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SAFETY OF GIRLS STUDENTS * India: Compromised on school buses

* Chandigarh - Molestation of five-year-old on school buses

-- Norm of female attendant on school buses given the go-by... A day after the molestation incident, buses associated with almost every school in the city were seen without female attendants today... Women teachers were seen travelling by a few school buses in the morning and after school hours. They were also seen helping students board the buses. But they were not on board till the last student was dropped at his/her place in the afternoon... A survey by The Tribune revealed that the buses were jam-packed with students. The vehicles were having conductors and a majority of them were youths. Not a single bus in the city was seen having woman attendants and conductors, except for those of Carmel Convent School... School bus conductors were seen lifting small kids carrying heavy school bags on their back to help them alight from the bus at their respective stops... Almost all of the school buses on the city roads were found to be ill-equipped and did not have CCTVs and GPS facility. The bus crew members were neither wearing the uniform nor their name plates... The UT Administration is working towards installing GPS-based vehicle-tracking system on school buses as well as those for the general public to ensure safety and security of school students... 
(Photo Tribune Photo by Manoj Mahajan - A conductor boards a school bus in Chandigarh on Thursday)  --  Mohali, Chandigarh, India - Tribune News Service, by Dr. SB Deepak Kumar, deputy commissioner - May 15 2015

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