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* European bus manufacturers and leading Mayors step up for

(Photo: Credo E-Bone concept bus utilizes fuel cell technology, li-ion batteries and lightweight composites) 
Brussels,Belgium -Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, by Zeynep Musoglu -12 Nov 2014: -- European bus manufacturers and city representatives announce the commercialisation of fuel cell electric buses for urban transport in Brussels ... On the occasion of the FCH JU Stakeholder Forum, representatives of five major European bus manufacturers (Daimler Buses (EvoBus), MAN, Solaris, Van Hool and VDL Bus and Coach) have signed a joint Letter of Understanding at the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking's (FCH JU) Stakeholders Forum in Brussels. The Letter underlines the commitment of bus manufacturers towards the commercialisation and market introduction of fuel cell electric buses in urban public transport. Fuel cell buses run on hydrogen and constitute a zero emissions transport alternative...

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