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DRIVERS' PAYMENT* USA: Bus drivers: Appallingly low wages

* DC - Time to eradicate sweatshops on wheels

--- Standards that working Americans have come to expect — and that have given millions a chance at better wages and working conditions — can be traced back to historic legislation enacted 78 years ago this month: The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)... It is fitting that we mark the anniversary of the FLSA — few laws have done more to help establish a floor for working standards in America. And recent updates by the Obama Administration to extend the Act’s overtime protections to four million workers who were denied coverage because of outdated regulations are historic in their own right, and a cause for celebration... But this anniversary also marks another year that motorcoach drivers are exempt from overtime protections thanks to an indefensible — and in this case, unsafe — loophole in the law... Unlike 85 percent of the American workforce, intercity bus drivers are exempt from provisions in the FLSA, meaning they aren’t guaranteed time-and-a-half pay when they work more than 40 hours in a single week... There are more than 3,700 commercial motor coach and van companies in the United States — thanks to deregulation of the industry during the 1980s. This number of operators far surpasses what an under-resourced Federal Motor Safety Administration can monitor for compliance with federal rules, despite the agency’s best attempts to do so... Carriers notoriously pay their drivers appallingly low wages, which forces their employees to rely on second and third jobs just to pay their bills and put food on the table... It is time for Congress to end the motorcoach driver carve-out in the FLSA that has produced the deadly combination of low pay and driver fatigue on our highways... 
(Photo: GREYHOUND-BUS-STATION) -- Washington, DC, USA - The Huffington Post - 27 June 2016



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