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* Northern Ireland: Bus safety fears as one in four found 'unroadworthy' 

Belfast,NI,UK -The Belfast Telegraph, by JOANNE SWEENEY –24 Sept 2014: -- One in four buses in Northern Ireland are unroadworthy or in breach of licensing regulations, teachers have been told, just a day after 45 pupils narrowly escaped death in a terrifying road crash... Teachers have been urged to stop children going on school trips if buses do not provide a seat and belt for every child, a special event at Stormont heard yesterday... The timely message that there is a significant number of defective buses being used to transport schoolchildren came just hours after a bus carrying 45 secondary schoolchildren was in collision with a car on the main Drumquin to Omagh road in Co Tyrone...

* Nottingham has third-highest levels of bus usage in the country

(Photo: Nottingham City Transport said new buses is among the reasons for increased passenger numbers) Nottingham,East Midlands,UK -The Nottingham Post, by Alexander Britton -September 25, 2014: -- Nottingham has the third highest levels of bus usage in the country, new figures have revealed. And the city’s 157 bus journeys per person each year puts it at nearly three times the national average of 51 bus journeys a year, according to the Department for Transport. London topped the table of passenger journeys per head of population with Brighton coming second. The figures also showed the number of bus journeys in the city increased by 100,000 to 48.8 million in 2013/14. The figures for Nottinghamshire showed a drop from 33.6 million to 33 million...

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