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MANHATTAN's TRAFIC CONGESTION * USA: A solution: X-bus commuters

* New York - Flexibility in routing could help X-bus commuters avoid traffic delays

-- Coming sooner than you'd like to an expressway near you: Ungodly traffic jams caused by a single breakdown, even as far away as the Gowanus Expressway or the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway in Brooklyn... It could happen one morning this coming week. It's not a question of if; it's more a matter of when. In fact, it will probably happen multiple times in coming months as the economy improves and more people converge on Manhattan each workday via the same handful of traffic-choked routes available in this city of islands and the bridges, tunnels and expressways that connect them. A single vehicle fire or accident is enough to bring the entire Brooklyn segment of that network to a halt. And a lone incident requiring an investigation or an overturned vehicle can wreck the entire rush hour... And as a result, tens of thousands of Staten Island commuters traveling to Manhattan on express buses are late for work. And these disruptions of the highly vulnerable Staten Island Expressway/Gowanus/BQE corridor seem to be happening with more and more regularity... When such backups occur, why not reroute express buses through New Jersey into Manhattan, rather than have them add to all the eastbound congestion on the Staten Island Expressway, the Verrazano and the Gowanus?... So do we and, most important, so do a lot of exasperated express bus commuters who are sick and tired of sitting on express buses in stalled traffic on the Gowanus on many occasions only because MTA officials can't wrap their minds around doing things differently... Riders just want to get to Manhattan. They don't care what route their bus takes to get there as long as they get to work on time... A little flexibility would go a long way toward getting commuters to work on time and justifying the steep fare. They are called express buses, after all... 
(Photo: P1 MTA Express bus - Incidents on the Gowanus on two consecutive mornings earlier this month caused tie-ups that lasted for hours. And another Gowanus crash on Wednesday crippled Manhattan-bound traffic again) -- Staten Insland, NY, USA - Staten Island Live - January 30, 2016



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