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Tour Bus REGULATION in San Francisco * USA

* California - Tour bus bill would allow cities to conduct extra safety inspections

  (Video "San Francisco Tour Bus Lost Control/Crash", by Raw Leak)
 -- Responding to several recent tour bus collisions and crashes in San Francisco, San Francisco Assemblyman, today announced legislation that would allow the city to conduct its own safety inspections... The bill, would give cities with large tourism industries the option to develop their own inspection programs as a supplement to state inspections conducted by the California Highway Patrol and overseen by the California Public Utilities Commission... Currently, only around 30 percent of tour buses are inspected... In addition to the Union Square crash, tour buses have also been involved in the deaths of two pedestrians in recent years. Pieter Roell, 82, was struck and killed Saturday on Divisadero at Post Street, and city employee Priscila "Precy" Moreto was struck and killed at Polk and McAllister streets in October of 2014... 
 San Francisco, CAL, USA - KTVU -JAN 20 2016



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