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ELECTRIC BUSES FLEET * Holland's Amsterdam

* Amsterdam - First municipality with all electric buses

 --   First Dutch municipality chooses the City of Amsterdam for a complete replacement of buses by renewable ones. The first forty of the city, a total of two hundred buses to replace diesel in two years by electric. In ten years all buses must be replaced by buses 'zero emissions' ...It is the way in the plans of the whole sector, which buses Dutch complete fleet of five thousand for 2026 in the public transport 'zero emission' wants... An important goal is to improve air quality, because that now exceeds several places in the city are the legal standard for particulate matter and nitrogen oxides. The power for the buses coming from the waste energy that burns garbage and thereby generates electricity... The transition to fully electric urban transport needs according to the CFP director a substantial investment. The city attracts a million, but that will not nearly be enough. Municipality and CFP counting on the government calls a fund created to cover upfront costs, which partly an appeal is made to European subsidies... An average diesel costs according to experts around 225 thousand euros and an electric 3 to 4 tons. Buses stream or save significantly on diesel, but need special charging points at the headend of the bus lines. Because they have a limited range (200 to 250 kilometers) and charging takes time, there may be something more is needed than the current number... The buses made by the Brabant company VDL. Is currently building the twelve buses M√ľnster and Cologne. The cost per kilometer for electric bus will according to VDL within four to five years, roughly equal to the cost of diesel buses...
(Photo: Amsterdam will become the first city in the country to run a fully electric bus fleet)  --  Amsterdam, Holland - de volkskrant - 21 April 2015



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