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Hidrogened Buses * USA - Hydrogen-Fueled Buses Fleet Arrive in Orlando

Florida's only hydrogen station opened Wednesday for the first U.S. fleet of Ford shuttle buses powered by the alternative fuel, testing a technology that can lower greenhouse gases

Orlando,FL,USA -AP -May 23, 2007: -- Eight Ford Motor Co. shuttle buses will ferry customers, tourists and employees at Orlando International Airport, the Orange County Convention Center and other tourist spots throughout central Florida... Florida has four of the 12-passenger vehicles from Ford now and will receive four more of the Ford E-450 buses later... The state is paying $250,000 each for the $1 million-plus vehicles... The commercial shuttle buses can travel 150 to 200 miles before refueling. The shuttles get five to 10 miles per gallon, equivalent to the mileage of diesel powered buses, said Nick Twork, Ford technology spokesman... One of the hydrogen-fueled buses releases about 1 percent of the carbon dioxide released by a Toyota Prius, a gasoline-electric hybrid... Ford delivered five of the buses to Canada in 2006. The company plans to deliver 30 of the buses throughout North America by the end of the year...



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