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BUSMAKERS NEWS * Africa: "The ‘East’ assault onto the ‘West’ "

* Tanzania - When Chinese wheels roll into northern zone

-- Since their landing on TanzaniaScania products, both trucks and buses were to become the sole choice among transporters in the country. Tanzania Automobile Manufacturers (TAMCO), located in Kibaha, Coastal region was the initial assembly plant for the Swedish Marquee... Commanding the largest share in commercial trucks and buses, Scania led the pack ahead of other European Manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz, Iveco (Fiat) and DAF (Leyland)... The entrance of China’s Foton Daimler into the Northern Zone’s transport industry is described by experts here as the ‘East’ assault onto the ‘West’ ... The Foton distributors explained that, their trucks were fitted with engines made by Mercedes-Benz of Germany, or with ‘Cummings’ machinery from the United States... But Foton-Daimler isn’t the only Chinese vehicle manufacturer, too ‘Yutong’ has been filling the local roads with low, mid and high-end buses. China is also importing here brands such as Zonda, Howo and Zhong-Tong all parading trucks and buses... Still Foton does it better in planning to build manufacturing plants in East African countries already an assembly plant is operational in Nairobi, near Arusha... So are the Northern Zone transporters ready to switch their wheels from West to East?... 
(Photo by Marc Nkwame - Dodoma Transport Agency’s Director, Mr Pamu Mand -left- displays one of the Auman trucks made by Foton-Daimler)  --  Arusha, Tanzania - The Daily News, by Marc Nkwame - 29 Sept 2015



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