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DOUBLE DECKER BUSES * Malaysia: For Rapid KL

* Kuala Lumpur - Double-decker RapidKL buses in September

-- Around 120 RapidKL buses, including 40 double-deckers, are set to hit the streets in September... The buses will be capable of picking up an additional 10,000 passengers daily when they begin serving the more heavily-used roads in the Klang Valley. The 4.2 metre tall Alexander Dennis Enviro500 diesel double-decker will have 83 seats and standing room for 25 people, as well as a screen showing how many free seats there are on the upper deck. It is capable of carrying 50 more people than RapidKL’s current single-decker buses. Costing RM1.4 million each, the double-deckers are disabled-friendly and fitted with security cameras... 
(Photo: A RapidKL's double decker bus)   --  Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Malaysia -, by Jonathan James Tan - 18 May 2015

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