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PUBLIC TRANSPORT POLICIES * Europe: The European Standard for IT solutions

* Sweden - Nobina becomes strategic partner in implementation ones
-- Nobina who make public bus transport services in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark, is the first operator to join as a strategic partner in the European ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) Association to support the development and implementation of the future’s standardised IT solutions for public transport... The European Association that was initiated by the UITP (International Association for Public Transport) is a cooperation between bus manufacturers, PTAs, operators and IT companies. The objective is to introduce commonly accepted standards for a cost efficient and safe development of digital systems for public transport... With harmonisation of information systems via open IT architecture, it will become easier to create and further develop services. Commonly referred to as ‘plug and play’ integration of new applications and IT units facilitates on-board installation and maintenance. Operating costs are reduced by integrating multi-modular information systems, thereby facilitating improved planning of urban and regional transportation and optimising connections between all types of transport and parties involved. Additionally, they facilitate accident management by taking effective measures... 
(Photo: A Volvo 7700 bus, owned by the company Nobina, is here running Line 3 in Falköping -in Västergötland, Sweden-  for Västtrafik)   --  Stockholm, Sweden - Nobina AB/Business Wire - October 14, 2015



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