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ORIGINAL SCHOOL BUS * Canada - Loaded with technology

* Ontario - Maker Bus visits festivals in Detroit and Toronto

-- London’s own book bus for the 21st century, is now delivering a message to techies from Toronto to Detroit... The Maker Bus, a kind of classroom on wheels that takes lessons on making things, quite literally, to schools, libraries and community groups, was on the road this holiday weekend to a Maker festival in Toronto and the weekend before, to Detroit... The converted, nine-metre long, 26-year-old school bus bristling with technology such as a 3D printer, laser cutter, soldering for circuit boards and as well as old fashioned hand tools and a sewing machine, is the labour of love for three London Makers, students and graduates of Western University who want to show people, especially youths, how to make stuff... The Maker movement, or culture, is growing with Maker groups found in most large cities, but few can boast a mobile version, such as London’s... It marries high-tech with traditional arts and crafts... 
(Photo - The Maker Bus)  --  London, ONT, CAN - The London Free Press, by Norman DeBono - August 5, 2015



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