses purchased henceforth will be 11 m in length compared to the existing 12 m. BEST buses have been involved in 26 fatal accidents in the past eight months alone... Traffic experts have welcomed the move. Ashok Datar, a traffic expert, said that reducing the length of buses will increase their manoeuvrability. "It may reduce some seats and might lead to a negligible revenue loss. On the other hand, shorter buses may lead to lesser accidents and quicker turnaround times leading to better frequency which is more important for the department," Datar added... 
(Photo: Best Supply Euro 2 Luxury tourist bus 11m 50 seats new bus)   --   Mumbai, MAH, India - Mumbai Mirror, by Sanjeev Shivadekar - Feb 15, 2016

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