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BUS DRIVERS PROTEST & PICKET USA: * New York - ** New Mexico

* California - Bauer’s buses brouhaha bears mark of SF City Hall politics

-- Bauer’s Transportation, the shuttle service, has been told it can’t use Municipal Transportation Agency bus stops, that a permit to do so has been denied. Since Bauer’s runs 10 percent of the tech buses in the city, it would seem that could put a severe crimp in the shuttle program... Company owner Gary Bauer is furious... He says he was notified of the bad news Thursday, the day before permits were issued. He sees the shadowy hand of Supervisor Aaron Peskin, in cahoots with the Teamsters, who have had it in for Bauer because his drivers aren’t unionized... Bauer has been against unionizing — he says in a vote, only 25 of 80 drivers favored unionizing — and insists his company is not among those that pay such a low wage that drivers are reduced to sleeping in their cars... The MTA permit is only to use Muni bus stops and white zones. So Bauer’s buses could go rogue, still roam the streets and could legally stop in loading zones and open parking spaces... Now, imagine that. Those big, black Bauer’s buses cruising around looking for an open space. It would almost certainly make traffic problems worse... 
(Photo: Ray Torres, left, leads chants as other Teamsters surround a Bauer's Intelligent Transportation bus during a protest against the company at a Muni stop used also for tech buses on 8th and Market streets)   --   San Francisco, CAL, USA - The San Francisco Chronicle, by C.W. Nevius - April 1, 2016 

** New Mexico - Bus drivers picket, but service continues

-- Between 50 and 100 school bus drivers and attendants protested for about an hour Tuesday morning outside the headquarters of STS of New Mexico, the private company contracted to provide bus services for Las Cruces Public Schools. The protests began about 9:15 a.m. and included members of the Las Cruces Transportation Federation Local 6341, as well as non-union drivers, according to LCTF President Marcos Torres... The picketing took place when bus drivers returned to the bus yard after completing their morning routes, and did not disrupt bus service... Torres said there is a shortage of buses, which leads to difficult working conditions for drivers and overcrowding on many buses... 
(Photo: Members of the Las Cruces Transportation Federation Local 6341 protest Tuesday morning outside the offices of STS of New Mexico)   --  Las Cruces, NM, USA - The Las Cruces Sun-News, by Damien Willis - April 5, 2016



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