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ELECTRIC BUSES * USA: Opening up its patents for free

* California - Why this electric bus startup it's doing? It’s part of a strategy to push back against fossil fuels

--- Proterra, a startup that makes all-electric buses, is releasing its patents on its fast-charging technology, a move aimed at accelerating the adoption of electric transportation... The company said on Tuesday that it would grant anyone royalty-free access to its patents covering its single-blade overhead charging design as well other related components. Proterra said it’s working with its suppliers to open up the charging design to third parties... Popple’s reasoning is similar to Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s explanation for releasing his company’s patents two years ago. At the time, Musk said the decision was to encourage large automakers to bring more electric vehicles to market...
(Courtesy of Protera/Photo by Ned Ahrens - Proterra, an electric bus manufacturer, has released patents on its fast-charging technolog)   --Burlingame, California, USA - Fortune, by Kirsten Korosec - June 28, 2016



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