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* UK: 80 per cent of new buses did not meet emissions standards

* England - UK buses fail to meet EU emission standards

-- Bus companies are sidestepping European laws on air pollution by exploiting a legal loophole to buy vehicles that are dirtier but cheaper... More than 80 per cent of new buses and coaches in the UK did not meet current emissions standards, data show on registrations during 2014... The industry held back from ordering cleaner vehicles even as the European law on emissions was tightened at the start of last year. Of the 2,373 more polluting buses that went on to the roads last year, operators made a saving of £10,000 to £15,000 for each vehicle, adding up to a minimum of £24m... Diesel vehicles such as buses, lorries and taxis cause much of the pollution in cities, and health experts say poor air quality kills thousands of people each year and costs the NHS billions of pounds. A bus made to the newer standard, known as Euro 6, emits half as much NO2, the harmful gas linked to heart attacks, cancer and asthma... The finding will add to the UK’s poor record on air quality, with other European countries having already acted to close similar loopholes...The Confederation of Passenger Transport, which represents bus companies, said it was a commercial decision as to whether operators bought vehicles meeting the older or newer standards... (Image: Wright Gemini 2 hybrid double-decker bus in the distinctive red and green livery worn by most hybrid vehicles in London) - London,EN,UK -The Financial Times, by Jane Wild -February 11, 2015



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