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Self-driving buses could really reinvent transportation systems

(Photo: London Bus Lightspeed)
London,EN,UK -Clean Technica, by Cynthia Shahan -November 9, 2014: -- Congested cities, troubling unemployment due to the absence of transit, and environmental issues from automobile pollution all point towards the need for much greater development of mass transportation. Even as transit ridership is growing to all time highs, the USA is short on extensively developed systems that reach the many who could benefit from affordable transit... Lindsey and Townsend continue that rather than cars, self-driving buses might be on an avenue of increasing change. They may change perceptions. “Now what if those buses—like the private automobile “platoons” envisioned by the auto industry—could travel safely only feet apart at top speeds?” ... Quartz points out a study and recent estimate for Princeton University indicating that with autonomous buses “the bus lanes of the Lincoln Tunnel, connecting New York City to New Jersey, could accommodate over 200,000 passengers per hour, more than five times today’s throughput” ...



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