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* California - San Francisco Shower Bus gives homeless a place yo get clean

(Photo: ALava Mae shower bus) 
San Francisco,CAL,USA -CBS -June 21, 2014: -- San Francisco has 3500 homeless people living on the streets and just seven facilities for them to wash up. Relief is on the way... From a distance, it looks like a food truck, but step inside and it’s clear, there’s no food here. It’s called a Lava Mae... Doniece Sandoval is the founder. She came up with the idea of converting old Muni buses into showers two years ago... The shower buses will run off city fire hydrants. Lava Mae worked out a deal with the city to use and pay for the water... The great recession drained the number of city shower facilities from ten to seven, forcing the homeless to put their names on waiting lists just to clean up. Sandoval hopes to fill the gap the city left behind while helping the homeless get back on their feet... The shower bus is one such resource. But it’s a pricey solution... It costs $75,000 to convert a Lava Mae bus. Still, this Bay Area idea is quickly gaining traction worldwide. There are now programs in Singapore and Brazil...



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