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* Missouri - City testing fully electric bus this week

.. The city of Columbia is testing the fully electric bus to see if it is a feasible alternative to diesel or natural gas-powered buses... Beginning Wednesday, the bus will shuttle riders around on the city’s core Gold and Black CoMo Connect routes. University of Missouri students were able to test the bus Monday and Tuesday, when the vehicle ran the Tiger Line daytime route between the MU Student Center and the Hearnes and Trowbridge parking lots, Public Works Director John Glascock said... Each 35-seat bus comes with its own charger that plugs into the back of the vehicle and can fully charge it in about three hours, said Drew Brooks, the city’s multimodal transportation manager. The bus, can drive about 200 miles in the city or 300 miles on the highway with a full charge... The bus ran for 12 hours Monday and used about one-fourth of a full charge, which equates to about 118 kilowatt hours, said. The cost to run the electric bus from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. was $5.78; the cost to run one of the city’s diesel buses for the same period is $75 to $100, depending on the price of fuel... The city’s natural gas-powered buses each cost about $500,000, and its diesel buses cost about the same, Brooks said. A new 40-foot electric bus costs about $600,000 and has a warranty of 12 years, he said. A similarly modeled 30-foot bus costs about $425,000...  
(Photo by Nick Schnelle/Tribune - Electric bus tour - City Manager Mike Matthes exits an electric bus after touring the vehicle Tuesday. City leaders and officials toured the bus and learned how the city might use electric buses in the future)  --  Columbia, MISS, USA - The Columbia Daily Tribune, by CAITLIN CAMPBELL - May 13, 2015



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