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* Hampshire - Saving Fuel: Buses to switch off at stops in bid to save fuel

Hampshire,EN,UK -This is Hampshire -15 Aug 2013: -- If your bus suddenly cuts out at a stop, don’t worry – the driver is simply adhering to company policy... Wilts and Dorset’s Reds buses, which run between Andover, Tidworth and Salisbury, are among those operating the policy, designed to cut carbon emissions... As the company is equipped with more reliable modern buses, bus bosses are encouraging their drivers to turn off engines at bus stops to also save fuel... Andrew Sherrington, operations manager at Salisbury Reds, says the tradition of drivers letting bus engines idle for long lengths of time is no longer necessary...

Shropshire - Elderly and disabled people: Tears over the loss of vital ShropshireLink bus service

(Photo: Shropshire bus service in Shrewsbury) 
Shropshire,UK -The Shropshire Star -August 14, 2013: -- Users of a council-run bus service due to be axed in Shropshire in the autumn today said it was a lifeline which had made a huge difference to people’s lives... One passenger on the ShropshireLink revealed how they had burst into tears when they heard it was to cease operating... Bruce Marks, 76, from Levi Court, Ellesmere, have been regular passengers for almost five years... Mr Marks, who uses a wheelchair, said it was very difficult for him to use public transport, whereas the ShropshireLink buses were equipped with wheelchair anchor points... Bus drivers on the ShropshireLink service regularly help passengers with their shopping bags and make sure wheelchairs are secure before driving off... Nick Evans, from Shrewsbury, has worked as a driver in the Oswestry area for five years, but he and up to 20 more bus drivers and office staff have been told their contracts will be terminated at the end of November...

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