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BUS MARKETS * South Korea

* South Korea - Seoul City plans to introduce more eco-friendly buses

(Photo: Hyundai unveils Blue-City CNG hybrid bus) 
Seoul,SK -Yonhap News Agency -Aug. 4, 2014: -- The city of Seoul said Monday it will vastly expand its fleet of natural gas and electric hybrid buses in the next four years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs... Starting with just 20 compressed natural gas (CNG) and electric hybrid buses this year, the city government said it will gradually increase that number to 2,100 by 2018... CNG hybrids are buses that switch between electricity and natural gas to operate at lower and higher speeds, respectively. The buses will also come with low floors to accommodate for disabled passengers, officials said... The results showed 34.5 percent greater fuel efficiency and 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions among CNG hybrids compared to their non-hybrid counterparts, officials said... The city government says 2,100 CNG hybrid buses will save a total of 226.8 billion won (US$218.6 million) and cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 3,124 tons over nine years...



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