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ALTERNATIVE FUELS * USA - Study: Natural Gas

* California - Study  shows biodiesel blends in buses reduce PM 

San Jose,CAL,USA -Busworld (Belgium) -3 Nov 2014: -- A new study on the combustion properties of biodiesel for use in urban transit buses found that using biodiesel can effectively reduce the mass of particulate matter released in both hot and cold idle modes...  The study, published by the Mineta National Transit Research Consortium (MNTRC), observed a reduction in amount of particulate matter, number of elements, and elemental carbon; the reduction is considered beneficial to promoting the clean air and human health... The researchers found that biodiesel has many advantages over regular diesel even in a very low blend percentage, including low emissions of particulate matter, combustion elements (mainly sulfur), elemental carbon, and carbon monoxide. In sum, they recommended that governments consider using blends of biodiesel in urban and commercial vehicles to enhance air quality... Particulate matter (PM) samples were collected through field tests of 10 different transit buses to investigate the source of elements in the emission gases. A similar procedure was followed to collect and analyze PM from the laboratory combustion experiments to determine precisely which elements are from biodiesel fuels. A total of eleven inorganic and metal elements were detected in the laboratory experiments, while fifteen elements were observed in field experiments. Calcium (Ca), sodium (Na), and iron (Fe) were the major elements found in the PM emissions in both the field experiments (77 to 85 wt %) and the lab experiments (up to 90 wt%)...

* Tennessee - Study: Best current use of N.G. in efficient production of electriciby for EV's

Oak Ridge,TN,USA -Green Car Congress, by Mike Millikin -13 Oct 2014: -- A well-to-wheels analysis of the use of natural gas for passenger vehicles by a team of researchers from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, has found that, with a high PTW (pump-to-wheels) efficiency and the potential for high electrical generation efficiency with NGCC (natural gas combined cycle) turbines, natural gas currently is best used in an efficient stationary power application for charging EVs... However, they also noted, high PTW efficiencies and the moderate fuel economies of current compressed natural gas vehicles (CNGVs) make them a viable option as well. If CNG were to be eventually used in hybrids, the advantage of the electric generation/EV option shrinks... The study investigated the WTW energy and emissions from the use of natural gas in CNGVs with a range of CNGV fuel economy and natural gas compressor efficiency. The authors compared these results to a range of fuel economies from an EV that was charged from electricity produced from the US mix and a range of natural gas turbines with varying efficiencies...

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