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PUBLIC BUS SERVICES * USA: Retaining employees

* Ohio - Rust Belt businesses looking should push for better bus service

-- Businesses have a good reason to push for better public transit — excellent bus service, in particular, makes it much easier to retain employees... looks at new research from economics scholars Dagney Faulk and Michael Hicks of Ball State University, who analyzed employee turnover rates among manufacturers and retailers in Rust Belt counties with and without bus operations between 1998 and 2010... As the website puts it, they report, quite simply, that "counties with transit systems have lower turnover rates" — a win for workers, businesses, and the broader economy alike... Faulk and Hicks write that their results “suggest that access to fixed-route bus transit should be a component of the economic development strategy for low-income communities not only for the access to jobs that it provides low-income workers but also for the benefit provided to businesses that hire these workers” ... notes that the researchers “compiled data on transit bus service (as measured by operating expenditures) in 40 counties with small metros (between 50,000 and 125,000 people) across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin” ... Using data from the Census and the Bureau of Economic Analysis, Faulk and Hicks “discovered that counties offering bus transit experienced a ‘modest but not immaterial’ drop in employee turnover rates among manufacturers and retailers,” according to the story... That relationship “could emerge from a number of factors: better access might have led companies to find workers who had fewer problems getting to the office, or workers who simply found their jobs more enjoyable,” says...
(Photo, by Jerry Masek, Greater Cleveland RTA: HealthLine buses run in their own lanes)  --  Cleveland, OH, USA - Crains Cleveland, by SCOTT SUTTELL - May 01, 2015



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