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PASSENGERS' SURVEY * Canada - Unsatisfieds

* Quebec - STM users unhappy with service on 105 bus on Sherbrooke

(Photo by Allen McInnis / The Gazette - STM buses Montreal. Commuters line up in Montreal on Monday) 
Montreal,QBC,Canada -The Montreal Gazette, by Jason Magder -December 1, 2014: -- After increasing bus service in October, the 105 Sherbrooke bus is still too crowded during morning rush hours, according to Notre-Dame-de-Grâce city councillor Peter McQueen... The Projet Montréal councillor said he handed out flyers door to door and at the Vendôme métro station, asking people to fill out an online survey. Among the more than 600 people who responded, 84 per cent of them said they were unsatisfied with the service, with the biggest complaint being that buses routinely pass them without opening their doors to let passengers in, because they are too crowded... According to figures provided by the STM, the line had an average of 366 trips on weekdays in September 2013. This past September, it was down to 337...



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