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PUBLIC TRANSPORT USA: Ohio: Buying New Buses - California: New buses yet parked

* Ohio: County transit systems buys new buses

-- The Butler County Regional Transit Authority has a dozen new buses traveling to and from Miami University in Oxford and ridership is now up 73 percent... With the help of the state and federal governments — those entities picked up 80 percent of the cost — BCRTA was able to buy the new vehicles, which were $445,000 or a total of $5.34 million, but Chief Operating Officer Matt Dutkevicz said it was money well spent... Ridership has continued to grow exponentially — 73 percent between 2013 and last year. People took 555,259 trips last year compared to 24,664 in 2009. A year ago BCRTA opened up a new route between the Market Street hub in Hamilton and Tri-County Mall in Hamilton County... The service was also enhanced with two-hour bus schedules on all routes instead of just morning and evening service. The routes that run the “triangle” between Middletown, Hamilton and Oxford run from 6:30 a.m. to 8:16 p.m. ... 
 (Photo - County transit systems buys new buses)  --  Butler County, OH, USA - The Journal News, by Denise G. Callahan - April 10, 2015

* California - 10 brand-new SMART hybrid buses sit idle, await parts

  --  In the parking lot of SMART's Oakland Terminal, 10 gleaming, new hybrid diesel-electric buses sit parked in a row... The metro Detroit suburban bus service has had the buses, which each cost about $600,000, since November, but they are not expected to be in service until late May, according to Beth Gibbonsspokeswoman for the Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation... Why would it take six months for SMART to put its new buses into service?... The 40-foot buses at the terminal on Barrett Drive in Troy still need the proper wiring harnesses for the automatic vehicle locator system, Gibbons said. That system uses global positioning system technology to help SMART keep track of its buses to inform the dispatching process and allow riders to plan their trips... When the buses are ready, they will be used to replace high-mileage standard diesel buses (some with more than 800,000 miles) currently in service. SMART is limited to 233 fixed-route vehicles based on federal fleet limitations connected to available funding, Gibbons said... the delay in getting the hybrids in service is not limiting the number of buses on the road, noting that federal guidelines require SMART to keep a portion of its fleet in reserve and the service's mechanics do a "phenomenal" job...
 (Photo by Eric D. Lawrence/Detroit Free Press - Ten hybrid diesel-electric buses have been sitting idle since November at SMART’s Oakland Terminal in Troy)  --  Detroit, MICH, USA- The Detroit Free Press, by Eric D. Lawrence - April 10, 2015

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