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* DC - NHTSA proposes new rules to protect bus passengers in rollover crashes

(Photo: Rescue personnel work on a bus that overturned in Bowling Green, Va.) 
Washington,DC,USA  -The Detroit News, by David Shepardson -30 Jult 2014: -- The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration proposed new rules to protect passengers in large bus crashes by requiring structural safeguards but won’t require school buses or urban transit buses to get the upgrades or seek significant retrofitting of existing buses... The proposed standard -required by Congress under a 2012 law- would establish performance requirements for motor coaches and large buses... The rules would require space around occupant seating positions to be maintained to afford occupants a survivable space in a crash. They would also require seats, overhead luggage racks, and window glazing to remain attached to their mountings during and after the test and require emergency exits to remain closed during the rollover test and operable after the test... NHTSA plans to unveil rules later requiring anti-rollover technology electronic stability control, which is already required on all cars and light duty trucks...



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