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* Hong Kong - Crash prevention system to be deployed on public buses

(Photo by David Wong: Ben Wong Chun-kau of Neshtech shows the crash prevention system Mobileye)
Hong Kong,China -The South China Morning Post, by Ada Lee -15 June, 2014: -- A crash prevention system that can detect pedestrians and bicycles as well as read road speed limits is to be tested on public buses... Mobileye, developed by an Israeli company, will be tested on three buses from the New World First Bus and City Bus companies... Consisting of a camera and a small display screen, the driver assistance system warns drivers when they approach too close to cars in front of them, and if they approach pedestrians or cyclists at an unsafe speed. It can also read road speed limit signs and warns drivers if they exceed the limits... As of last month, people have been injured in 6,207 traffic accidents so far this year in Hong Kong, of which 31 were fatal and 860 classified by the police as “serious”...



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