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* Hawaii - Hydrogen-powered buses coming to Big Island

(Photo: Hawaiian park to introduce two hybrid buses using both hybrid battery and hydrogen fuel)
Kailua-Kona North,Hawai,USA -West Hawaii Today, by TOM CALLIS -June 24, 2014: -- Hawaii Island could be less than a year away from having some of the first hydrogen-powered buses in the state on its roadways... As part of a pilot project spearheaded by the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, three shuttle buses will be converted to hydrogen power... At 10 cents a kilowatt hour, the cost of using hydrogen could be equivalent to $6 dollars a gallon for gasoline. The electric engines the hydrogen powers are more efficient, which essentially cuts that cost in half, to roughly $3 a gallon for comparison purposes... Another benefit is the absence of pollutants... The buses can drive for up to 150 miles on a “full charge of hydrogen,” Stan Osserman, HCATT director, he said the Big Island’s abundance of renewable resources makes it a promising place for using hydrogen-powered vehicles, which is why the buses are being located here...

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