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The Night Bus * UK; The erotically charged world of after-hours transport ? ...

* England - Nocturnal naughtiness on the N29. Channel 4’s explores transport, where all sectors of society come together for a late-night snog

-- Those living outside London, where public transport costs £8 a mile and ends at half-five in the evening, might be unfamiliar with the charms/horrors of Transport For London’s night bus... The saviour and the captor, delivering you home from whatever dank hell you’ve just spunked a quarter of your pay packet in, at approx three miles an hour, while other people’s alcohol breath condenses on the rattling window you’re trying to kip on. It’s the setting in which total mental and spiritual collapse hinges on something as small as forgetting your headphones, and it’s totally unsurprising that it’s the latest backdrop for some all-life-is-here-style observational programming, combining low-key mundanity and lots of scope for the awed gaze of the documentarian used to living it up on UberExec. The voiceover on The Night Bus tells us that it’s “the start of the party”; “a place to make new friends”. News to me, mate. I greet those lost souls attempting to “make friends” at the tattered end of their nights out with the same enthusiasm as I do a bailiff’s letter... Keeping this heady climate in check is the good humour of bus driver Tony (“Next stop: Holloway Prison for naughty ladies”) who’s been doing the job for nearly 30 years but should really consider getting his own show (Charon The Buses? Just an idea). Opinion is split over the kind of drivers who, like Tony, drip dad-humour over the Tannoy, but I’m down with it. No one wants to be on a night bus, and only an idiot would grant them legendary status... 
 (Photograph: Ryan Mcnamara - The Night Bus - It looks like a Berni's -Argentine painter- painting) --   London, EN, UK - The Guardian, by Filipa Jodelka - 11 May 2015



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