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NOT "BLACK BOX" NEITHER SEAT BELTS * USA: Hence bus terrific accident

* Ohio - Other viewpoints: Update charter-bus safety rules

--- We might never know why the USA Holiday charter bus was going faster than was safe on Interstate 10 in Desert Hot Springs, Calif., early Oct. 23. The driver can’t say because he was one of the 13 people killed when the bus plowed into the back of a big rig truck. Nor was the bus equipped with a “black box” recorder that might have indicated mechanical failure... What we do know is that if the 43 passengers on the bus — all of whom were either killed or injured, some very seriously — had been wearing seat belts, the toll of deaths and injuries likely would have been lower. Officials said that the victims were hurled into the air, and their injuries were consistent with striking blunt or jagged objects. But even if the passengers had wanted to use them, seat belts weren’t available on USA Holiday’s bus. No law requires operators of such buses to provide them to passengers, though some carriers choose to do so... 
(Photo: Fatal tour bus crash Mukh. A tour bus and a semi-truck crashed on Interstate 10 near Desert Hot Springs)   --   Columbus, OH, USA - The Columbus Dispatch - October 31, 2016

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