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* New York - What to expect from NYC's new high-tech buses

-- New York’s fleet of buses are about to get some big upgrades. The MTA announced last week a $1.3 billion plan to add over 2,000 new buses to their fleet that include things like free wifi, charging ports and digital information screens... The new buses are scheduled to be added over the next five years, and will eventually replace about 40 percent of the city’s existing, decaying fleet. The first buses hit the streets of Queens in April, and eventually will be rolled out to the other boroughs... Each new bus will feature between 35 and 55 USB ports, allowing riders to charge their devices as they ride. The busses will also feature 'high-speed' wifi hotspots — though details about actual wifi speeds were not disclosed. Eventually, all of the city’s express buses will also be retrofitted to offer this same technology... About 200 of the new buses will also include digital information screens, allowing passengers to access information about things like upcoming stops, transfer options and weather. Those screens will also, of course, include advertising... With something like 8.7 million people relying on New York's mass transit everyday, any upgrade is welcome. Regardless, it's nice to live in a city busy upgrading their system...
 NY, USA - Built in NYC, by Anthony Sodd - Mar 21st, 2016



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