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ELECTRIC BUSES * USA: On the University of Georgia Campus Transit

* Georgia - Campus Transit experiments with electric buses, hopes to increase sustainability

-- Students taking the East-West campus bus route Tuesday may have noticed an all-electric bus driving that route. The bus is on campus as part of a test for new electric buses for the University of Georgia Campus Transit, said Director Ron Hamlin... Hamlin said multiple electric vehicle manufacturers have brought their vehicles to campus, and this is the third bus that Campus Transit has tried out... He said Campus Transit, with the help of the Office of Sustainability, applied for a $10.5 million federal grant in June in order to fund investment in electric buses... Electric vehicles would require huge upfront costs, he said. But over the life of the vehicles, electric vehicles would cost less than the current diesel vehicles... 
(Photo by Brayden Robinson - UGA Buses: UGA Transit is looking into alternative forms of fuel for on-campus buses, but price and other complications may hinder them)   --  Athens, GA, USA - The Red & Black, by Nate Harris - Oct 23, 2015



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